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Can't take wedding photos on a cloudy day


We can never predict the temper of heaven. Maybe it will be clear and cloudy. Although this is a very normal natural phenomenon, but for the wedding photo hungry bride and groom to come first, if take the wedding photo to meet the cloudy day how should do? Maybe the probability is small, but nothing is possible. Today, I will tell you what to do when taking wedding photos on cloudy days.

Actually picture taken with the weather condition there is no much impact, and a clear benefits have a sunny day, cloudy day also has the benefits of the cloudy day, sunny day, because the sun is too strong, so the photo will try to avoid the sun point-blank, may cause the phenomenon such as halo, has certain influence to the photos, in the cloudy day won't appear such circumstance, and overcast light is downy, when photography, chaperon also can appear very gentle, let the bride have feminine taste more.

Take wedding photos in cloudy day, not to worry about halo of problems because of the light is too strong, it's cloudy thing because no light would seem a bit dark, through juicers lighting can create a romantic atmosphere for the couple, this is the natural can't show. In photography, the new people actually don't have to pay too much attention to sunny or cloudy, as long as their well prepared, believe wedding photography studio service staff would make a perfect wedding photos for you, of course, the premise is to the new candidate for wedding photography studio.

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How to choose the right wedding dress


A good wardrobe always let a person look good, no matter what kind of person you are, dress can be seen on a person's nature, the tailor makes the man horse saddle, a good outfit also can show a person's temperament, to beginners of photography, photography should be how to choose the wedding dress, this is a very important problem, only choose the right wedding photos, to make their wedding photos more beautiful.

In the eyes of most people, it must be the most beautiful wedding dress, it is not wrong, but the couple when the choice, must consider first what kind of style that oneself like, what style you want to shoot wedding photos, if you take a landscapes in dahongpao it's not appropriate, so the couple must choose yourself first before selecting clothes to the style of the filming.

Before choosing the right style for the shoot, it's time for the couple to choose a wedding dress. Now a lot of wedding photography studio will buy some beautiful dress, set auger, particularly costly, but it is especially you wear a wedding dress to thousands of dollars, this is not everyone can wear, and the wedding dress is not suitable for taking pictures, this will only make clothes become bright spot and ignore the existence of the bride.

Want to shoot a good wedding photos, the couple must first choose a good wedding photography studio, dalian feather impression wedding photography all have their own version of the design and production, is based on Chinese unique style design, both the Chinese elements with foreign style, the most important is completely designed for photography, this is the only one, unique.

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New wedding dress subverts your traditional aesthetic


Everything about marriage, weddings, wedding dresses, and fashion brides will be completely subverted in 2009. Although I don’t know what day you’re most looking forward to using as your own big day, it’s unclear exactly how unique the grand wedding of your dreams will be, but in 2009, your wedding dress, wedding, makeup, and even Love and marriage will all have subversive new options.
Ingenious strap dress wedding dress, white gauze is like a cloud, a blossoming, a piece of touch within reach to make you a happy bride.
The latest pieces of satin, lace, beads and other popular elements re-combined to create a dignified bride, elegant and stylish.
The thin, transparent layers of veil accumulate on the body, sweet, elegant and light, allowing you to transform into a worldly elves at the moment of wearing it.
Layers of gauzy tutu skirts have become a flower world. The princess's lovely but little embellishment in the middle of the flower, beautiful, imaginative, with ... ... white gauze skirt, purple belt princess temperament you are the most beautiful 靓Clever bride.
Sexy strapless wedding dress style bid farewell to the popular stage, it is replaced with a slender sling wedding dress, make you sexy unabated, and feminine more attractive, simple and noble, completed by a thin shoulder strap sexy mission .

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What does the bride do on her wedding day


Want to be the most beautiful bride? Want a great haircut on your wedding day? Is your wedding day as bright as a star? Have you been carefully designed from top to bottom, from inside to outside? What about the top hair? The international brand that specializes in dress customization [clothes jazz special] provides a special book for you about bridal hairstyle, please read!

Plan well in the early stage, for example, from the first 6 months of planning wedding, every month do a deep hair care, and in the 5 to 7 days before the wedding, do the last deep hair maintenance. This is maintain beautiful hair burnish, won't at the same time in the wedding day because beautiful hair is too soft and difficult to handle small secret.

In addition a week before the marriage make a light oil for hair care, can make your hair soft bright luster, before the wedding and a small trick is to vaseline mixing water, evenly all put on the hair, can calm frizzy hair, make hair shine.

Excessive clean hair not easy to stay, so it's best to avoid a shampoo is used in the wedding day, might as well the night before to wash hair, if you want to make hair longer some fixed, can apply styling wax, wax and the size of a coin in the modelling of the hair.

Avoid dye the hair color too shallow, too deep, too pale and red or chocolate color, honey color and caramel color of isothermal warm color attune is more suitable for their wedding ceremony the bride, the hair color can greatly carry bright color of skin, foil the face white and ruddy.

If you decide to wear a long hair on your wedding day, loose curls and wavy hair will be your best bet, making you look soft and not stiff.

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The sentence describing the wedding dress is very beautiful


When I hold your sleeves and hold hands with you, my life will endeavor to mate with you, come together, or live, or die.
Snow white color angel's wedding dress, girl's dream of marriage, there is a dreamy paradise in general beauty.
Sketch cloth yarn decorated with flowers, light-weave silk cotton meaning deep.
The white wedding dress falls on the slender body of the woman. This momentary Fang Fei seems to have become an eternal. The black hair is set off against her white wedding dress. The woman's face is slightly flushed with a slight soft smile. Everything is swaying in the air.
Wedding dress, pure white without silk and without traces. Embellished with lace, elegant chiffon skirt, the perfect combination of delicate skin and wedding dress for women, faintly charming body. Wedding dresses, like petal lilies, indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving

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The bride's breasts were shaped by a wedding dress.


Greek style, high cutting the fishtail skirt style and rich dress strapless, princess dress styles, they are the different aspects of visual focus, for beautiful bosom bride to alleviate the upper part of the "pressure", build elegant S form aesthetic feeling. The breasts are full of breasts, c-cup, or above, so it's important to wrap your breasts in order to get a decent look when choosing a wedding dress.

Full and light princess dress:

The bride of plump and beautiful bosom suits grand style wedding dress, in order to look the lightsome of air feeling, a large number of gauze is piled up the skirt that make up to have affinity is comfortable aesthetic feeling.

The white + green simple bouquet will echo the pure design of the hem. Pearl element, with the necklace that is rich in line feeling is appropriate, can easily break the dull feeling of the modelling of large area of vision.

High cut fishtail skirt:

The skirt of the fishtail skirt is very fastidious in the height of the loose skirt, which is proportional to the "weight" of the upper body, so as to avoid the heavy weight.

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Bride style and wedding dress choice.


Today's bride is to have a wonderful fashion wedding and make it a unique fashion show. When luxury brands less distant from us, was a target of most girls fall in love, the most important thing in life is a party, wedding, not with you beloved out of fashion, and a winter wedding dress is far from satisfy the fashion brides "show" out their own strong desire.

Summarize four winter wedding dress trends this season, each foot with bright spot, or elegant or mysterious, or delicate or gorgeous, will highlight the infinite amplification and into every details of the wedding, the wedding armed with fashion concept, is enough to the achievement of a fashionable dazzle fashion wedding personality.

Bridal style 1

Bright orange with classic coffee, various sizes of silk scarves. Fox fur felt hat and a black small leopard hunting jacket dress, modelling is a complete and fluent riding boots, and expand to the ultra wide anchor enamel bangles, and the earth color and various accessories of specular highlights, calm and atmosphere of the wedding style.

Bridal style 2

In a recent runway, silk, satin, silk printing are printed on the model of the dress, deep v-neck and tall waist line, mop the floor long skirt and a little skirt, the feeling of walking with the wind has a thick Muse impression. If you're going to get married, the bride can throw away the dress, and Muse's wedding dress is a good choice. Of course, you can also use a lot of color and lustrous gowns at your wedding as a party dress. Grace and amorous feelings, coexist!

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Wedding color choice


Not necessarily a pure white wedding requires the bride body headdress with is a white, began with Queen Victoria era, white represents happiness that time, and later strengthened the meaning of holiness and fidelity, resulting in remarry lady, not Wearing a white wedding dress, but also formed a pure white wedding stand out of its lofty position. Prior to this, Greece also used "white" as the most commonly used color in bridal gowns, but it was not strict enough to be full of whiteness; in ancient Roman times, the bride would wear yellow face yarn: Chinese tradition is based on the red dress as the auspicious sign; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was a highlight of the noble status of the royal family, showing that the wedding dress was appropriate for its “color” and there was no special requirement to wear a pure white wedding dress. As the trend of the world continues to change, apart from the traditional colors of pure white, ivory, and beige, wedding dresses are increasingly popular in recent years. Pink wedding dresses such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, light green and light silver grey are very popular. Soft and pleasing; if you dare to try, dark green, red, deep purple, decorated with a pink wedding dress, the formation of intense dress, the effect is very special; as for the most popular, of course, is the ivory or white wedding dress, decorated with Pink silk flowers and butterflies to add color. In fact, what color wedding is not important, the most prerequisite is to match the color of the bride's skin. Orientals have a dark complexion and are yellowish. Wearing a snow-white wedding dress will appear dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin will not be able to coordinate, but pink orange and pink green will match yellowish skin. As for the skin's rosy, or bronze skin, wearing a pure white will look good, especially the latter, will be a different share of the dovetail brilliance.

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Paris evening gown.


Petite figure - suitable for high waist, gauze, waist discount dresses, to decorate the proportions. Should try to avoid the skirt of the lower body is too loose, shoulder-sleeve design also should avoid exaggerated; The upper body can change more, the waist line suggests to use V word micro low waist design, in order to increase the sense of length. Build an older person -- a natural wardrobe, and any type of dress can be tried, especially with a fish-tailed wedding dress. Full bodied - fit for straight line cuts and slimmer. Lace flower should choose thinner plane lace, do not choose high collar style; The design of waist and skirt should avoid complicated.

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Do you know why a wedding dress is white?


At traditional Western weddings, the sacred and solemn oath of the pastor is a familiar romantic scene in everyone’s minds. The wedding ceremony is an oath ceremonial proof of the love of the two new people and swearing that they will be loyal to each other in the future. It is the swearing ground for the close relationship between the two families, and it is also the patron saint of human love.
Monogamy in the strict sense originated in medieval Western Europe under the influence of Christian morality. It spread throughout the world along with the process of industrialization and modernization. It completely changed the polygamous marriage system previously practiced by mankind. It can be said that the spread of western love concept and marriage system surpasses the spread of science and technology and political system, and becomes the classic of the spread of Western civilization in the world. This westernized wind has positively influenced people’s love concept to some extent, and promoted social equality and equality between men and women in the marriage life. There is no doubt that the promotion of the status of women and the well-being of the family have played a significant role in promoting.
In countries where Western religions and religions are united, marriage requires the priests' blessings and prayers in the church or town hall to get everyone's approval. At the wedding, the bride wears a wedding dress, usually a white dress with a white veil, to show sincerity and holiness. The gene for wedding dresses with European traditional ceremonial dresses is generally “A type” or “X type” with obvious feminine features. The detailed structure emphasizes layer through layers and creates a beautiful, mysterious and mysterious beauty. The fabric of the wedding dress is mostly georgette, ribbed silk, silk satin, and the like, and is decorated by techniques such as embroidery, inlay, and drawnwork; among them, the three-dimensional floral decoration of natural fabrics and the mica and gemstone mosaics constitute the most common pattern.
The overall mix of wedding dresses, head caps, facial shawls, neck garlands, hand mesh gloves, diamond rings on the fingers are all essential. The more classical wedding dress body bulges through the skirts to create a sense of body mass. A wedding dress with a strong ceremonial sense is often dragged, and the cuffs are exaggerated into tall, fluffy shapes, creating majestic momentum and noble and beautiful artistic effects.

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