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How does a little bride wear a big trailing wedding dress


Each new couple is different in height, in your eyes what is the most beautiful wedding dress? A lot of brides will say a long tail wedding dress, but, in the choice of wear, not everyone is driving, if you are small, then can only look at from a distance. Can only a big bride wear it? Not exactly. How does a petite bride get into a big trailing wedding dress?

Xiamen wedding photos

First, high heels

This is a must for girls. If you are small, you need to wear high heels. Wearing high heels can help you. In these small make up want to point out, do not choose too tall, also do not wear too fine, should want to choose waterproof platform, the choice that suits oneself is best.

Second, belt

Brides can select it, modify their bodies, should be a little higher, so that you can stretch the proportion of the body, you will look particularly tall, more sexy, xiamen wedding photography agency if the wedding dress is the design of tall waist, that is the best, you again tie-in high-heeled shoes, is the perfect effect.

Anyhow tell petite brides, also you can HOLG live big trailing, it makes you more beautiful, but should pay attention to skills, you might be a bit more tired, if you have no special requirements, can choose the kind of trailing, or small trailing type, that would be it is very easy to control, brief paragraph type will appear more playful, highlight your strengths.

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There are great ways to take wedding photos


For girls, wedding photos are extremely important, take them once in a lifetime, of course, I hope I am the most beautiful princess. So how can you make the wedding photo shoot out more beautiful? Zhengzhou wedding photography studio to tell you, this is a clever oh.

Picture yourself as the most beautiful person. Don't worry about looking bad.

Tilt your head up a bit and your nose will look smaller

3, naturally stand up straight, straight back, so long legs, hip curve will come out naturally, facial expression will also be with shine.

4. Smile is the most mirror-like expression, but it is better not to laugh in the wedding photos to avoid obvious fine lines around the eyes and loss of carriage.

5. The cheek should be 45 or 65 degrees, so the face will look smaller and more defined.

6. The face and neck shoulder are the key points of the visual effect. When choosing the wedding photos, the lotus leaf collar and cardigan-style neckline show the female's sexy collarbone, which is also very appropriate. Also, the u-shaped princess collar has the effect of making the neck look longer between the face and the neck. A shirt with a bow tie at the neck and chest also has an elongated, face-framing effect.

7. The last and most useful one: practice posing in front of the mirror frequently and take photos when ready.

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A colorful and bright color scheme


Everyone wants to have a perfect dream wedding, and color scheme is the key to a perfect wedding. So, colour collocation must be appropriate, just can let you have a perfect wedding.

The most common form of wedding in spring and summer is the form of outdoor wedding, and the color collocation of outdoor wedding must be bright and bright, reflecting the special profusion romance of this season. Here's a selection of common color combinations for outdoor weddings to help couples create the perfect romance.

Colour is tie-in

1. Dream wedding: gold + pink

Any girl wants to have a dream wedding, so you might as well have your wedding in a pink main color, supplemented by a noble gold, so you can create a perfect wedding that is both gorgeous and dreamy. Whether it's an outdoor wedding or a buffet dinner, both colors create a warm and elegant festive atmosphere.

2. Sweet wedding: red + yellow + blue

These three colors are essential to a happy and romantic wedding. Rose is sweet, bright yellow bright yan, blue grace, build the gorgeous colour that gives chun xia season peculiar jointly. The new couple can use these three colors in the decoration of flowers, ribbon packaging, paper design and so on to render the outdoor amorous feelings of bright profusion.

Sunshine weddings: blue + orange

How can the spring summer season of profusion get this kind of clash color tide less? Blue tablecloth, water cup tie-in orange candlestick type table flower, bring comfortable and cheerful good mood to the guest. If you want to make your wedding more sweet, you can also put a lot of lollipops everywhere to match your wedding theme color, and write the guests' names and seats on the lollipops.

Clean wedding: apple green + orange

In this hot summer, try a fresh wedding to cool yourself and your guests. The apple green that comes to reflect through green plant can bring a person pure and fresh and bright sense, rematch the bright-coloured flower of orange color, let a kind of profusion sweet feeling added again in pure and fresh bright beautiful, all show romantic happy atmosphere.

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Chinese style wedding dress is full of attractive charm


Cast off the romantic temptation of white gauze, we put the look back to the Chinese style dress with colourful dazzle on, those Chinese style lasting appeal is medium implicative grace, dignified and refined, always let a person cannot give up.

Chinese style wedding dress is full of attractive charm

The short cheongsam with irregular skirt edge has the feeling of bold design. The camber of slanted skirt is quite, the vertical collar without splice and skirt body form in one breath, give a person smooth and comfortable visual feeling. The combination of embroidery and color blocks on the qipao makes this qipao jump out of the fixed mode of traditional Chinese dress, which highlights the sense of modern. As if the embrace of the lute woman turned to play a rock music, there is a strong contrast, refreshing.

A modified symmetrical double-breasted cheongsam. The hollow out of the chest design is very bright. The fishtail skirt accentuates the lovely curves of the bride's body. The embroidery focuses on the design of qipao in the middle, which not only makes the luxurious sense of qipao more prominent, but also makes the visual sense more concentrated, making the bride more graceful.

The traditional qipao in spring, with elegant embroidery scattered on the skirt, makes the wearer look like an exquisite person coming down from the ancient painting, which has a noble and refined charm. The length of the skirt is just above the knee, and the curve of the lower leg is looming between the slit of the qipao. When walking, skirt rustled crus, let the heart 苼 ripples.

The red silk suspenders are covered with a layer of tailored red tulle. The striking large peonies embroidered on the dress, quite an intriguing feeling. Traditional new refinements make brides more sexy between the hands and feet.

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A delicious lemon decoration fresh romantic wedding


A delicious lemon decoration fresh romantic wedding

Takeaway: with lemon as wedding shangdi dessert, the frustration in the wedding the bride and groom will be more at ease, guests will be more happy. Also in the wedding, lemon fruit have always been very popular, it not only can perhaps in wedding guests as dessert, also can let the wedding may be decorated more shine. Let us all the way to get to know each other is not as a wedding or lack of fruit, lemon has what characteristics. Lemon as wedding in the dessert and fruit has the following characteristics: it is rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1. Vitamin B2. Nicotinic acid, quinic acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, nasal bean extract, high potassium and low levels of sodium, and so on, is very beneficial to human body, use it at the wedding, is hard to guests said. Vitamin C can maintain all kinds of human body structure and the composition of the cell, natural, and link their mental performance. Normally the mainland parent material, glue and into a colloid, etc., need vitamin C to cover. When the lack of vitamin C, between cells in interstitial jelly with less. So much, cellular structure will become fragile, off the ability to resist the external force, the body will appear bad disease easily; Otherwise more it USES, such as preventing colds, stimulate hematopoietic help shangdi wedding guests improves digestion, promote healthy. Lemon juice is a kind of tasty and refreshing drinks, the construction of a very simple, convenient, with fresh fruit directly squeezing out the juice, combined with sugar, ice, ice water, drink after mixing. The faintly sour and sweet, clear the nasal spray straight moving heart faint, both make wedding guests mind fresh, filling the nasal spray, have a feast for the eyes to think, is one of the necessities of wedding shangdi. With lemon as wedding shangdi dessert, the frustration in the wedding the bride and groom will be more at ease, the guest will also become more happy.

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Cruise wedding banquet changes the tradition of land


Cruise wedding banquet changes the tradition of land

A cruise wedding banquet has been transformed into a traditional wedding banquet. It's usually done in a church, but have you ever thought about it on water? However, this cruise wedding can not be carried out by ordinary people. Due to the need for the capital of pillion, there are other facilities to be arranged in a very secure way. It's usually done in a church, but have you ever thought about it on water? But this cruise wedding banquet is not the average person can have. Due to need more capital than force, otherwise the decoration to soundness is. Twilight, the bride and groom in wharf tie, after guests here, wedding celebration of the host in the cabin for the bride and groom thanks to parents, thanks to the guests, couple of worship, and drinking wedlock wine, rings, such as wedding ceremony, and then the formal wedding to the bride and groom as the press of a button, open the cruise. The following are flying balloons, etc on the link. See, wedding anniversary host invited guests wish to write in the vicinity of a cruise ship will itself helium balloons tied to hit the ground, And then will ask the bride and groom will love oath written on the letter itself, and formally signed, then put the letters into the bottle, and the sun west fall, wedding celebration of the host will let the bride and groom in the beautifully diffused under mutual love heart, vomit for cruise ships to the river's central, the bride and groom in the wedding celebration of password and guests to the host to applause flying balloons, at the appointed time, the balloon rose slowly, the sky will witness right now to be happy, and drift bottle will also by the bride and groom together into the river, let the flood of the Yangtze river is their love witness. Romantic witness after the ceremony is busy to cruise the buffet will, Guests can taste the delicious dishes and indecent to watch the river at night, dinner the bride and groom will open nasal penang, guest pour on nectar, grateful to your gracious presence. In the economy badly environment, cruise ships to spend relatively high, and the bride and groom should be necessarily money. And cruise area is finite, shoulds not be too invited guests, and the number is not suitable for friends and family what the bride and groom. More importantly still depends on the climate, such as wedding banquet with the rain, so romantic atmosphere natural play agio to eve, climate than force is necessary to select some good day sunny, and the sunlight point to better climate expression.

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How to select wedding floats to build a special luxury fleet


How to choose a wedding float? Wedding is a very important moment in one's life, so it's very tricky to choose a wedding car. So there is a lot of skill in choosing a wedding car so let's see how to choose a wedding float.

1. Considering my own economic conditions and my own preferences, I choose to use my own car, or cars of friends and family, or rent the car I like.

How to choose wedding floats 2. Wedding is the most important thing in life, so when choosing a wedding car, it is better to choose a luxury car or a brand car. The color of the car is suggested to be the same, which will be more imposing and grand.

3. Consider your wedding style. The wedding car style should be integrated with your wedding style.

4. When considering the decoration of the float, choose the flowers in accordance with the colors of the float and wedding dress and adjust them according to the weather.

How to choose a wedding float 5. Decide on the time to decorate the float with the wedding company. After the float is decorated, check firm without error after, can set out to welcome the person that hold a beauty to return to, below general circumstance, 60 kilometers per hour is optimal, avoid to rush to start.

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Pay attention to the details


Some families will have unnecessary conflicts if they don't agree with each other when their parents meet. Pay attention to parents to see the details of their parents, and take good care of their own happiness in the hands.

Pay attention to the details of your parents before marriage

Conflict between the two parties, from small to big, is the most common problem before marriage, but also the most serious problem. It's not unusual for parents to argue if they disagree or make a slight misstatement.

Solution: sort out your emotions. Don't be too sharp and forceful.

Marriage is not between two people, but between two families. Many marriages are also regrets due to family conflicts. Parents of the two sides disagree, mutual misunderstanding to give them more time to reconcile.

Solution: both men and women should make arrangements for parents to meet, exchange feelings, and consider parents' reasonable demands and Suggestions, instead of blindly indulging their parents or each other.

Pay attention to the details of parents before marriage. 3

Parents love their children, sooner or later is to have a family, should not take their daughter-in-law, or son-in-law as outsiders, as other children. As long as children are happy, nothing is more important.

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Choose wedding dresses and pay attention to the fabric


Wedding dress fabrics, wedding photograph is taken naturally want to choose marriage gauze, marriage gauze should look not only modelling, brand still must see fabrics, so what does gauze fabrics have after all so?

Wedding dress fabrics 1. Taffeta

Individual character fashionable marriage yarn is illuminated, taffeta makes evening dress very good, real silk, thick and elegant. And the silk satin wedding dress is very good. Alas, these things our forefathers invented, we still have to import them from abroad. Also called Italian yarn, French satin. I'm really pissed off.

Wedding dress fabric 2. Lace

Everyone knows French lace. The bud silk of general entrance is asymmetry, homebred is symmetrical. And good lace is very soft, and fit well with the satin. Even if the above embroidered beads do not forget to drop below. A good wedding dress of course all fabrics use the best, but from the point of view of affordable, there is no need. For example the marriage gauze that gives priority to with gauze face, do not need to choose real silk satin face, want to have the thick satin that feels only bone to be ok, but the gauze face that covers in the outside is about to choose good. If lace is just an ornament, you don't need to use very good lace.

Wedding dress fabric 3, chiffon

Individual character is fashionable marriage gauze according to, the marriage gauze that has lotus leaf edge popular recently makes lotus leaf edge with chiffon more. There are two kinds at present. One is made of chemical fiber and the other is made of silk. Of course, the latter effect, better texture. The latter is much more expensive. This kind of gauze makes adornment more commonly, suggest everybody chooses real silk.

Bridal fabric 4, gauze gauze

General satin outside all or a lot of intensive embroidery, to cover with soft net gauze. Directly embroider on soft net above.

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How to choose good wedding photography cheap and fine


How to choose good wedding photography? For many couples, the spring weather is the best time for them to take wedding photos. In parks and other places, many couples are actively taking wedding photos. However, for many couples, it is the first time for them to get into a sedan chair.

1. There are some wedding dresses that are relatively expensive, and some are more preferential, and the couple should choose according to their actual situation. In addition, the price of wedding services will also increase with the demand of new couples, wedding dresses are new and old, new couples should pay special attention when choosing.

How to choose good wedding photography 2. If you want to take beautiful wedding photos and have good service quality, you need to spend some time on the wedding photography studio. In the face of such a complex and more wedding photography institutions, how should new couples choose? Nature is based on the principle of high quality and low price. Generally speaking, the shooting services of wedding studios include indoor and outdoor photography, the provision of wedding dresses and evening wear, makeup, overall styling, hand-flower, photo album, as well as related services.

3. If couples have more requirements on photo album, they can choose on the wedding photos. The price depends on the number of items required and can be divided into main sets and series at various price levels. According to relevant investigation, a lot of bridal studios will recommend these wedding photography to the new couple. The new couple needs to select the appropriate wedding dress according to their actual situation, and a set of main suit system that reaches a certain standard basically includes: shooting interior and exterior scenes, clothing and modeling more than two or three sets.

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