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Details the bride should pay attention


In a perfect wedding, the bride's modelling is one of the most high-profile, but want to really can create a dazzling modelling also is not simple, you must pass a fully prepared, so dazzling beauty at the wedding is also need to keep continuous improvement. So before the wedding makeup test preparation is a very important work, the following look at the bride try makeup attention to what?

Analyze your style

The bride-to-be can analyze her own style before making her own, and then choose the style that suits her best. At the time of analysis can go to read more related magazine or web page, at the same time analyze the temperament of his face and body, contrast judgement, choose your favorite and most suitable for your style, of course can also ask a friend to help your staff staff, after all, its mystery.

Don't bother to compare

There is a comparison between high and low, and there is a comparison between good and bad. When makeup artist is helping you design modelling, can ask him to design a few modelling for you more, the modelling that compares see which kind of style and your dress design still have oneself temperament to match more. Of course, you can ask him to design those with different styles, so that the contrast is bigger and the choice is bigger.

Talk to your makeup artist

Some brides are nervous when trying on a dress, and sometimes accept all the stylist's advice. This approach is clearly wrong, although it is not a professional, but after all is the oneself, stylist while hope you can trust to him, but he didn't want to impose your ideas on your body, you and he communication, sometimes is to support his work, is also responsible for your own.

You'd better choose the wedding dress on your wedding day

When you're trying makeup, it is better to choose the clothes, put on the wedding day to wear so that we can better communicate with stylist, allowed him to design a more suitable for your temperament and on the day of the wedding dress up. With stylist if you can, you can also describe the style of your wedding day and the venue layout, these details for stylist, design the most suitable for their wedding day makeup to help will be very big.

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