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Single women want to write their own marital vows


Redefining traditions and gender roles, a majority of single Indian women want to write their wedding vows themselves, support their parents after marriage, want their partners to share the domestic workload and continue to go after their dreams all their lives, finds a recent survey.

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Matrimonial website asked single Indian men if they would want to write their own wedding vows. 54.1% said “yes” while 45.9% said “no”. When single Indian women were asked the same, 65.3% said “yes” while 34.7% said “no”.

When married Indian women were asked if they would “rewrite their wedding vows” if given a chance, 30.5% said “no,” followed by 25.6% saying “maybe,” and 43.9% answering “yes”.

When married Indian men were asked about the same, 39.5% said “no,” followed by 36.4% people saying “maybe”, while 24.1% said “yes”.

On the other hand, when single women were asked “if they want to write their own vows, what it would be like?” 38.5% said they “would continue to support their parents and family”, followed by 36.2% who said they “would share their lives together and continue to chase their dreams”, and 25.3% who said they “wouldn’t change their identity”.

When Indian men were asked the same, 36.1% said they “would treat in-laws as their own parents”, followed by 33.7% said they “would never compare their wife’s cooking with their mom’s,” and 30.2% said they “would share household chores”.

This online survey received over 15,700 responses from Indians (men and women; single and married) ranging from age 25 to 36 years.

“This survey re-affirms our belief that this generation knows exactly what they want. They have their own set of strong beliefs. Our quest is to help such like minded singles discover each other,” Gourav Rakshit, Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement.

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Bridal Shower Rules


Having a bridal shower is a great excuse to gather together the key women in a bride's life for a pre-weddingcelebration. If you're hosting a bridal shower for your daughter, BFF, or other engaged lady in your life—or just a bride helping out with the shower itinerary—you might be wondering how much "tradition" you have to stick to with this party of yours. What do you absolutely have to have at this bridal shower?


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The answer: Nothing. Nowadays, a bridal shower can truly be whatever the bride and her host want it to be. Perhaps you're keen on having a classic fête with tea and sandwiches served on silver trays, or you're more into a ruckus bottomless mimosa brunch full of good food and tons of laughs, or you want to do something active, like an afternoon of bowling or a paint night. If you're wondering what rules you can forget about, to make the shower less formal, here are four old-fashioned guidelines that you can totes throw out the window.

1. Opening Gifts

One of the main events at any bridal shower is when the bride-to-be opens up her gifts. But this can be such a long process and, sometimes, even make guests feel weird, since they may not have spent as much as the person next to them. If you want to leave this classic activity off the agenda, go for it—just let guests know that the bride will open the gifts with her fiancé at home.

2. Playing Games

You (or the bride) might not want to have a bridal shower where guests play games like guessing facts about the bride and her fiancé. We get it. Opt for a fun alternative to those worn out shower games, or just skip the games all together. Just make sure you have some other activity to entertain guests—otherwise you might end up with some impromptu requests for bridal shower bingo.

3. Making It Girls Only

Gone are the days of "no boys allowed" bridal showers. If the bride isn't too thrilled at the prospect of a prewedding event without her future hubby, extend an invite to relatives or even your best friends that just so happen to be males.

4. It's for Wedding Guests Only

There are a slew of reasons this rule can be thrown out the window. The bride might have some friends she wasn't able to invite to the wedding because of a small budget or venue, or she and her fiancé made a blanket rule like "no coworkers" that prevented her from inviting some of her nearest and dearest. Regardless of the reason for their lack of wedding invite, feel free to loop these folks in on the bridal shower guest list—they'll likely be thrilled to have been included, and the bride will still get a chance to celebrate her wedding with them.

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Love match of corsets and naughty nighties


This year’s Wimbledon was the tyranny of nighties. During the Grand Slam event, Nike’s Premier Slam dress, which was slated to be won by Serena Williams, Sabine Lisicki and Katie Swan was slammed for being, according to The Guardian, “too revealing, and getting in the way of their shots.”

It was reported that Serena and Sabine gave the dress a wide berth, while Katie had a tough time playing in it. Writing in The Guardian, Phoebe Luckhurst called the dress a “nightie.” And, if you did not know its real purpose, you would think it was just that: a nightie. It can be best described as a mini-dress, which barely goes past the player’s butt. A dress should aid a player’s game. Not so for this nightie. It was reported that, midway through Katie’s game, obviously exasperated by the way the dress was getting in her way, she unceremoniously tucked the darn spoiler into her shorts. Wimbledon is not just a big stage for top-seeded tennis players, but also a humongous advertising platform for giant sports apparel makers such as Nike. And as much as companies such as Nike try to toe the tough hemline, they also try to and push the envelope. And sometimes, in their quest to merge fashion with function, they mess up royally and cause the players they sponsor to have wardrobe malfunctions.

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Apparently, Wimbledon is not all about tennis. Players do not go to the tennis court dressed in any garb. Players have a dress code. And the dress code is so strict that it reads like a Mosaic Law.

The 10 rules touch on every little detail, from colour to trim, referring “to all clothing, including tracksuits and sweaters, worn on The Championship courts both for practice and for matches.” Orange soles In Wimbledon, white is the colour of choice. All the dressing rules revolve around adherence to this colour. There is even one that says: “Shoes must be almost entirely white, including the soles. Large logos of manufacturers are not encouraged. In particular shoes with pimples around the outside of the toes shall not be permitted. The foxing around the toes must be smooth.” Three years ago, Roger Federer caught the flak. His blunder, which in Wimbledon is more like a felony, was that his sneakers had orange soles. Style rules like this mean that a player’s personal style, preference or experimentation take the back burner as soon as they step into a Wimbledon court. The Wimbledon dress code takes into account that, due to the intensity of a tennis game, there may be instances when a female player’s undergarment will be visible. Rule number nine takes care of this inconvenience: “Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white except for a single trim of colour no wider than one centimetre (10mm). In addition, common standards of decency are required at all times.” Kenyans like to think of themselves as a prude population. But what they do in their private spaces or under the guise of anonymity on social media is an entirely different matter. Rule nine would make Ezekiel Mutua to ban any Grand Slam event. Female tennis players have become accustomed to playing in risqué outfits. But that has not always been the case. A look through the archives reveals that the dress code for female players has evolved from maxi dresses, which were worn in the 1884 to the calf-length skirt that was worn in 1890.

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Wedding guests are perplexed by toasts


Dear Abby • We have been attending the weddings of our friends’ children and work colleagues. We enjoy them, but we have noticed a change in some of the traditions.

The best man’s and maid of honor’s toasts to the bride and groom seem to have devolved into telling stories about their past escapades. This includes tales of all-night partying, how drunk they were, other embarrassing incidents and “digs” at the bride and groom. Some of these speeches can go on for more than 10 minutes!

Abby, many guests attending these celebrations really don’t care to hear these kinds of things. I’m sure the couple’s new boss or their grandparents are quite shocked at some of the revelations they hear. Has this occasion turned into a roast? — DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF IT


Dear Don’t Know • It appears that some of the weddings you have attended have. There are occasions when sometimes the less said the better, if only to protect the guilty, and this is one of them.

Dear Abby • I am a 22-year-old woman who enjoys achieving things in life. For example, I recently bought a house and paid for all the remodeling with my own money.

I have been with my boyfriend for seven years (on and off). He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, etc. and because of that, I have always felt a deep connection with him. My problem is he doesn’t have goals for the future and just lives his life a day at a time. He’s comfortable with his low-income job and doesn’t plan on going to school.

He moved into my house six months ago, which makes our relationship that much more serious. Something I absolutely adore about him is his loving nature. He drops whatever he is doing to be there for me emotionally, and everyone who meets him tells me how lucky I am to have found such a great guy.

My question is, should I stay with my loving, caring boyfriend or is it time to find someone with the same goals I have? — CONFUSED IN FLORIDA

Dear Confused • Ask yourself which is more important to you — a loving and emotionally supportive spouse or a hard worker who may be less so. Only you can decide the answer to that question.

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8 reasons you should get married in Tuscany


In Tuscany, love is always in the air. With its picturesque landscapes and cities, moreish food and beautiful artisanal products, the region is the dream wedding destination of many of us.

Thanks to the new wedding-planning service of local girls Claudia and Giulia, C&G Wedding and Event Designer, that dream can now easily become a reality!

Why get married in Tuscany?

The answer is obvious. But below are the top eight reasons for tying the knot Tuscan-style, just in case you weren’t already convinced. Then C&G Wedding and Event Designer will take care of the rest.

IMG_6976 copia

1) We all know about the wonders of Florence and Chianti, but around Tuscany you’ll find some lesser-known gems too. The region of Maremma, with its rich Etruscan history and untamed landscapes, is the perfect place for a magical wedding, and is also more budget-friendly! And with the coastal regions of Versilia and Monte Argentario, Tuscany is also the place for your beach wedding dreams to come true.

2) Loved-up theatre lovers, look no further for your perfect wedding! Many Roman amphitheatres and traditional Italian theatres around Tuscany can now be rented out by wedding parties. On your special day, you literally become the star of the show!

3) If you’re looking for delicious wedding food, you can’t beat Tuscany. Traditional Tuscan recipes combine the simple, bold flavours of their peasant origins with the nuance and variety of gourmet cuisine. And it can all be locally sourced! A feast this good is sure to bring all your friends and family together in true Italian spirit.

4) Tuscany is the land of good wine and olive oil. From Brunello di Montalcino to Vernaccia di san Gimignano, regional wine is sure to get your taste buds tingling, while extra virgin olive oil from Chianti and Lucca is deliciously intense in its flavours. Why not add a local twist to your wedding and include a wine or oil tasting session?

5) When planning your wedding, you can also take advantage of the high-quality craftsmanship for which Tuscany is renowned. Beautiful papers, superior leather goods, delicately painted ceramics… they will all make your wedding that bit more refined. Imagine how original the party favours can be!

6) Tuscany’s gorgeous textiles and the elegant fashion sense of its inhabitants mean you’re in good hands when it comes to dressing for the big day. With ‘Made in Italy’ bridesmaids dresses for the blushing bride and her bridesmaids and flower girls, everyone is sure to look there best!

7) In terms of wedding decoration, Tuscany has also got you covered. Go all-out authentic with vines, olive trees, wine casks and fine terracotta pots from the region of Impruneta.

8) Feeling adventurous? As if your big day in Tuscany wasn’t already going to be special enough, you can now also arrange a wide variety of activities and trips for you and your guests. Take a tour of Florence’s hidden treasures, ride through Tuscany on a Vespa scooter or travel through its skies in a hot air balloon, take a cooking class and learn the local cooking secrets, experience truffle hunting… there really is something for everyone!

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Dimapur wedding planner marries artistry and colors


There is a new brush on the block. For Dimapur-based wedding planner and events manager Tasang Imchen, art is a fact of artistry that holds more than passion or color or forms–it is an expression of the person she can be.

Imchen has been bringing to life her artistry with the paint and the brush with a technique called ‘Decoupage’. To those new to Decoupage, it is a decorative technique of artistically combining paint, paper napkins or rice papers on nay surfaces like wood, glass, canvas, basketry, fiber, tin, cloth, cement or clay to make it into a decorative piece.

DSC_4692 copy copy

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Falling in love with Decoupage, Tasang Imchen, who runs, learned the art in Thailand under a professional artist. She holds a certificate in advanced techniques. Besides, she also trained in stroke painting, clay work and jewelry making from the tourist country.

Equipping herself with skills at the unique art, Tasang started her own production under the name “Expressionlife”, a craft house on home décor and accessories. Imchen’s passion and talent was in plain sight as people thronged Ana-Ki building on Saturday, July 2, in Dimapur to witness her art and products that were on display at the official opening of her product exhibition ‘Expressionlife’.

Indeed, the exhibition was a pretty sight for onlookers. Her art does not include only painting forms and craft works, but recycled materials too.

Decoupage or Dècoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements. Commonly an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the “stuck on” appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. The traditional technique used 30 to 40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish.

3D decoupage (sometimes also referred to simply as decoupage) is the art of creating a 3D image by cutting out elements of varying sizes from a series of identical images and layering them on top of each other, usually with adhesive foam spacers between each layer to give the image more depth.

Pyramid decoupage (also called pyramage) is a process similar to 3D decoupage. In pyramid decoupage, a series of identical images are cut into progressively smaller, identical shapes which are layered and fixed with adhesive foam spacers to create a 3D “pyramid” effect.


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