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The average cost of a wedding


According to a new study, cheap weddings are the norm, not the exception in Australia.

The research, which was conducted by has revealed that one in five people who married in the last five years still managed to keep their budgets to below $5,000.

A further 28 per cent ,who have married since 2010, kept costs to no more than $10,000.

So what happened to the big lavish weddings we hear so much about?

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With just four per cent of respondents admitting to spending in excess of $50,000 in the last five years on weddings, it would appear the majority of people are shunning traditionally extravagant ceremonies.

“That money which many previously lavished on big weddings is probably being funnelled into larger mortgages,” said CEO Jeremy Levitt.

“But sticking to a budget doesn’t mean cheap and nasty.

"Even those on the stringiest of budgets can find many of their wedding services easily online and at a fraction of the price they are expecting.”

However while people were scrimping and saving on their big day, sixty-six per cent of brides were still able to have their hair done and 69 per cent still hired a venue.

Interestingly, 28 per cent made their own invitations to save costs, 17 per cent had a friend make the cake and 19 per cent used their own cars or DIY’ed flowers so they could spend their budget elsewhere.

The study also revealed that 53 per cent of people married in the 70's spent less than $5,000 on their big day, as opposed to 20 per cent who spent the same amount on a wedding in the last five years.

However taking into account that the average weekly wage in 1975 was $155.90 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics) and today it's $1,516, we can't see how that matters much.

Moral of the story: you can have a cheap wedding but it may just mean a lot more DIY work for you and your groom.

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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are celebrating their second wedding anniversary on Tuesday!Gossip Cop is now looking back at some of the false divorce rumors we’ve exclusively corrected over the past year of the couple’s marriage.

Gossip Cop most recently busted an absurdNational Enquirer report that falsely alleged Pitt was hooking up with Jennifer Aniston behind Jolie’s back. The tabloid further claimed Jolie was “on a divorce rampage” as a result of her husband’s supposed encounters with his ex-wife. However, we were exclusively assured by a reliable source close to the situation there was “no truth” to the magazine’s claims.

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Anniversary Divorce Rumors

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In June, Star published a ridiculously bogus cover story claiming Pitt and Jolie were divorcing over rumors the actor cheated on her with his Allied co-star Marion Cotillard. ButGossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who exclusively assured us the tabloid’s tale of breakup and infidelity was “all lies.”

Gossip Cop busted In Touch in March for its completely made-up cover story with a headline blaring “Divorce Papers!” The phony article alleged Pitt and Jolie’s marriage was “destroyed by another woman,” similarly claiming that the actress was consumed with jealousy and suspicion over Pitt’s on-set relationship with Cotillard. But Gossip Cop was exclusively assured by a reliable source there was “no truth” to the story. Of course, Pitt and Jolie have worked alongside many attractive co-stars over the decade they’ve been together, and it’s never been an issue.

The repeatedly discredited In Touch also falsely reported in January that Pitt and Jolie were on the verge of a “shocking split,” and supposedly “living separate lives.” The magazine further alleged the couple “had a series of relationship-ending fights over the family’s Christmas vacation.” Only, Gossip Cop once again checked in with a source close to the couple, and we were exclusively assured the entire tale was simply “not true.”

And finally, Gossip Cop corrected OK! last October for its bogus claim that Jolie had “walked out” on Pitt by choosing Cambodia as the shooting location for her movie. The magazine alleged Jolie wanted to work on a different continent to get away from her husband, but there was one major flaw in the magazine’s tale, as it failed to mention that Pitt and the children accompanied Jolie to Cambodia. Regardless of that little detail,Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the couple, and we were exclusively told the tabloid’s split story was simply “not true.”

These are just a few of the countless wrong divorce claims about Pitt and Jolie that Gossip Cop has busted over the past year. We wish the couple many more happy, healthy and (hopefully) rumor-free years together!

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5 Common Wedding Day Disasters


While your wedding day will easily be one of the best days of your life, it's also a day that potentially anything could go wrong. No matter how many times you cross things off your to-do list, triple confirm with your vendors, and do a no-rain dance, you never know the crazy situations that may knock on your door during one of the most precious and important days of your life. So if you're looking to take a proactive approach to fighting off stressful situations on your wedding day, here are five wedding day disasters that you can easily avoid (with careful planning).

upset bride


1. Vendors Who are a No-Show

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding and often those moving parts involve your wedding vendors. Even if you've been chatting with them for months, have one member of your bridal party call them at 9am on your wedding day to confirm their arrival. Ask them to show up 30-45 minutes before the time you truly need them there. That buffer period will allow for traffic and any other hiccups.

2. You Run Out of Food

You don't want to have to face a couple hundred hungry guests when you run out of food at your buffet or even during cocktail hour. Always order a little more food than you need or add on a late night snack bar.

3. The Dress of Your Dreams is a Nightmare to Wear

If you're having trouble fitting into your wedding dress, whether it's too big or too small, make sure you bring some fashion emergency items with you, including a mini-sewing kit, double-sided tape, and safety pins. The bigger tip here, however, is make sure to get a dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in from the start (and not after you will yourself to lose 15 pounds!).

4. Your Flowers Make You Sneeze

If you suddenly realize that you're allergic to the flowers you picked, try to avoid holding your bouquet until it's time to walk down the aisle. Keep it at a bit of a distance from your chest and face and hand it over to your maid-of-honor before it's time to kiss the groom.

5. The Power Goes Out

If the power goes out and the venue doesn't have a backup generator, the only thing you can do is make the best of the situation. The best thing you can do is double check with your venue beforehand to make sure that this won't ever be an issue. Send someone to the nearest convenience store to pick up candles andmove the party outdoors.

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honeymoon destination


#Mexico is a country renowned for its rich culture, a perfect climate, naturalwhite sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. These are a few of the reasons why a large number of newlyweds preferMexico for their #honeymoon vacation. Each year a record number of engaged couples make arrangements to have their wedding in Mexico. Through a hired professional wedding planner, couples can arrange their dream wedding combined with an exclusive wedding package. The wedding package typically provides the couple with a wedding ceremony and also a honeymoon vacation.

Offers Weddings and Honeymoon in Cancun Mexico | Palace Resorts ... -

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Resort Cities

Among Mexico's most popularhoneymoon destinations are the resort cities of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas. Acapulcois still a favorite among honeymooners as it features some of the most beautiful beaches along with mineral-blue waters. The resort city of Puerto Vallarta, a considerably less populated location provides newlyweds with all the comforts in a relaxed environment. The combination of cultural festivals, outstanding cuisine, as well as scenic views of the breathtaking Sierra Madre Mountains, is reason enough to make this vacation destination a well-suited honeymoon retreat.

Beach Resorts

Another favorite destination for newlyweds is the beach resort of Cozumel situated off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. The resort island provides couples with a tranquil setting where they don;t have to worry about the huge crowd and noise commonly found in many other Mexican vacation resorts. Some of the major attractions not to be overlooked include the magnificent Mayan ruins and the spectacular Nichupte Lagoon.

Wedding Cruises

Several of the most popular Mexican honeymoon and wedding cruises are offered by major cruise ship lines such as Princess Cruises, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. Couples can schedule a memorable wedding on board one of these cruise ships followed by a romantic honeymoon cruise. It's a lifetime opportunity for newlyweds to spend an enchanting week cruising the open sea. Couples can search online for the major cruise lines to inquire regarding their various wedding packages.

Newlyweds have many options when choosing a Mexican vacation at a resort or opting for a honeymoon cruise. Probably the most challenging part will be deciding which is the best deal suited for you. Reviewing the various price comparisons online as well as contacting a local #Travel agent, can help couples that are on a tight budget. Considering the variety of travel destinations, deciding on ahoneymoon location in Mexico may possibly take a little time to research before making a final decision. With a little homework, couples are sure to decide on the perfect Mexican vacation destination for their honeymoon.

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magical wedding


A Harry Potter-mad bride married her childhood sweetheart in a themed wedding which included owls and her sister dressed as Hogwarts' headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Leah Parker, 37, and Dax Rice, 38, from Horninglow in Burton tied the knot on Saturday at the National Brewery Centre - chosen for the steam engine outside which looks like the Hogwarts Express.

Everything from the wedding invitations to the cars, the bridesmaids' dresses to the food was all Harry Potter themed – even though the groom has never read the books or seen any of the films.


Leah, who makes Hula Hoops at the KP Snacks factory in Ashby, explained that she and Dax, a scaffolder, met at de Ferrers Academy in Burton at the age of 11.She said: "I liked him at school, but we weren't together.

"After school he moved to live in Melton Mowbray, but came back to Burton for a funeral of a friend. I noticed on Facebook that he was in the area, and I messaged him to say that if he wanted a shoulder to cry on then we could go for a drink, and we kept in touch."

After just nine months together, Dax got down on one knee at his mum's house in Horninglow on Boxing Day and asked Leah to marry him.

Despite Dax having never seen any of the films or read the books, he agreed for Leah to organise a Harry Potter-themed wedding. However, he put his foot down when she suggested Harry Potter World in America for the honeymoon, so the pair will be jetting off to Mexico instead.

Leah said: "I've been mad about Harry Potter since the books came out. I just think it's a bit magic, and I started collecting Harry Potter items a few years ago. I have all the books, films, games, stationary sets, wands and merchandise.

"I've seen people having themed weddings and I thought 'I could do that'. I want a wedding to remember. Dax agreed as long as he had nothing to do with it. When he saw the decorations he was a bit shocked."

Leah and Dax will live together with her two children Honie, 10, and three-year-old Oliver, and dog Snape.

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A bit like a wedding where the bride calls it all off


Imagine you’ve organised party . Not just any old shindig, but the type of party that only happens once in a generation.

Much like a wedding, it’ll have been months in the planning, with discussions about invitations, decor, location, and probably at least one declaration of a wish to be able to control the weather.

There’ll have been conversations about who will get on with whom, and whether there’ll be any bad behaviour during the event itself to prepare for.

And then, in an instant, it’s off.

Theresa May

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No warning, nothing.

The guest of honour has pulled out, postponed their appearance, thereby making the whole thing pointless.

It’s a bit like organising a royal wedding but having the bride call the whole lot off just before her veil is clipped into place and her tiara straightened.

And that’s exactly what happened with Hinkley Point on Friday.

Everyone had been invited to the party – the marquee was in place and the finishing touches were being put on what should have been a ceremonial contract-signing by the British government, committing to building a new nuclear power station.

Certainly both EDF Energy – the organisers of the party – and the government had briefed the media to expect it to happen, and Chinese dignitaries had made the journey over for the occasion – they were going to stump up a third of the cost, after all.

All had to be sent packing, wedding gifts – figuratively – unopened.

A lot of people say they’re still committed to this energy union and that Theresa May, the eponymous bride of our tale, just wants a bit of time to adjust her stays and re-read the pre-nup.

One can hardly blame the lady, but one can’t help but wonder whether the doubts that had her reaching for her reading glasses couldn’t have been expressed a little bit sooner. You know, before the guests arrived and it all got awkward.

Relations between France, where EDF Energy is based, and Britain have been a touch strained after Brexit.

Let’s hope this latest development doesn’t lead to a permanent separation and an entente that is very far from cordiale.


Erm, what would you do with a three metre-high inflatable dog poo?

You’ve got to love the Spaniards. Torrelodones, just outside of Madrid, had it as part of a campaign to get dog owners to pick up after their pooches.

But pesky thieves thought it would look better elsewhere, so extracted the excrement and made off with it.

Police are on the case, presumably following their noses until they find the thieves.

The tiny Spanish settlement has had to pick up the bill for its replacement.

I wonder if we could do a similar thing in Portsmouth – put little concrete poos on pavements, giant inflatable ones in parks, and encourage everyone to be a bit more considerate. Or might they end up nicked too?


You’ve got to wonder where and when the various allegations of mismanagement at Southern Hospitals NHS Trust are going to end.

These latest ones involve contracts allegedly being awarded to people who know the chief exec, Katrina Percy.

In one case, a firm reportedly ended up getting paid 2,000 per cent more than the contract value.

That’s nice work if you can get it.

Southern has now engaged the services of Portland Communications, owned by Alistair Campbell, to try to turn its reputation around.

This is an interesting choice, but I really think the best thing for the trust’s reputation would be if Ms Percy were to resign and let the front line staffget on with their jobs.

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