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Actor Ileana D’Cruz was spotted in Mumbai yesterday

A gem of a wedding

LEADING jeweller and connoisseur Viren Bhagat’s son Jay is getting married this week to Pune-based media honcho Sabina and Anil Sanghvi’s daughter Shibani. The festivities began last weekend in Pune itself, with a wedding card handdrawn by the late artist MF Husain for the bride when she was a child, and a big-fat-splashy sangeet. A mega reception is being hosted at a swanky palace hotel in Jodhpur this weekend. For the sangeet, Shibani wore a beautiful Gaurav Gupta lehenga-gown. Singer Mika performed for over three hours to a swinging guest-list that included Cyrus Poonawalla (second-gen excluded), Michelle and Yohan Poonawalla (Zavaray’s daughter-in-law and son), Baba Kalyani, Arun Firodia with his daughter Sulajja, Suresh Kalmadi, Venky’s Bala, Alpana and Rahul Kirloskar and also Avinash Bhosle. From Mumbai, Gucci’s Reena Wadhwa and Mayuri and Vayu Garware were present too. The singer pulled Jay and Shibani onto the stage, while Viren and wife Madura cheered on.

Dinner is also breakfast

USUALLY we avoid restaurant openings, too many of them are not too good for girth. But we’re glad we attended the launch of restaurateur Farrokh Khambatta’s new Thai eatery at NCPA. Such a glamorous opening night it was, with the perfect mix of SoBo’s grand dames and Bollywood’s biggies in one giant and hungry room. Siblings Randhir Kapoor and Rima Jain hosted two tables: for gentlemen and ladies respectively. Randhir’s table had his brotherin- law Manoj Jain and his kids Adar and Armaan, Jammi Jamwal and Anish Trivedi. While Rima’s had Rita Dhody, Gauri Pohoomul and Renuka Khalil. The elegant Karisma Kapoor and steady date Sandeep Toshniwal came over to say hello too. On another table sat Soni Razdan with Neena Gupta, Rahul Akerkar and Seema and Jaideep Mehrotra. Gautam and Nawaz Singhania roamed the room, as did Laila and Ricky Lamba, Laila and Farhan Furniturewala, Lyla and Zubin Marker, Lata Patel, Zeba Kohli, Milan Luthria, Parthiv Kilachand and Rihyad Kundanmal. Hosts Dilshad and Farrokh personally welcomed all the guests and ensured everyone had a taste of their Robatayaki grill. We hear guests were eating till 3 am.

A wedding and some wedding plans

A flashy wedding in Dubai had Mumbai socialite Kaykasshan Patel and her husband Arif, and brothers Jai and Vikram Shroff hop over for a few days. Film producer Tarnpreet’s sister Japinder Kaur married Harpreet Singh Chaddha in a glamourous Bollywood-ishtyle wedding at the Palazzo Versace. Among the guests was their great friend Natalia Kapchuk, rumoured to be Jai Shroff’s current girlfriend. Kapchuk, who had performed an item song called ‘Tipsy Hogai’ in Tarnpreet’s film, did a repeat of her number. No, she didn’t wear racy lingerie on stage, but a rather conservative gown. When it was time for the Punjabi custom of breaking the ‘kaliren’, where the bride breaks her gold-leaf bangles over the heads of unmarried girls, Kapchuk was the lucky recipient of the golden shower. To which Japinder commented: “Kapchuk is definitely the next one.” Hmmm.

Legally yours

NEVER mind a little smog, if it’s weddings Delhi will ensure it outdoes every other Indian city. This week sees the nuptials in the families of two eminent lawyers. Raian Karanjawala’s daughter Tahira, and Harish Salve’s daughter Sakshi. Sakshi marries Karan Bedi, a lawyer too. This Sunday, the Salve home at tony Golf Links will host the reception which will have our finance minister Arun Jaitley, business magnates Sunil Mittal, Hari Bhartia, CK Birla and several legal luminaries like Justice Mukul Mudgal, and entrepreneur Dilip Cherian. Sakshi’s tryst with weddings is a long one, the pretty girl released a book in Mumbai last year, called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’, which was launched by Amitabh Bachchan.


WE hear a famous talk-show host is trying very hard to launch her show with any channel that will take her. With television content bordering on reality TV (often unintentionally), the host’s gentle grace would be welcome relief. But alas, a spoke in her wheel is none other than a rival male talkshow host. We hear he has been using his filmi clout to keep her show from airing. When one major channel did evince interest in the lady’s chat-fest, the rival host threatened to pull his show out, taking with him a bevy of stars who show up for the channel’s awards shows. And here we thought celebrities liked a little healthy competition to keep them from getting dull.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | beach wedding dresses


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Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan’s wedding


Wedding bells are not far anymore as actress Sagarika Ghatge is getting married to cricketer Zaheer Khan on November 27 in Mumbai, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Sagarika and Zaheer will have a registered ceremony on November 27 while the celebrity couple will host their reception at a suburban Colaba hotel on the same day.

Mumbai Mirror also reports that guests have received save-the-date cards while formal invites will be sent soon. The wedding will be preceded by several ceremonies. For the wedding, Sagarika will wear a white and gold lehenga by Sabyasachi.

Sagarika and Zaheer got engaged earlier this year and in an interview with Bombay Times last week, the couple said that they will neither opt for a Nikaah or Saat Pheras but court marriage.

Sagarika Ghatge belongs to the royal family of Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, while her grandmother is the daughter of Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar of Indore. Zaheer Khan is India’s finest pace bowler after Kapil Dev.

Sagarika Ghatge, best known for her role in Chak De! India, also featured in the films Miley Naa Miley Hum, Dildariyaan and Irada.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | bridesmaid dresses online


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Let the flowers do the talking


OUR demand for cut flowers seems boundless. Just look at the stats: between 1998 and 2014, imports have risen from £122million to £691m thanks to our demand for petals. So it’s no surprise that the 19th-century tradition of floriography, the hidden meanings of flowers, is now having a moment. In an age where we’re bombarded with messages via social media, this is the quieter, classier way to communicate.

While flowers have had symbolic meanings for centuries (Shakespeare’s Hamlet references rue, a flowering herb, for regret), it was the strait-laced Victorians who gave coded messages — often of unspoken desires — through bouquets of blooms. Think of it as the sexting of its time.

At that time, the closest a man could get to a public display of affection was to offer the object of his lust a small posy of flowers (Victorian ladies all carried ‘nosegays’ to mask the nasty smells of the street). And if she liked the message, she’d let you know by holding the bouquet up to her face. Not exactly Love Island but it did the job.

Now floriography is blooming again, with notable recent enthusiasts including the Duchess of Cambridge, whose wedding bouquet was intentionally filled with flowers that had meanings, both personal and symbolic. It’s not hard to see why she included sweet Williams in her bouquet, but lily of the valley conveyed happiness and trustworthiness, and myrtle conveyed love.

And while some flowers’ meanings are easy to work out — handing someone a bunch of narcissi isn’t exactly a compliment (narcissus means vanity) while extending an olive branch really does come from the historical belief that olive symbolises peace — others aren’t so straightforward. Red roses, for example, signify beauty and love — but it is red tulips that mean a declaration of love, so if you really want to tell someone how you feel on Valentine’s Day, opt for tulips. White roses mean ‘a heart unacquainted with love’, which might explain why they are popular in bridal bouquets, reflecting the purity of the bride.

If you’re planning to break up with your other half, anemones mean forsaken (to leave someone forever), lavender signifies distrust and red pelargoniums are a sign of stupidity — so watch out if someone hands you that bouquet…

Floriography can also be used to express friendship, sympathy, regret and celebration. Oak leaf represents true friendship, ivy means fidelity and is a sign you are a faithful friend, while passion flower means faith. Want to give flowers to the fashionista in your life? Then go for dahlias, which mean elegance, or poppies, which translate as ‘fantastic extravagance’ and got their name because their petals look like silk skirts, which were fabulously extravagant at the time.

As a florist, I always include rosemary in any of my funeral work — it symbolises remembrance, especially of fond times but the Victorians would also have included red carnations, meaning ‘my heart breaks’ and perhaps periwinkle, which means ‘tender recollections’.

And yet there are still some words that are hard to say and emotions that we struggle to express. If a simple posy of snowdrops (consolation and hope) can convey what words cannot, then so much the better.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | mermaid wedding dresses


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