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Make the charming wedding and perfect the wedding reception


Make the charming wedding and perfect the wedding reception

Takeaway: wedding is a religious ceremony or act notarization ceremony, its meaning is to get social recognition and blessing ceremony will we say the Chinese people to the banquet. Gusu reception re-examination coherent staff think that the bride and groom to create a type of the eve of the wedding, of course, also is very main, but complex interpersonal than force in modern society, a small, low key point on the wedding has become a lot of people to a choice, but the so-called simple nor is all too simple and still takes the flowers, but it takes to have the price! Gusu reception re-examination coherent staff today for a department to do a simple wedding, but can let a person to immortality memorable wedding the bride and groom to install a scene. Gusu reception re-examination coherent to each of the bride and groom may itself to reception in the save money to environment change can have a is a perfect wedding power, then again should how to make a charm wedding! Beginning, to a site placed first, general conditions, we regardless of scope to intrusive, partition scope change is not a long-distance, general city yingbin area, stage set up three departments with the guest. If the guest is not many, the bride and groom can choose a mini wedding is given priority to with family, placed emphasis is placed on the stage and table, also not to spend too much spirit to make hospitality. The other is for the wedding to color a ably collocation, if limited range than the negative words, so particularly on small wedding color mainly, General with strong lively colour can make whole space appears more small. Don't use too much color perception pressure will cause strong. But even if choose quietly elegant color pink blue, pink green etc. If choose outdoor wedding banquet, also should with natural color, wedding banquet is given priority to with white, can give a person relaxed feel. Moreover is to seat a reasonable decoration, small wedding to seat the disambiguation of dispute must use way, can according to the present wedding banquet to resolution, number of people less, chairman of the environment can be simply divided the woman box groom's box gaopeng seats also. Seat can let a guest the freedom to choose, At the same time, the wedding with a round cloth table can be better communication between relatives and friends.

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