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Sofia Vergara Flaunts Cleavage In Stunning Navy Gown


Sofia Vergara looked absolutely stunning at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 28. The gorgeous actress donned a show-stopping navy gown with embellishments and her cleavage was out of control. What did you guys think of her look?

Sofia Vergara, 43, was an absolute vision at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 28. Sofia looked drop-dead-gorgeous, as usual. She is always rocking some sort of strapless, skin-tight mermaid gown, and this time was no different, of course. We love that Sofia always rocks gowns that hug her body perfectly and this gown looks absolutely amazing. What did you guys think of her look?

sofia vergara Oscar Dress

Sofia switched it up a bit this time! She donned a strapless Marchesa navy blue gown with a bedazzled sweetheart neckline and a bedazzled waist with a ginormous bow and a full, poufy skirt. Her cleavage was out of control in this gown and her waist looked tinier than ever. She was also decked out in $1.5 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds, including 65 carat sapphire and diamond vine earrings and a 15 carat sapphire and diamond ring.

We were completely shocked by her hair — it is so different from her usual, down, loose waves. Instead, she decided to part her hair in the middle and put it in a low ponytail. She even admitted it herself on the carpet, saying, “It’s kind of different from me, with the big dress and the hair back, but I like it.”

Sofia has been so excited about the Oscars all day long, posting a ton of pics on her Instagram. She posted one pic of her from behind wearing leggings and a chambray shirt with the caption: “Oscars rehersal #Oscars2016 #byunghunlee” and she posted another pic of her seating assignment which is her and her new hubby, Joe Manganiello, 39, sitting next to eachother — how adorable is that?

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Meg Stepanek of Gemini Event Planning has 20-plus years of experience in creating Vail Valley destination weddings

After nearly two decades in the biz, Meg Stepanek, owner of Gemini Event Planning, knows a thing or two about the couples who seek out a Vail Valley wedding.

“They don’t want to get married on the beach. They want their guests to experience why they love Colorado so much,” says Stepanek, who specializes in high-end wedding planning.

Here she gives us the scoop on Vail’s wedding etiquette rules, how she gets people to look away from their devices

and the emotional attachments that come with the job.

Event planner Meg Stepanek helps arrange bride Katie Kent’s wedding dress. | Vail Lifestyle Magazine Spring 2016

Source: wedding dresses

Caramie schnell: What makes Vail Valley weddings special?

Meg Stepanek: (The area) attracts couples who enjoy just a little bit of uncertainty, with a sense for adventure and an affinity toward the unexpected. Vail enjoys its own rules for etiquette, and we are allowed to create weddings with the couple’s true vision in mind and not what is “expected” of them.

The Vail Valley is magical for most couples. This is a place where generations of families gather for holidays and fun time. Their best memories are here in the valley, and weddings provide the perfect platform to showcase a couple’s affinity to the area and share the Rocky Mountains with guests.

Cs: Tell me about some of the things people have done, or you have added, to make an event unique.

MS: A constant goal at Gemini is to separate guests from their technology. Looking up from screens is the only way to really enjoy the Rocky Mountains!

So, creating old-school communications and personal time is the best way to accomplish this. We have the bride and groom guide their guests up the mountain on a hike and host a golf outing in the summer. In the winter, we expedite skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, spa visits and shopping excursions for guests.

Each wedding is unique simply because it is two individuals. We like to welcome guests using personal elements: playing cards and instructions for a favorite card game from the bride’s teenage years, or the groom’s favorite popcorn from his hometown. Guests depart the Vail Valley having experienced life-changing activities with friends and family, and learn more about the couple throughout the weekend.

Cs: What are some of the trends you're already seeing/anticipating for 2016?

MS: Softer, more peaceful tones. Subtle mixed media in design and décor. Hosts prioritizing guest comfort as an important aspect of wedding planning.

CP: What's totally hot? And what's totally not?

MS: Asymmetrical lighting and visuals are hot. Ombre is not. Metallic sequins are hot. Pairing them with brassy, loud colors is not.

CP: How long have you owned Gemini Event Planning? What made you want to be a wedding planner?

MS: I have owned Gemini Event Planning for 13 years, but have been in the wedding business in the Vail Valley for over 20 years. After working in hotels as a catering manager, I felt there was a need for a comprehensive destination-wedding planner who specialized in the Vail Valley. Our market and demographics are distinctive, and require specific knowledge. Why a wedding planner? I enjoy the mix of organization, communication and creativity that is essential to success. I also must be a little crazy, and my personal life has zero drama, so it works!

Cs: What's the best part of your job? And the most challenging?

MS: This is certainly a business, but unlike any other. If I am doing my job well, then I become an integral part of these families’ lives in a very short time and emotionally attached! It is hard to let go, and I often cry at the farewell brunch.

Cs: Tell me about the most memorable wedding of 2015 that you planned?

MS: Every wedding is memorable, and each couple truly holds a special place in my heart. People express their love in so many ways, but witnessing the wedding of Andy and Darin this autumn at Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek was not only exceptional, but also historical. The week we signed the Beano's contract, same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Colorado. And during a planning weekend in June, it became legal in the United States. Realizing that true love is sometimes taken for granted, and sharing in their joy that this would be a recognized marriage was a feeling I will never forget!

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What price true love?


A bride in southeast China has become a sensation on the internet after it was revealed that her future husband gave her parents 6 million yuan (HK$7.2 million) to marry her.

Her parents then gave her 10 million yuan and a private jet to hand over to her husband’s family as a dowry, mainland media reported.

Photos of the newlyweds’ wedding in Putian in Fujian province went viral on social media with many internet users saying they were shocked by the amount of money involved. No details were given about the background of the couple.

The groom in Fujian province paid a “bride price” of 6 million yuan to be wed, according to media reports in China. Photo:

Source: SheinDressAU

Another bride in Putian caused a stir online a few days before reports of the latest wedding with her bride price of 3.8 million yuan.

Grooms in China typically have to give a gift to the bride’s parents – often in the form of cash – to receive their permission for marriage.

A map of the level of “bride prices” given in China, published three years ago by the Chongqing division of the real estate group Vanke and media company Sina’s real estate channel, suggested most husbands paid tens of thousands of yuan to their bride’s parents.

Shanghai topped the list with a bride price of 1 million yuan.

Many young people have complained that the bride price tradition makes it almost impossible for them to start their own families.

Zhang Mingsuo, a sociology professor at Zhengzhou University, was quoted by the Dahe Daily as saying that in traditional rural areas bride prices were charged by parents to support themselves later in life after they had spent large sums raising their daughters.

But as materialism prevails, the amount of money paid in bride prices has soared and the tradition has strayed from its original purpose, Zhang said.

It is a tradition in China for children to support their elderly parents.

The welfare system – including pensions and medical insurance – are often not enough to support the elderly, especially if they fall ill.

The decades-long one child policy, which was finally scrapped last year, has also increased the burden on children looking after their elderly parents.

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Kiss goodbye to your freedom here


An 18th Century prison cell with a grisly history for housing drunks and criminals has officially become Britain's smallest wedding venue.

The tiny seven foot wide jail in Castle Cary, Somerset - with bars across the only window and manacles on the walls - may not spring to mind as an overly romantic setting.

But council bosses applied to have the doomed Roundhouse - built in 1779 - licensed to hold marriage ceremonies for those looking to revel in 'dramatic irony' on their big day.

It will cost about £600 to hire out the venue for the ceremony - and the race is now on for the first couple to tie the knot in the unusual setting after bookings opened for the first time last week.

An unnamed bride squeezes inside the historic building. The tiny seven foot wide prison cell in Castle Cary, Somerset, has become the UK's smallest wedding venue - but its history is distinctly unromantic

Images: black bridesmaid dresses

The Grade-II listed 10ft tall building - where the town's vagrants and crooks were once locked up before they went before the district judge - is only big enough to fit the registrar and the happy couple, so any other guests will have to wait outside in the street.

A town council spokesman said: 'Couples looking to inject an element of humour in their special day will revel in the 'dramatic irony' this building provides.

'The wedding industry is flourishing in Somerset and this new addition to the venues available provides a truly one-of-a-kind space.

'Castle Cary has a particularly beautiful high street for visiting guests to wander through and the local economy will benefit from the additional visitors to the town.'

The tiny jail stands behind the town's Market House - which is also available to hire for weddings - and is one of only four such buildings remaining in the country.

Normally the Roundhouse is locked up with the local butcher holding the key and lending it out to any tourists wanting to go inside, but he will soon be handing them over to a happy couple.

But while it might be the smallest - and probably the one with the most unromantic history - but it's not the first unusual venue to appeal to alternative couples in the UK.

Just last month, bride and groom Micha, 27, and Phillip Trim, 36, from Romford, Essex, had to accessorise with hard hats when they tied the knot in a dark cave in Cornwall teaming with bats.

They transformed the Carnglaze Caverns, in the Loveny Valley, near the village of St Neot, with more than 500 twinkling candles.

Meanwhile in Manchester, a historic swimming baths are open for marriage ceremonies, with guests seated on the tiles which formed the bottom of the main pool.

Opened in 1906, the Victoria Baths was described as 'most splendid municipal bathing institution in the country' and 'a water palace of which every citizen of Manchester can be proud.' It closed 87 years later.

If historic Naval vessels are more up your street, then you can also say 'I do' on board a historic submarine in Gosport,Hampshire. HMS Alliance is a Royal Navy A-class laid down towards the end of the Second World War and completed in 1947.

Meanwhile, an old gold mine is among the more unusual wedding venues in the US. Eldorado Ghost Town, otherwise known as Nelson's Landing, is a deserted town in Nevada.

Here brides and grooms can marry in a real mine location, with a tour of the ghost town and its sparse, barren scenery.

Or for thrill seekers, the hair-raising roller-coaster at Las Vegas' New York hotel is on offer - but saying those vows will be a challenge as the ride lifts them 203 feet above the glittering strip.

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40 Under Forty


Taryn Plouffe, owner, Belle en Blanc Bridal Boutique

Some customers bring along their mothers for support. Others pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. Whoever is the customer, Taryn Plouffe, owner of Belle en Blanc, always works to ensure that future brides have a positive experience when shopping for that special dress.

“Buying a wedding dress can be one of the most fun things to do,” Plouffe said. “Brides dream about this day, and aside from the ring, buying the dress is the biggest deal.”

Plouffe has sold a lot of wedding dresses in the two years that Belle en Blanc has been in business at 114 N. Broadway. During that time, she’s learned that many of her customers are motivated to make a decision right away, rather than simply shopping around.

“Most people are in the moment when buying a wedding dress,” she said. “They have to see it, have to try it now.”

Because weddings traditionally take place in the summer, most brides begin looking for a dress about six months ahead of the date.

“A lot of May and June brides shop in the previous October, and the busy season continues through March,” she said. “In the summer we’re slammed with requests for alterations. That’s a very busy season for our seamstress.”

Destination weddings — which often take place in exotic locations far from home — are becoming more popular. As a result, many brides opt for wedding gowns that are appropriate for a tropical setting, Plouffe said.

Taryn Plouffe

Photo: vintage wedding dresses

But not everybody gets married in the summer. When couples opt for a wedding in January or February, Plouffe can help them too. One bride picked a pink dress for her wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Growing up, Plouffe’s father sometimes told her: “You will never be fully happy until you work for yourself.”

“Of course as a teen, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or what Billings needed,” she said. “I proceeded and received my degree in public relations, and found jobs in that field. I loved what I was doing, but always wondered if he was right.”

In 2013, she helped her sister buy a wedding dress and wasn’t satisfied with the selection.

“We found ourselves wanting to travel to achieve that big-city atmosphere some brides desire when finding a dress,” she said. “And then it clicked: Why doesn’t Billings have a nice bridal boutique?”

Five months later, Belle en Blanc opened.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job? Wanting to help every bride that is engaged but knowing that’s not possible. I want to have a dress for every bride, body type and budget. I want to provide the best customer service and experience that bride will receive so she doesn’t feel the need to go elsewhere. I find myself discouraged if Belle en Blanc wasn’t what that bride was looking for….and if I have done my best, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

What’s the best business advice you have received? “Never stagnate.”

Who gave you that advice? My dad.

Here’s what I’d like to do to improve my community: I like to donate my clothes to people who need them, rather than sell them. The small act of clothing a young person or keeping a mother warm with my old coat makes me happy.

Outside of work, my biggest passion is: Health and fitness.

Which living person do you most admire? My husband. He is by biggest fan. No matter how life is going, he is always selfless and uplifting. He would help anyone, anytime.

Aside from profit and loss, how do you measure success in your job? Building relationships with my brides. Whether they buy a dress or not, gaining friends and making relationships is what makes me feel successful.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Believing in myself and living a life of “oh wells” rather than “what ifs.”

I’m happiest when I’m… traveling the world with my husband, or at the gym. And of course helping brides.

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The future of beauty


Established in 1872, Shiseido has always upheld the basic philosophy of providing high quality products, a strong image and good service for consumers.

As a skincare and cosmetic brand, it always brings new ideas about beauty to women. It is known for pioneering skin-softening products (the best-selling Eudermine lotion was launched in 1897) and skin-brightening formulas (Japan’s first whitening product Peroxide Cucumber was bottled in 1917).

The year 2016 sees Shiseido undergoing a comprehensive brand innovation. This makeover of sorts will undoubtedly affect – and benefit – the 144-year-old brand, currently available in 88 markets through 16,000 counters.

As one of the oldest and most established brands in the beauty industry, Shiseido already started to shift its focus to younger women last year. Specifically, it targets females in their 30s.

“Increasingly well-educated, urban and aware, they are the future of beauty; in fact, they are the future of the world,” enthused Yoshiaki Okabe, Shiseido brand director (global prestige brand division). “They are the social media generation; they share, engage and above all, they are empathetic. It is a generation of females who feel connected to each other more than older women.”

Asian-American socialite and model Asia Chow is one of Shiseidos new faces.

Okabe was one of the speakers at Shiseido Brand Innovation Launch Event in Shanghai 21 Century Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, China last November; he also met the Asian media the following day.

“With our change, we would like to target women who are confident (open-minded and intelligent, with a clear sense of self), cultured (the ability to appreciate cultures from the East and West) and conscious (supports brands that are authentic and value inner beauty),” added Okabe, who joined Shiseido in 1989.

On what the new Shiseido stands for, Okabe replied: “It’s our goal to bring out the beauty within; the belief that beauty – through empathy and morality – can be a much-needed positive force in the world.”

The company is unveiling a more international multicultural approach, rebranding in an emotional sense. Using the idea of “Beauty vs. The World” for its new campaign, Shiseido believes that beauty is a positive force which connects the world and people.

While previous advertisements featured a single, fair Asian face, the latest ones highlight diversity. The campaign features three women of different nationalities: blonde Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik, Dutch model of Egyptian-Moroccan descent Imaan Hammam and Asian-American socialite and model Asia Chow.

“Beauty cannot be represented by just one face,” explained Okabe. “This is the brand’s way of recognising that physical beauty is diverse, relatable and unbiased.”

The brand innovation also sees “Ginza” and “Tokyo” – representing the heart of Shiseido – added to its logo to create a new story and a new future.

Likewise, Shiseido’s department store counters will undergo a facelift. The counters are equipped with an icon in the shape of a camelia to function as a guiding sign, a social table (for counselling) designed to provide a comfortable environment and functional, easy-to-use testers to stimulate curiosity towards the products.

The new counter design features red lines over a white base, expressing modern minimalism as well as communicating richness and warmth.

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Amanda Marie Evanich and John Christopher Popko wedding


Amanda Marie Evanich and John Christopher Popko were united in marriage on June 27, 2015 at Nativity of Our Lord Parish in Duryea.

The bride is the daughter of Andrew and Patricia Evanich of Pittston. She is the granddaughter of the late Albert and Stella Petrolonis of Pittston and the late Thomas and Irene Evanich of Swoyersville.

The groom is the son of Cathy Dymond and the late John A. Popko of Hunlock Creek. He is the grandson of the late Raymond and Catherine Dymond of Sweet Valley and the late John and Eleanor Popko of Wyoming.

The bride was given in marriage by her father. She chose her sister, Cynthia Lambert, as her matron of honor, and her close friend of 15 years, Courtney Day, as her maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Lisa Hewitt Evanich, sister-in-law of the bride; Julia Lambert, niece of the bride; Jessica Bezdziecki, Jessica Goodlavage, Debbie Krakoski, Cassandra Scarantino, all friends of the bride.

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The groom chose his close friend of 14 years, Dr. David Ermak, as his best man. Groomsmen were Neil and Jesse Popko, brothers of the groom; Andrew Evanich, brother of the bride; Chris Abbott, Kevin Callahan, Josh Tuner, John Tomkoski, Michael Golubiewski, Dave Kovalik, Nicholas Leonard, all friends of the groom.

Readings were given by Tyler Lambert, nephew of the bride; Tina Dymond and Sam Biscotto, both cousins of the groom. Father Andrew Sinnet officiated the ceremony.

The ring bearers were Logan Lambert, nephew/godson of the bride, and Josh Dymond, cousin of the groom.

The flower girls were Hannah and Lauren Dymond, cousins of the groom.

An evening cocktail hour and reception were held at The Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton.

The bride is a 2005 graduate of Pittston Area High School. She graduated from the University of Scranton in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. She then graduated from Wilkes University in 2014 with a doctor of pharmacy degree. She is employed as a clinical pharmacist by Geisinger Health System.

The groom is a 2001 graduate of Lake-Lehman High School and a 2005 graduate of King’s College with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. He is employed as a senior marketing consultant with Times Shamrock Communications.

The couple honeymooned in Nassau, Bahamas. They reside in Kingston with their two cats, Chivas and Mooch.

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