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Wedding venue layout and color application


Wedding venue layout and color application

Wedding couples to take the most care about in addition to the wedding day, in great success and is the perfect wedding venue layout, even though the wedding arrangement can show a new people's tastes and preferences, but the most important thing is to get the guest recognition, to know that the wedding is a newlywed couple two most important moment, if the wedding scene was not very perfect, this will not only damage their own face, more importantly may let others don't think you is how of person.

In fact, the wedding venue layout is not only as easy as the decoration we see, but also needs to be in line with the atmosphere and overall coordination. But first determine the style of the wedding. Compared with large-scale weddings, the emphasis of small-scale wedding decoration is to reflect delicate and delicate, so the venue chosen is better and more detailed. Small garden, courtyard, villa, etc. are very good choices, no matter indoor or outdoor as long as the proper layout, can be used as a small wedding venue. The size of the venue should be determined according to the expected number of guests. Too small will appear cramped and thus make people feel chaotic. Therefore, it is important to estimate the number of guests in the early stage. Moreover, the site should be as flat as possible. If there are too many plants or pillars, it is not conducive to guests' activities and has a great limitation on the vision. Indoor wedding should use lamplight effect appropriately to build the atmosphere that gives full and wonderful for wedding banquet, add the cooperation of wedding music again, and choose stereo, rich line beautiful decorate to replace inanimate plane, can let whole field reveal luxuriant and stereo feeling. The paper, cloth, food and wedding cakes used in the decorations are not to be ignored, because they can also bring special visual effects.

If it is a young couple want to show the style of modern fashion, the try of big this year heat colour profusion color supplement, on the vase, velvet and bow color in its color, deserve to go up again lily, peony, roses and other strong ornamental flowers, making guests feel two-tonne brought about by the visual feast, coupled with the scent of flowers, natural and pure and fresh, wedding venue layout can be more pleasant.

Because of the limitation of scale, the choice and collocation of wedding colors are also important. According to coloriology, gorgeous colour can make the space appears smaller, but the choice of colour still wants to come down to choose in the condition of the field and the premise that determines guest number. If it is in the indoor dinner parties, due to the limitation of area and the height of the restaurant, with strong visual color will cause pressure, had better consult with the wedding planner, wedding venue layout using whole is lighter color, table fittings such as flowers and ornamental USES bright colors, so can have the effect of ornament and color coordination.

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The interior also gives you the perfect wedding picture


Now new to wedding photos are increasingly demanding perfection, whether it's taken what style of wedding photos don't appear any flaws, about wedding style that's too much, interior and exterior, and so on, so if the couple want to shoot interior photos which prepared to do, how to shoot the interior of the perfect wedding photos, gulangyu wedding photography now show you specific principle strategy.

One, kiss each other show sweetness

Couple kiss each other indispensable position, this is a picture taken at the time of shooting indoor wedding photos, must grasp the good kiss point of view, not only need natural looking, the bride and groom, too, soulful kiss will be more vivid and moving, before filming, the bride can husband and a good practice, find the feeling, indoor wedding photos are generally pay attention to beautiful, generally is the extent to which seems kiss kiss is the most wonderful, do not kiss, or gather together too tight, this affects the effect of shooting and aesthetic feeling.

Happiness embraces true feelings

To get photos taken has its own characteristics, so embrace will have their own style, the couple must embrace true feelings, at the time of hug, also don't forget to smile oh, hug is a dynamic action, the photographer need to captured your most beautiful moment, so be sure to keep good posture, remember, must not be too rigid, to nature, to the best effect.

Sit gracefully

Photos in the sitting position is very common, sitting position generally difficult to play, but if you want to have their wedding photos taken of the perfect personality, then you have to charge some of idea, newcomer can swing posture, leaning child bride to the groom, reflects the couple's love and sweet, at the same time the two best smile, can make the picture appear more sweet and happy, more appealing.

Taken a set of perfect interior photos is not a easy thing, need new people to be prepared for each item, see above Beijing wedding photography summary for everyone perfect interior photos strategy, at this time you must have probably understanding, so must carry on the interior of the couple, now go and meimei filming, believe your wedding photos will be perfect.

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Shoot wedding photos of single posture attention


In this era of pursuing individuality, you may be accustomed to the stereotyped poses in traditional wedding photos, and you don't want to have that stiff posture in your wedding photos again. Then how to take the wedding photos when the pose of personality, to see the wedding photos of a single position attention.

1. Place the center on one leg as far as possible, so as to facilitate the body posture. It is usually used to allow one leg of the character to actually support the weight of the whole body, with the other leg slightly raised and leaning against the standing leg.

2. Do not make a line between the body and the head, and try not to be perpendicular to the ground. If the two are in a straight line, there will inevitably be a feeling of stiffness. As a result, the head should turn slightly to the left or right when the body faces the camera. In the same way, when the subject's eyes are facing the camera, the body is turned to a certain Angle, which makes the picture look angry and dynamic, and can increase the three-dimensional sense.

3. The limbs should be changed as much as possible, with twists or angles, and should not be parallel to each other. Whether the subject is sitting or standing, do not allow your arms or legs to be parallel, as this can be rigid and mechanical. The appropriate course of action can be an Angle of one or both. In this way, you can create movement, posture and variety.

Sometimes the muscles of the body need to be tense. For example, sitting position allows the body to move forward, sit close to the edge of the chair, and keep the chest straight and the stomach closed, or hold the chin on the hand. Otherwise, the muscles will deform under pressure and affect the aesthetic feeling.

5. Keep shoulders, waist and crotch not level with the ground as much as possible, which is not conducive to creating body curves. Turn your hips to show the narrowest side. And the bosom wants to pass the curve of the waist, show as far as possible tall. At the same time, the character's hand can be placed on the hip to provide the necessary width for the image.

6. The position of the hands must be well considered and properly placed, but the visual attention of the characters' faces cannot be grabbed. Hide your hands if you're not sure where to put them.

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The beauty of the wedding dress will make women


The beauty of the wedding dress will make women the most dazzling bride

Of course, the most beautiful moment in a woman's life is the moment when she takes her wedding photos. The wedding dress makes her the most brilliant and dazzling bride. But have you ever been worried about the beauty of your wedding photos because of your body, appearance?

Naturally, in the west, no wedding photos are taken before marriage. So it's artificial, natural and beautiful.

If you have money, you can learn a lot of stars and go to a western church to shoot a real wedding. Or, let the photographer follow you for 10 days and a half months, ready to capture every moment; Or, you can practice in front of the mirror to make your smile more natural.

You pose for the photographer. So, you have to be familiar with your posture in advance. Advice: let go. Don't be shy. Follow the photographer's advice and don't be afraid to pose.

4. If you are generous enough, you can go online to look at wedding photos taken by others in advance, collect some pictures of your favorite styles and styles, store the photos you think are beautiful on your phone, and show them to photographers and makeup artists on the day of shooting. You can communicate with them to let them know what you want.

As I said before, the smile from the inside out is the most beautiful. So, for both boys and girls, the key to a beautiful picture is to be in a good mood for the day. The boy wants more detailed, consider elaborate, want to make gas canister, much amuse oneself wife is happy, active atmosphere!

Show off the most beautiful parts of your body. Your s-shaped body, your collarbone, your big eyes, the most beautiful parts of your body to let the photographer know, highlight them, highlight your beauty! Also, have the skill to hide your body or face imperfections.

Do not sit on the wedding dress portrait, shoot too traditional, come a bit lively, funny, even jing world free from vulgarity of, who afraid who ah!

The best photos are those that remind you of a story, a relationship, and a person every time you look at them.

Try not to let too many family or friends follow you. Some poses, too many people you can't pose beautifully, star - like effects are hard to shoot.

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Choose your dress according to your size


Different figures are suitable for different styles of dresses. How to choose the dress that fits your body to evade your own shortcomings? If you are an hourglass type body with a wide shoulder and ass but a very thin waist, then you can choose A font to enlarge your waistline, or choose a relatively tight wedding dress to highlight your sexy S Shape body. If your body is relatively well-balanced but the arms are thick, then you can choose a wedding dress with sleeves to evade your short arm. If you have a plump upper body but a slender body with an inverted lower body, you can choose between A-letter or princess dresses. If it's a girl with a thick leg, don't choose a tight dress.
Many people do not know that there are actually many different styles of wedding dresses. There is a very fragile A-character group, a dreamy fairy-tale pettiskirt, a very sexy fishtail dress, and a very tight-fitting tight skirt. Different styles suit different styles. Being able to choose your own style not only can avoid the shortcomings of your body, but also can make you shine at the wedding. If you add a piece of music in my name, your fingers, your life, and your life, Weiss Diamond Ring will definitely make your 520 Valentine's Day wedding unforgettable.

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Find the perfect wedding dress that suits you best


People say that the wedding day is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. The United States once took a picture of the bridegroom. When the bridegroom saw her dressed in a white wedding dress, the expression was full of surprises, as if she had seen her goddess. . Why do girls have such charm when they put on a wedding dress? Therefore, finding the wedding dress that suits you is an important factor that determines the day you want to surprise the audience, but the girls' body size, skin color, and personality are different, so you must understand the various styles of wedding dresses in order to choose your own set.
?Tube top wedding dress. There is no design of the shoulder, simple style wrapped from the chest, mainly by the chest and waist to support the entire wedding, so petite girl is not suitable for this kind of wedding dress, more suitable for full bodied bride. Now this wedding dress will be designed in the chest as a structure like the underwear buckle to prevent the wedding dress from falling, so don't worry.
??Trailing wedding dress. Divided into a large tail, a small tail, is behind the wedding section is dragged on the ground, within 40cm is a small bracket tail, 40-80cm is the trailing, 80cm or more is a large tail, which means The length of clothing from the ground. It is more suitable for church weddings, more formal and sacred.
??Fishtail skirt wedding dress. This wedding dress special requirements to be thin, there is no belly waist girls wear, does not necessarily require tall, short girls can choose a small trailing fishtail skirt, then this wedding dress is delicate and gorgeous, will put your The curve appears.

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What kind of proposal will impress you

Life events is the wedding night, nothing but gold placard title, visible is the principal thing in this life, marriage proposal is a very important step before marriage, marriage can let each other know your mind, can also use the most romantic way to show love, to marry him, of course, also need a great deal of courage, every couple wants to have a different proposal of marriage ceremony.

Romantic design

Nowadays women all hope that their marriage proposal can be more romantic and leave unforgettable memories for their whole life. This kind of proposal requires that boys spend more time and energy designing. Make romantic way very much, of course, for example, special arrangement to travel with a girl, and then take out ring to marry him on the beach, with the girl when eating ice cream at the girl, quietly put on the ring, when the girl found, proposed to it. This kind of proposal is very romantic, it may increase the chances of success.

Single blade direct entry

This is the most traditional way of to marry him, the boy's hand holding a rose represents love, hand ring, kneeling in front of a lot of people, took out a ring, directly asked loudly: please marry me. This kind of one-size-fits-all proposal is still the most classic. The suitor simply asks the woman around him if he agrees to spend the rest of his life with him. Of course, this traditional way does not always succeed in proposing to a girl.


This kind of method, to the girl student, must have certain psychology to bear ability just. Because of this surprise, playing with the heart beat and excitement. A guy may choose a special day that has a special significance, such as your birthday, so as not to appear with all kinds of excuses, not to answer the phone, let the girl's mood fall to the bottom. When the girl is in the most desperate and depressed, the boy miraculously drops from the sky, takes out the ring flower, gives the girl a big surprise. Can you accept this kind of proposal?

Public proposal

This kind of proposal, of course, is to be completed with the help of many people. In the witness of your friends and family, to complete their own life events. Perhaps, the girl is hesitating when, everybody still can help! However, if a girl really doesn't want to marry, a guy may feel humiliated at this point. Of course, small make up here advise each male student, want to propose a marriage proposal successfully, must be prepared for everything beforehand.

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How does bridal veil length choose


How does bridal veil length choose

A woman wearing a wedding dress is without doubt the most beautiful moment in her life. As for how to choose the bride's wedding dress, each new couple has their own unique ideas, such as neckline, chest circumference, shoulder without shoulder and so on. Small make up I from another Angle - the length of the wedding dress, to the bride some wedding dress selection tips.

Trailing type. Trailing type wedding dress is the bride wedding dress inside one of the most classic style, trailing divided into medium, large, medium trailing absolutely is the first selection of church wedding, luxuriant and grave, just walk a little inconvenient, need flower pull the tail, and small tail is more convenient, dragging and leave, just turn on the maid of honor when you need to give a hand.

As opposed to the long trailing wedding gown, the short dress has become very popular with fashionable brides in recent years. Compared with the old-fashioned and slightly bulky trailing wedding dress, the short wedding dress is more fashionable and has vitality and vitality, and is more convenient for action. When photographing the landscape of mountains and beaches, it can also be more arbitrary, and the skirt can be either a very short and narrow skirt or a poncho skirt. Just note the following:

1, because want to expose shoe, when wearing short skirt type marriage gauze so, want to match a pair of delicate and appropriate marriage shoe;

2. The leg curve is not very good.

3, the bride of leg leg hair is more, should shave hair the day before.

It's about the longest and shortest wedding dresses. Now it's about the longest and shortest wedding dresses -- flat and ankle. The marriage gauze of qi ground type also is a more formal among marriage gauze, qi ground type, as the name implies, be skirt horn just can cover shoe, did not drag end, walk convenient. Underwater wedding dress photography and ankle type, can make it to compare slender marriage gauze dress commonly, skirt horn just arrived ankle, can expose shoe, also want to deserve to go up a pair of appropriate marriage shoe so.

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How does the bride choose her wedding dress


Every bride wants to choose the most beautiful wedding dresses, wedding photos on the memory of the permanent youth, in the most beautiful bride on wedding day, I believe that every bride when choosing wedding dresses will also turn a dizzy head, because beautiful number too much, corvino today dress to JMS say how to choose from many wedding dress out the most suitable for their own model!!!! Don't blindly go into the wardrobe department so comfortable that you lose confidence after a few dozen pieces.

[color] begin with the simplest color choose, JMS must all know what works for her color, what color doesn't suit, corvino wedding dresses here will not say what kind of color of skin is suitable for what kind of color, if the color is not the right dress directly PASS away, don't see at all, again good also don't accept as a souvenir, not the right color will only lead to worse effect. So don't be soft.

【 a 】

(1) how do plump brides choose their wedding dresses? This kind of shape of the MM must want to look a bit thin, so choose the wedding dresses must choose clipping is concise, with a best ShenYao, waist and hemlines are complex, to avoid as far as possible the skirt is a slightly loosely princess dress, so that we can cover some small belly, but also shoulds not be too loose, also can appear fat too. Upper body suits to choose V word to be gotten more than circular collar, V collar can have the effect that lengthen body line, round collar can have the effect that pulls wide body line only.

(2) how to choose a petite and slender bride? The figure is petite think oneself can appear tall and straight a few, can choose when choosing marriage gauze formal attire to design medium tall waist, can lengthen body line so, skirt is placed can choose small to drag end type, can create the effect that extends in the vision so. The bride of petite figure chooses half body to avoid too fleeciness as far as possible, such meeting has too heavy feeling, shoulder also should choose more concise way.

(3) how to choose a bride who is too tall and thin? Such a figure of the MM in choosing a dress or is a good choice, is to pay attention to in some detail aspects, such as in the chest to choose more tightening design, so that reduce the vision sense of thin, upper body can design more, and look some refreshment, collar can choose a few small collar or package can be brought.

What say is simpler, hope can help a few more confused MM, still have most important be, listen to the opinion of a few expert more when choosing, do not stubborn already see the choice that chooses him to like, should choose him proper however. Appropriate is the most beautiful, wish each MM can pick to belong to own wedding dress!

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How to perfect your wedding photos


May be due to the tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, now the new is a passion for outdoor wedding photos, into the bosom of nature, breathing the fresh air, and his beloved people together to leave the most beautiful moment, this should be a very romantic thing. But the perfect wedding photo needs not only a good make-up artist and photographer, but also a new couple's own efforts.

Avoid messy hairstyle: shoot on location wedding photos, the couple should pay attention to their clothing, makeup and expressions, especially the hair, because, after all, is in the outdoor photography, hairstyle is easy to wind to blow, stylist won't be able to take a photo of each to give new do a modelling, so they will do some Hepburn head for the bride, crop on location, if the couple love shawls hair style, they would use the finalize the design water or wig, to the effect of fixing hairstyle.

Use props: when taking wedding photos in outdoor scenes, some props can help couples improve the shooting effect of wedding photos, and also make them feel more comfortable to pose. Sometimes those colorful props can make the picture more colorful, such as balloons of various shapes, giving off a romantic and beautiful feeling everywhere.

Sweet smile: when taking a wedding photo, the smile is like the soul of the photo, making it look as if it is alive. Wedding photos are different and photo, the bride and groom must not dress as cool, cold as frost, such wedding photos will not be beautiful. It is ideal to wear a smile. New people can do some exercises in front of the mirror at home.

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