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A bride who fulfilled her dying wish of marrying her sweetheart after being told she had terminal cancer has died just five days after her dream wedding.

Lorraine Marsh, 53, had planned to wed fiance Shane Green, 54, next summer, but when she visited the doctor on November 13, she was told she was dying.

Despite thinking she was just going to have gallstones removed, the mother-of-three left with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that had spread to her liver.

After hearing the devastating news, the couple decided to bring their wedding date forward from July next year and friends and family rallied round to donate £2,300 to pay for the big occasion.

A local firm even gave Mrs Green an ivory chiffon wedding dresses brisbane and tiara to wear for the ceremony which took place last Friday.

Lorraine Marsh, 53, and Shane Green, 54, decided to bring their wedding forward after a devastating cancer diagnosis left Lorraine with just weeks to live. Her family announced today that she passed away yesterday

Nottingham City Council agreed to let them hold the ceremony at the Council House at short notice, and the wedding was planned in just seven days.

The rest of the donated money was going to be used to pay for a honeymoon and an early Christmas for the couple, who have seven children and five grandchildren from previous marriages.

But Lorraine was taken ill at the couple's home in Long Eaton, Derbyshire on Sunday and paramedics rushed her to Royal Derby Hospital.

She passed away yesterday surrounded by family who played her wedding song 'For Your Precious Love' by Otis Redding.

Leading the tributes, husband Shane - who works for an industrial cleaning company - said today: 'She was a lovely lady. People met her and fell in love with her.

'She put everyone else first. I was glad she was happy to be married - it made her day.'

Mrs Green's devastated daughter Sophie Shepherd, 22, said: 'I'm over the moon she got married. It's made all of us happy to see she got her final wish.

'We are so thankful to have had such a good mother and we hope to be half as good a parent as our mum. She has been an amazing role model and the perfect mum. We couldn't ask for anything better.'

Mrs Green's 11-year-old son, Harry Marsh, said: 'She was the kindest woman. I'm being strong.'

Mrs Green first met Shane when they were children and three years ago their paths crossed again and fell in love.

Mrs Green had initially suspected her health issues were due to gallstones as she had had her gallbladder removed in September.

So when she went to the doctors on November 13, she simply thought she would need another gallstone removed.

But following tests at Royal Derby Hospital, she was told she had pancreatic cancer, and that it was terminal.

Mr Green said: I thought she was just going in to have another gall stone removed.

'When we found out the news, it just broke us, we were just numb. But I'm over the moon - ecstatic - to marry her.

'We are going to make the most of every minute and be positive.'

Mr and Mrs Green had known each other as children, but were reintroduced after she split with her previous husband and Mr Green's wife died.

They have been together for three years and were due to marry at the plush Welbeck Suite in West Bridgford, Nottingham, on June 18 next year, but had to bring plans forward last week.

Last Friday, more than 100 people attended their wedding.

Speaking after the ceremony, Mrs Green said: 'It's been absolutely outstanding - my wish came true.

'Shane is my soulmate. It was really emotional.'

'I can't believe how generous people have been. I don't think the news has really sunk in, though I do think it's unfair. Cancer is such a cruel disease.'

All of the couple's seven children and five grandchildren from previous marriages were present at the ceremony, which was planned in just seven days, at the Council House in Nottingham.

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Alf stops James and Roo's wedding


Monday 30 November

Ash and Phoebe butt heads over their living situation, and the pair come to the realisation that they have moved in together too quickly. Hannah warns Nate about getting too close to Ricky, just as the pair get roped into posing for Peteʼs photo shoot as a couple. Charlotte comes home to find that someone has been through her place, and the discovery of another strange note confirms her worst fears - her stalker knows about Denny.

Home and Away: Alf stops James and Roo's wedding, while sparks fly between Ricky and Nate

Photo: bridesmaid dresses

AdvertisingTuesday 1 December

Charlotte panics and informs Hunter that they are leaving Summer Bay, but a mysterious and threatening stranger tells her to stay where she is. Ricky and Nate pose for a sexy photo shoot and the chemistry between the pair is palpable. Later that night, Kyle cannot take his eyes off Rickyʼs photos and Nate begins to suspect that he has a crush on her, but when he tries to bring it up she is oblivious.

Wednesday 2 December

When Ricky finds out that Kyle is thinking about leaving Summer Bay, she tells him that she needs him and persuades him to stay. Marilyn surprises John by announcing that she has organised for them to renew their vows. Just as Roo and James are about to go through with a spontaneous wedding of their own, Alf interrupts with news that James is not who he says he is.

Thursday 3 December

James explains that there is no record of him working at the Blue Mountains Hospital because he used his middle name. Roo is forced to apologise to a very upset Maddy and Alf after nearly marrying James without inviting them. John tells Marilyn that he does not share her enthusiasm for travelling and that he wants to stay where he belongs, in Summer Bay. Tank and his mates aggressively gatecrash Maddyʼs 18th birthday party.

Friday 4 December

Maddyʼs birthday party spirals dangerously out of control, culminating in a fight between Tank and Oscar, and a heroic act by James. In the hospital, Roo finally learns Jamesʼ secret when she discovers his wife by his bedside. During dinner with Alf, Leah and Zac, Marilyn and John have a heated argument about her desire to travel. Marilyn eventually backs down, but the look on her face suggests she has made the wrong decision.

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Shawn Johnson on Body Shamers and Getting Healthy


There’s a reason why Shawn Johnson is still one of America’s most beloved gymnasts.

Sure, the 23-year-old — who’s twice won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Female Athlete — brought us to tears when she took home a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But it’s her charisma and love for her fans that’s hooked her millions of social media followers, eager for glimpses into her daily life.

There’s no doubt Johnson’s been busy lately: She’s in the throes of wedding planning, and has partnered with wedding-planning site WeddingWire on its #JustSaidYes campaign, helping couples to celebrate and share their own engagement stories. (Johnson’s own engagement moment? Totally adorable.)

She’s also been busy running her healthy living website, The Body Department. On the surface, it may seem obvious that Johnson, who inspired a legion of young girls to follow in her springy footsteps, would be passionate about helping people live healthy lives. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that her passion is rooted in something more serious — her own struggles to stay healthy through an incredibly public struggle with her weight and confidence.


The site has been live for about a year, and provides informative — and fun — tips for staying active and living a fit life. “I felt like every site you went to, there was a fad, or a trend, or a diet, or ‘look like this girl on the red carpet,’ or ‘the only way you could become good enough is if you do this,’” Johnson tells Yahoo Health. “For me, it was kind of like, what if I could build a place for these girls to go that was just as cool, but there is no negative association?It was health, and beauty, and fun, and ‘you’re perfect the way you are — but here are some workouts.’ And it kind of took off.”

While it may seem like an easy transition from Olympic athlete to fitness buff, Johnson’s road has been bumpy. “I’ve kind of gone through the gamut when it comes to health,” she says. “I’ve hit lows with — I don’t want to say diagnosed eating disorders — but eating disorders. And then I’ve gone the other way, where I’ve rejected fitness,” she says. “[I’ve] kind of gone through the whole education system, all the nutritionists, and now I’m finally healthy.” It took an injury — and a lot of self-reflection — to for Johnson to the mindset she has today.

From Olympian to TV Target

Johnson grew up “fitness-obsessed,” competing as a gymnast and winning a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics at age 16. After that, she took a break from gymnastics and competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, winning Season 8 of the TV competition in 2009 and placing second in an all-star edition in 2012. She loved dancing, but the sudden shift from the gymnastics world to Hollywood left her exposed to body-shaming critics. It didn’t help that she felt like she was constantly struggling to stay fit after retiring from gymnastics.

“When I first went on [DWTS], I was 16, and I turned 17 on the show,” Johnson says. “Going from this strict, regimented schedule to going through puberty on national TV and gaining weight, and just being kind of a huge target for criticism, was just really difficult for me.” To cope, she researched quick weight-loss fixes online, even trying detoxes and juice cleanses. None of it worked.

Another challenge that Johnson didn’t expect after she retired from gymnastics was not knowing how to work out. Sure, she did demanding training for the Olympics and for DWTS, but when all that was over, she realized she didn’t feel confident knowing what to do in a gym. “I could get on a treadmill and run, but I didn’t know how to lift weights or how to work out,” she says. “I could go do a handstand against a wall, or go do gymnastics, but I didn’t know how to work out.” After DWTS, Johnson decided that she was done pushing herself to the point of exhaustion — and she quit working out.

Her fitness boycott lasted about a year, until she was jolted out of it by a skiing injury that “tore everything” in her knee. “When I got hurt and had to stop everything, the first thought that I had was, ‘What if I could never do gymnastics again?’”Johnson says. “That was never a thought that I had before — I was still healthy, I could still do things. When it was almost taken away from me, I was like, ‘I have to give it one more shot.’”

She had a heart-to-heart with her former gymnastics coach, who asked her when she last worked out. “I told him it was probably a year. And he was like, ‘I can tell. And we’re probably going to need to start over for a while,’” she recalls. “It was a rude awakening.”

Starting Fresh

Now, Johnson says she loves exercising and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. She’s even picked up running, and has completed eight half-marathons — though a full marathon is still on her to-do list. “I want to [run a full marathon] … but it also sounds miserable. Every time I’ve passed a half-marathon finish line, I can’t imagine doing a full one!” Johnson says. “But you see people of so many sizes and ages cross the finish line, and I’m like, ‘OK, you can do this.’”

She’s also in the midst of a return to the gymnastics floor (though her knee injury has kept her from practicing recently). “I’m getting back into it. Not to compete, but there’s a tour next year that I could potentially be doing,” she says. Plus, she’ll be at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, cheering on the U.S. team, which she says has “some of the strongest girls I’ve ever seen.”

Johnson has also established a healthier, more sustainable day-to-day routine: She eats healthfully, having eggs and gluten-free toast for breakfast and then salads, chicken, and fish for lunch and dinner. She’s also a fan of protein shakes, particularly ones made with with frozen banana, almond milk, a bit of peanut butter, and chocolate protein. Workout-wise, she’s on a spin kick right now — “It’s my favorite” she says — though she also mixes in running and general exercise at the gym.

And Johnson, who once felt totally out of place working out, is now a certified trainer. “I originally did it for myself to learn, and to learn all the details, but I love training. I coach gymnastics a lot, clinics. I just want to take it further,” she says. But as much as she loves coaching, she can’t see herself coaching at the Olympic level. “Having gone through it, I don’t think I could ever be that strict on a girl in gymnastics. I’m more like the fun side of the clinics and camps.”

In fact, it’s because of the young girls she’s coaching that Johnson is so outspoken about her own struggles. Once, she says, she took a girl she was coaching to Dairy Queen to celebrate after a meet, and the young gymnast told her she couldn’t order an ice cream because it would make her fat. It’s moments like those that spurred Johnson to take a stand and put balanced, fun advice about healthy living out into the world.

“The most important thing that I would have wished had been ingrained in me when I was little is: Everything in moderation,” Johnson says.“It’s OK to have cookies. It’s OK to have ice cream. It’s OK to indulge — or not. Everything in moderation.”

If Johnson’s candor regarding her struggles is surprising, it’s because she hopes to help others reach her same level of OK-ness. “I’d rather share my story than know someone else is going through what I did,” she says. “It’s not hard [to talk about it] anymore, just because I’ve gone through all of it.”

The difficult part, she says, has been getting to this point. “When people see athletes do sites like [The Body Department], they think it’s easy because it’s what we’ve grown up in,” she says. “But something that I haven’t spoken a lot on is that it hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve gone through a huge roller coaster of all the ups and downs. And having gone through all that, I’m at a place where I can help kids and girls and relate to all of them, and say, ‘I understand where you’re at, and I got through it.’”

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This Girl Can/This Girl Can’t Be Bothered


I’m not going to lie. I can dance. I can tour jeté to Debussy (I began my classical ballet training at the age of three), twerk to Fela Kuti, drop it like it’s hot to Kanye, vogue to Disclosure, dutty wine to Rihanna, and whip and nae nae (Google it). Yes, when I’m in the mood, I have been known to turn it out. For me, it’s always been less about burning calories or body sculpting – though that’s a major plus too. No, I love the pure emotional and mental high. Whether I’m at a barre or in a club, dancing simply feels good.

When I was a university student, juggling a magazine internship with dance classes and auditions, I’d tie my hair up in a bun, slip on my unitard and transform into a different persona depending on what the choreography demanded. I could be wild, haughty and reckless – qualities a relatively reserved person like me would rarely explore otherwise. And when I interviewed a newly solo Beyoncé a few years later and she told me about her kickass, on-stage alter-ego Sasha Fierce (the first time she’d ever publicly talked about her), I understood where she was coming from. My experiences of dancing taught me a unique kind of confidence and self-assuredness that can’t come from any office – when you can do a pirouette and a death drop in heels, you really do feel like you can take on the world.

This past spring, I began my dance training again, after having lost track of it during my first years of parenthood. In service of our Editor-in-Chief and #ELLEFit, I took a Lester Horton-technique class to reacquaint myself with my own Sasha Fierce, a person I’ll call K-Boogie. And it was hard. I couldn’t hold my leg ear-high (or even shoulder-high!) the way I have in the past. My turns weren’t as sharp. My jumps weren’t as precise. I got winded. But I was ridiculously happy – giddy, even. I felt empowered. And having to learn intricate floor combinations I haven’t tried in years was better than any Brain Training app I could ever download. That’s because dancing improves cerebral and cognitive thought functions. I was hooked.

Now, I’m back to shaking my money-maker right in time for the party season. And, full disclosure: I never really ever stopped twerking. What can I say: some people sing in the shower, I dance to Beyoncé’s Blow in the living room. And I’m more smiley, with stronger abs and a clearer mind, because of it. So who’s down to do the whip with me? Sophie, you know you want to! See you on the dance floor.


By Sophie Beresiner

So it turns out there is a very specific bonus to winter months that counteracts all the extra eating and drinking we do. Well, I do, anyway. And that is dancing. This crazy flinging of body parts that accompanies sequined wedding dresses with straps and high spirits – both the emotional and alcoholic kind – is also an accidental workout.

At last, a workout I genuinely enjoy! Particularly if it happens between the hours of 10pm and 2am. And depending on the brand of dancing you subscribe to, it burns upwards of 450 calories an hour. (In case you’re interested: hip-hop burns the most, belly dancing the least. Now you know.) Oh, but hang on. I’m dancing on a night out. I’ve probably consumed at least a couple of drinks to get me on the dance floor in the first place, but let’s disregard those for a moment. Say I have two rum and Cokes in the hour I’m dancing, that’s about 400 calories to counterbalance the bonus ones I’m burning off. I need to take drinking out of this not-so-happy equation. Damn it.

So how about daytime? In my wildest fantasies, I can breakdance at a wedding, or even in front of a small crowd at Piccadilly Circus. In reality, I’m going to start with a Street Dance Class at Fitness First. I’ve honestly been meaning to do it since Ashley Banjo from dance troupe Diversity choreographed a full aerobic street class a couple of years ago. It’s only the agonising shame that is holding me back. Imagine the cringe factor of a 35-year-old woman body-popping on a blue mat at the back. Nope. I’m going to have to stick to YouTube tutorials and the Diversity DVD. OK, Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred – much less embarrassing if the husband walks in on me. Scrap that, actually: Davina’s 7 Minute Fit programme so I can fit it around dinner and work. The problem is that the TV is in front of the sofa, and the sofa is so much more inviting. Sod it, I’m going to go out and dance my sequined socks off. I can always have a rum and Diet Coke instead.

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Bringing audiences a magical experience


This week I had the opportunity to attend Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” at the Fox Theatre, and it was such a magical night filled with light-hearted humor and a touching story. The show ran from Nov. 3 – Nov. 8.

The stage production is a retelling of the classic fairy tale, but with a comical twist. The story is witty and quite hilarious, but it’s also whimsical and hopeful. The songs were very clever and moved the story along nicely, and the cast is very talented. Kaitlyn Davidson and Andy Huntington-Jones played Cinderella and Prince Topher, respectively, and they had great onstage chemistry when they sang duets together, especially when their characters realize they’re falling in love. The two stepsisters, played by Kimberly Fauré and Aymee Garcia, were both talented singers, but they were also hilarious in the way that they delivered their lines.

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Fox Theatre/ Photo by Carol Rosegg.

The show also features some amazing acrobatics. The fox-footmen tumbled across the stage, the fairy godmother flew above the stage and the company glided from one side of the stage to the next as they ballroom danced. The choreography was wonderful and the way the cast twirled made me feel like I was a part of a grand ballroom with lords and ladies swirling around as they danced.

Another thing that blew me away was the costuming. I’m still trying to figure out how Cinderella managed her costume changes, because I was completely baffled during the entire show at the spectacular wardrobe magic. One second her dress was dark green, then it’s a white ball-gown, then it’s the green dress again and then her dress goes from rags to gold! I was mind-boggled in the best possible way. Cinderella’s dresses were beautiful and elegant, and I really enjoyed seeing the rest of the cast’s costumes too — especially the fairy godmother, who had a great huge purple dress.

Kara Robson, third-year animation major, attended the show and said that: “It was such a cool experience! I still want to know which parts were improvised and which parts weren’t! The costume changes were amazing. I’m still trying to figure out how they did that. I really liked the sister who got kicked out … her storyline was so interesting! … The additional stuff like that was pretty cool.”

“Cinderella” did a great job of breathing fresh life into the time-worn tale of “Cinderella” and putting a unique twist on it while staying true to the spirit of the story. The dialogue and songs were very humorous and witty, which kept the show light-hearted. “Cinderella” was a whimsical, magical night that is well worth experiencing, even if a fairy godmother has to transform a pumpkin into a carriage to get you there.

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Gallery, closed after declining gay wedding


An Iowa bistro and art gallery closed last summer due to declining sales after the owners refused to rent out the facility for a gay wedding. But they recently sold the historic site to a church, which will re-open the building for traditional weddings.

In 2002, Dick and Betty Odgaard rescued from demolition a 70-year-old stone church in Grimes, a small town on the northwest corner of metropolitan Des Moines. The couple renovated the building into a family business called Görtz Haus Gallery. The family’s main source of income was to facilitate weddings in the original sanctuary.

In August 2013, Lee Stafford and Jared Ellars asked the Odgaards to host their same-sex wedding. The Odgaards declined the request, maintaining that although they had hired gay and lesbian employees and served gay customers, they could not participate in a same-sex wedding because it violated their Christian faith. The next day, Stafford and Ellars filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, which launched an investigation.

A year later, the commission found probable cause the Odgaards violated the Iowa Civil Rights Act. The Odgaards paid $5,000 to the couple in exchange for dropping their complaint and walked away with no ruling against them. But that was not the end of their ordeal.

The sanctuary under renovation at Harvest Bible Chapel in Grimes, Iowa

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“Now it was public what our response would be if a gay couple walked in for a wedding ceremony,” Dick Odgaard told CNN. “Walk into the Görtz Haus, be declined, file a complaint, and collect money. I mean, we set that precedent. … We had no choice but to get out of the business.”

Rather than risk another lawsuit, the Odgaards stopped hosting weddings altogether. But the income loss, plus a 50-percent drop in customers’ enjoying the location’s bistro and art services, made the business unsustainable. They closed up shop in July 2015. LGBT advocates celebrated the closure as a victory.

To the surprise of critics, the building reopened as a church three months later.

Ryan Jorgenson, 35, senior pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel, first met the Odgaards last February when a mutual friend brought him to the gallery to discuss renting the property for Sunday services. During the meeting, Jorgenson heard the Odgaard’s story for the first time. He was shocked to find out that they had no spiritual support.

“Their prior church had turned their back on them,” Jorgenson told me, “yet, here they are, making these big stands for the Lord, taking flak, and no body of Christ is supporting them.”

Jorgenson invited the couple to visit his church, noting his upcoming sermon would present the biblical view of homosexuality at the request of a church member. Jorgenson said Betty Odgaard was shocked he was willing to preach on the subject, as so many are afraid to touch it.

“That’s the only time I’ve ever preached on it,” Jorgenson said, “[It’s] not our bandwagon, but my job as a pastor is to communicate the truth with grace and love.”

The Odgaards found a new church home as the community welcomed and embraced them, Betty Odgaard told me. And after attending for several months, the couple came to believe their loss of Görtz Haus Gallery would be God’s gain if the building once again became a real church. They met with Jorgenson and offered to sell the property to Harvest Bible. The church bought the property at the end of July and, after weeks of renovations, launched its first services last Sunday.

Weddings will be held once again in the building, limited for now to church members, Jorgenson said.

As word got out about the sale, some of the Odgaards’ opponents turned their anger on Harvest Bible, posting angry comments on its Facebook page.

“Every person that has put a disagreement comment on our Facebook page, I always personally contact them,” Jorgenson said. “I’m nice and gentle, and offer to meet face to face: ‘Let’s have a reasonable and cordial conversation. Why do you believe what you do?’”

So far, no one has taken him up on the offer, instead posting a mean-spirited reply or blocking him on Facebook, Jorgenson said. But he hopes one day someone will because his “heart breaks for them to know and experience Jesus’ love for them.”

Jorgenson likened the Odgaards’ hardships to the trials that befell the Old Testament’s Joseph, with the same result: “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

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