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Note the bride's skill in choosing dresses


The bride chooses the dress skill at different occasions, and marriage is a lifetime important thing for the couple. In this life, two people will live hand in hand. In the prelude to a happy marriage, there are always problems to be noticed. It is essential to choose the bride's and groom's dresses, so let's look at the bride's skills in choosing dresses for different occasions.

Brides choose dresses for different occasions

Now, the money invested in the wedding can add up to a highway. The bride and groom take wedding dress, the inside and outside scene alternates in most cases, the inside scene builds more elegant and luxurious atmosphere, the outside scene presents pure and fresh and natural appearance.

Bridal gown selection techniques

Generally speaking, the bride will prepare three dresses to show different customs. The first is a white wedding dress. Chinese people prefer white to black. The color of the wedding dress is pure rice or white. The second set of dinner clothes, there is a mop floor, there is gorgeous decoration, there is brilliant color.. The third is a creative outfit, and many brides like to wear cheongsam or phoenix fairy outfits as a special photo shoot.

The bride chooses her wedding dress for different occasions

According to the existing custom, most of the betrothal preparations are undertaken by the wife, and the relatives and friends of the betrothal banquet are mainly the relatives and friends of the wife. Table number need not much, delicate can, generally speaking with 3 to 5 table most common.

Bridal gown selection techniques

Legally, it's not necessary to get engaged, but how can a potential bride and groom skip the romantic process of making a life-long commitment to a lover? In the engagement occasion, the bride need not wear too grand dress, to be simple and exquisite. The color is best known for its pink and light-colored pastel colors. The style should not be renewed.

The bride chooses dresses for different occasions

The ceremony can be divided into teaching ceremony, notarized marriage, collective wedding, hotel marriage, etc., the way or different, the same mind, but look at the choice of the new couple and parents. Because of the location of the bride, the choice of the wedding dress can be difficult.

Bridal gown selection techniques

Church weddings are mostly white, solemn and solemn. Hotel wedding because of the grand scene, may as well dress up a little more gorgeous; As for a notarized or table-style wedding, it is more personal, with a simple style and comfortable dress, which can better reflect the bride's personality.

Brides choose dresses for different occasions

Marriage is a joy, and it is natural to inform your friends and family of your happiness. Of course, in addition to the purpose of telling relatives and friends, this banquet also depends on rewarding the participants who have worked so hard for the wedding. The guests should always enjoy the beautiful lighting and atmosphere and the more delicious food.

Bridal gown selection techniques

After the guests were satisfied with their food, the main thing was to see whether the bride was beautiful. For the sake of face, the wedding dress, the bride will make every effort to choose two or three sets, yan jing full court.

The bride chooses dresses for different occasions. 5

The first appearance suit, can choose more luxurious style to match thick makeup, show dazzling stage effect. After three rounds of wine, the second dress should also be on the scene. The sexy and attractive close-fitting satin dress makes the bride attractive.

Bridal gown selection techniques

The busy and happy wedding finally came to an end, and the bride finally had to change into the last set of presser service, to stand at the door and say goodbye to the guests. The dress of a few front is gorgeous take a person, the last formal attire might as well change to wear the cheongsam that has Chinese classic color deeply, let euphemistic expression deeper reveal. Or, choose a strapless dress.

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Note for brides trying on wedding dresses


The wedding period is approaching, every bride-to-be hopes to choose a suitable and satisfied wedding dress, you may feel overwhelmed and dazzled when you come to the wedding shop, so you need to do the following things, so that your screening process will be smooth.

1. First of all, try to confirm the yarn test time and make an appointment in advance to avoid any time conflict. Before the yarn test, make sure that you have what you need and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Secondly, try to prepare a pair of stockings in advance, which is better than no socks.

3. Try to coil your hair in advance when you are trying on the wedding dress, and try to be similar to your wedding hair.

4. If you are a person prone to sweating, jinan wedding dress custom reminds you to wear a small handkerchief or paper towel in advance, it is easy to sweat during the screening, in case of emergencies.

5. When trying wedding dress, try to wear light-colored underwear as far as possible, it is best to be flesh-colored, at the same time that try gauze, discharge shoulder-straps, after all, it is very ugly to expose shoulder-straps when trying wedding dress, if wear brunet underwear, it is easy to see underwear through wedding dress, this is a very embarrassing thing.

6. Compared with the wedding dress, the jewelry of the wedding dress is also particularly important. When you choose a wedding dress that you are satisfied with, you can also match delicate decorations, which will play the role of embellishment, such as necklaces, bracelets, underwear, etc., which will make you more elegant and unique.

7. A lot of people came to the wedding dress shop, will see a lot of wedding dress themselves, at this time, many would-be chaperon will hopefully try his favorite wedding dress, that would be wrong, on the lease/custom wedding dress try yarn, try not to try too much on marriage gauze, 2-3 pieces is ok, because every time you try a wedding dress, can have different feelings, especially different types of wedding dress and try too much will feel confused, more do not know which one is suitable for himself.

By doing this, the bride-to-be will certainly shine at the wedding and be a unique bride!

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Bright red sexy bridal gown


The dress is an indispensable item for the bride-to-be. The colorful fashionable and sexy bridal gown will make the bride more beautiful and attractive.

A short style of brick-and-mortar wedding dress with bright stitching colors perfectly displays the bride's female beauty. The combination and color matching have a strong feminine flavor. The pleated design of the breast is the unique feature of this pink bridal dress.

The wedding dress with splicing and applying the breast design will make the bride more elegant and attractive. The design of black ribbon at the waist perfectly reveals the luxurious and charming temperament of the dress.

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Color matching


Generally speaking, the color collocation of clothing is divided into two categories, one is coordination color collocation, the other is contrast color collocation.

Contrast color matching is divided into

1. Strong color matching:

Two colors that are far apart, such as yellow and purple, red and turquoise, are strongly matched.

In our daily life, we often see the combination of black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white, and gray are colorless, so no matter what color they go with, there's no big problem. Generally speaking, if the same color is matched with white, it will appear bright. It's dark with black. So when doing dress colorific collocation should weigh first, you are to highlight which part dress act the role of. Do not put calm colour, for example: dark brown, deep purple and black collocation, can present the consequence that "grab color" with black so, make whole outfit has no key, and the integral performance of dress also can appear very heavy, dim colorless.

Black and yellow are the most eye-catching colors

The collocation of red and black, very grand, but do not break lasting appeal

2. Color matching:

It refers to the combination of two opposite colors, such as red and green, green and orange, black and white, etc. The matching of complementary colors can form a sharp contrast, sometimes it can get better effects

Coordinated color matching

Which can be divided into:

1. The color matching principle of the same kind refers to the matching of the same kind of colors with different shades of dark and light, such as: blue with sky blue, black and green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc., and the clothing with similar colors appears soft and elegant.

The collocation of pink department, make whole person looks downy a lot ~

2. Approximate color matching:

Refers to two close color matching, for example: red and orange red or purple red match, yellow and grass green or orange yellow match

Not everybody wears green to be able to wear good-looking, the collocation of green and tender yellow, give a person a kind of very spring feeling, integral feeling is very simple and elegant, static.

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How do you cut down on your wedding expenses


For each couple wedding is a very important place, so the wedding is usually are the key to decorate, but there is a real problem, because in the layout of the wedding flowers are especially important in a ornaments, and usually relatively large wedding flowers are also used in the whole wedding expenses, and flowers is indispensable for the wedding, of course this kind of situation can be controlled, as long as the skilful use of a few little skill, can reduce some unnecessary spending. Here are some tips from wedding dress customization companies:

1. Why must flowers be used to decorate the wedding venue?

Modern weddings are imported from the west. In a western wedding, flowers symbolize innocence and beauty, and even each kind of flower material has a unique representative meaning. Westerners decorate flowers in every corner of the wedding hall with great care, and use them to bring romantic atmosphere and wonderful wishes. The flower arrangement in the modern wedding continues to play a major role in the western wedding. Meanwhile, as the main component of the whole wedding color system, it balances the main tone of the wedding venue design. Flowers are irreplaceable in terms of quality and meaning. In terms of visual effect, flowers can be replaced.

2. Use fake flowers appropriately to save money without affecting the final effect:

A false flower can be false in its farsightedness. In some places far from the eye curtain -- for example, the stage back of the whole rose, the meeting room wall decoration of point, line and face, the surrounding decoration of broad T stand, these places are far away from the eye curtain of the guests, in fact can be replaced by fake flowers. If the scene undertook special lamplight design, below the illuminate of coloured lamplight, true flower and false flower are more cannot distinguish. The real flower stage back board that moves at every turn tens of thousands of yuan, complete can use false flower to replace, money is saved, the effect did not differ how much. Shenzhen wedding dress customization company recommended

3. Reform flower design and reduce the consumption of flowers:

The flower art work itself also has the flower quantity difference, a ball type table flower of pure flower, be about to mix the hemispherical flower quantity of green leaf cross one time. Single flower arrangement door, with double face full flower spend quantity is also cannot compare, below the condition that color fastens allows, reduce spend quantity to add greenery, can be regarded as the good method that reduces capital money. Of course, this action requires the close cooperation of the florists to ensure the elegance of the floral works cannot be reduced.

4. Choosing seasonal flower materials is the fundamental of tangible benefits:

Before the couple finalizes flower design with shenzhen wedding planning company, it's ok to go to the flower market to get a general idea of the flower material. According to the different flower period, the supply variety and quantity of flowers of different seasons have very big difference, likewise, the price also has very big difference. If new person chose a few favorite flower art design, can choose the flower material of color, appearance likeness on seasonal market to undertake replace, can be frugal so many capital. Because do not know market to choose the flower material with tight market when wedding, return feeling "why flower art decorates so expensive!" There are a lot of new people. Knowing more can make consumption more scientific.

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Take wedding photos of the most


I believe that everyone in his life experience a lot of pictures, but I'm more convinced that photography experience is only once, in order to this only a picture taken in the process of incisively and vividly show your beauty, photography underwear must be unique, beautiful, apply again at the same time, change some small details will make your wedding photos class more a layer, carefully prepared for you some small details, need to pay attention to all of you take a look at it.

1, small make up remind everybody not to choose too tight underwear for the sake of build a figure, the bride had better not wear model body underwear, unless your figure itself is very good, bridal gown itself has the effect of model body to a certain extent, the busy that day already tired of gasping for breath, bride son still classics

Go on a pre-shoot diet, not to mention if you're wearing a bodysuit. So you don't have to wear plastic underwear. If put on the underwear that strangles too tight, ignore food to supplement physical strength again, very easy cause hypoxic faint. Latex stick had better also do not use, that does not make even the breast model first not come out.

2, the underwear that color too bright-coloured can appear vulgar only, the underwear that takes wedding gauze photograph should be simple and have grade, coloured underwear, be even light color series, also can cause transparent color to go out under sunshine and magnesium light. And complex decorative pattern, can destroy the thin transparent fabric of wedding dress itself and light beauty line, affect shooting effect.

3. You need to change your clothes when taking photos, so it is necessary to prepare a pair of close-fitting shorts, which is convenient for you to change clothes. You'd better wear an open collar for your coat, in case you need to apply make-up when changing clothes.

As far as possible before the photography, the preparation was done perfectly, such ability won't be caught off guard, small make up hope you mei-mei photogenic, lovely wedding photos reflect romantic warmth, the underwear of photography is very important, choose a good underwear can make your body points, to you in the photos show the most brilliant of smiling face.

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Some things to watch out for when taking wedding photos


Wedding photography wedding photos have become a current "custom", wedding with wedding photos is complete, formal. For prospective couples, wedding photos are not easy to shoot, and the profits of the photography industry are well known, especially the hidden consumption which makes many young couples afraid. Actually, it's no big deal.

The first is the deposit. The first thing the couple had to do was to choose one of the many wedding photography agencies. Many of them rushed to choose one and then paid a part of the money. At this time, it is important to distinguish the difference between deposit and deposit. If not, the deposit can be fully refunded, while the deposit is not.

The 2nd point, it is to make up a product, ampoule is the most common trap, the fixing makeup fluid that shadow house provides value several hundred yuan also is on market dozens yuan, more important is not suit oneself necessarily. So, small make up suggest everybody goes on the market to buy by oneself, quality has guarantee, suit oneself again, need not spend a few meaningless useless money. Also want to make clear in advance other makeup things and adorn article whether to need additional money, what to include specifically inside set meal.

The third is the wedding dress. Studio will provide a set of system for new people to choose different class, each set of system to provide wedding dress is usually not the same, that is to say clothes also points such as 369, the couple in front of the sign must figure out what clothing is in his own set of system, upgrade a want how many money, as far as possible for some high of clothing.

Kadesh, in the fourth film, usually photographers take pictures of several times more than the set of system for your choice, after a bit, you will see the beauty of a brand new oneself, see picture is beautiful, and which one is not willing to delete, as a result of, often with a piece of at least also want to and, hundreds of yuan for two copies. As a result, new couples need to get as many photos as possible when it comes to the list. Other gifts are optional.

There are four main pitfalls to be aware of when taking a wedding picture. When preparing for a photo, young couples should ask clearly what kind of service the staff promised to provide should be written down in black and white.

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The groom also has to be attractive


Men, an elegant gentleman, the groom as the two most attractive people at the wedding, men are generally not as attractive as people. But in this great day, the groom's wardrobe is also very important, there should be no less. The preparation should not be worse than that of the bride. I am also the main character at this moment. Whether from the air or from the lineup, it should reflect what a groom should have. What should a man pay attention to when taking wedding photos?

It can be said that a person's image comes from the head. So it's important to keep your hair clean. A week before the wedding photo, grooms should cut their own hair and make it look good. It's also a good look to shave off your beard, or to have a great beard. Suits are an indispensable equipment for men to take wedding photos. When taking wedding photos, how should the groom choose wedding photos?

Actually the figure is a very good choice, how should wedding photos pose? It has to do with size. For tall men, double-breasted buttons and tuxedos are the best choices. For a small man, these tuxedos are out of the question, and a dress with a single front or pointed neck is perfect. For a slim man, make up advocates dressing in a round dress that gives you a slight weight to hide your skinny body. For the obese, the dress should be dark in color.

Wedding gauze photograph pose wants to put, the collocation of shoe is indispensable the shoe of formal outfit leather shoes or recreational leather shoes or recreational ball shoe to wait for general speaking black and white can be better collocation, other color should look according to the dress in detail. Get enough sleep and get enough sleep before shooting, so you'll feel better the next day and get the perfect picture. New people who take wedding photos should not only pay attention to the bride's dressing up, but also the man's dressing up is very important. With more matching, the groom can also show off the bride's beautiful, generous and beautiful appearance and achieve unexpected effects.

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Delicate makeup makes perfect bride


In wedding photography and wedding, the bride's make-up needs to be perfect, which is different from the usual make-up. Nowadays, theme wedding and wedding photography have become the trend. The bride's appearance is the highlight of the whole process.

1 fresh and natural

Clean and relaxed nude makeup, flowing long hair and natural accessories, free from vulgar and sober feeling let a person in front of a bright. Simple long style wedding dress, the lace design of the neckline matches the sparkling diamond, just like the spirit coming out from the deep forest, sending out the fragrance of grass.

The combination of forest, nostalgia, nature and other elements makes the wedding scene blow fresh and cool breeze instantly. The wedding of pure and fresh style, can use a few cool and refreshing colour more, add a few downy warm color, make a kind of clean and hazy tonal, promote wedding atmosphere and not be faint.

2 romantic atmosphere

The most romantic thing is to hold your hand and say "I do". It is to grow old together with you. It is also to see my warm and romantic face when you lift up my veil. Clean and powdery makeup, the wavy curl with downy line, can model a gentle but person. Tulle, sequins, lace, pearls, and diamonds are essential to your wedding dress, and the drag tail, cake hem and tulle will make you look like a real princess.

A romantic wedding is a wedding style that should never be missed. Gauze, flower, smile, sweet, will leave the extreme romantic experience and wedding memory. The soft color and warm atmosphere are like the happiness of bathing in the sunshine in the garden or the elegant and happy princess living in the castle.

3 modern times

Bright-coloured colour, exaggerated adornment, outstanding individual character and temperament, it is the key of bridal modelling. Eyeliner and red lip can become the window of makeup look, the hair that a bit does not messy updo, model noble and modern bride. Feathers, gems, sequins, will enhance the bride's aura and become the queen of the city. You can try any wedding dress with bold design to show your modern temperament.

America in the 1920s was a truly exquisite and modern era. Until now, the retro of the 1920s is still a modern symbol. The birth of various thoughts and artists and the emergence of various art forms. Delicate makeup, gorgeous dress, delicate banquet, all the single products with the memory of the 1920s, will bring you into the life of high society.

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how can taking wedding photos save money


Getting married is the happiest thing in life for everyone, and taking wedding photos is the most important thing for couples before they get married. When picture taken every newcomer to every detail picture taken very seriously, in the choice of style and clothing, the configuration of the scene is very seriously, and then, in the face of expensive always let people sigh. Wedding photography how much money, this is a lot of bride and groom will ask a question, below, tell everybody how the bride and groom take wedding photos how to save money.

Before the photography, the new people to the store to take an examination of, have a look at the size of the various merchants and wedding photos, the quality and beautiful degree from photos to set prices, etc, as long as in line with their own willingness will order, but the new people in the research is important to note that many businesses took samples may not themselves, could also be the prices of low, remember, a price a goods, good product in photo albums, picture frames and other aspects are the best, the price will not low. Don't be seduced by appearances.

When to start for their wedding photos, service personnel will always recommend to new people a variety of goods, beautiful clothes, cosmetics, a variety of exquisite small jewelry, these are all need to add money, clothing expensive a thousands, than a set of price is high, a lot of things look the price is not high, but all together would be a big number, if you are a local tyrants, fool can listen to them.

Many businesses clothing not partition, that's just the surface, the dressers don't partition, partition but scene, and clothing and scenario is tie-in, still need to add money in the end, the new people in research to these questions must be clear, province will suffer.

Wedding photography industry deep water and new people want to clap a beautiful wedding photos must remember the above points, the photos is the most important thing in life is only once, do not give oneself leave regret, choose a good wedding photography studio is the premise to guarantee that you will take good photos.

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