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How to perfect your wedding


Wedding planning process Step 1: Collect relevant information

After the newcomer has confirmed his wedding day, he should first search for wedding-related materials. Everyone is the first time that he encounters major events in his life. For the initial understanding of the wedding, he is reading on a massive scale. After understanding the general situation, the newcomers can use a Saturday and Sunday to soak a pot of tea, brainstorm for a leisurely time, and initially establish a wedding planning template to communicate with the wedding planner for the first time to confirm the feasibility.

Wedding planning process Step 2: Checkpoints at the venue

The wedding venue is the stage for you to realize your beautiful dreams. Therefore, compared with others, the determination of the wedding venue can be said to be a “top priority” in the Beijing wedding planning process. After initial recognition of the wedding theme, the search for the wedding venue has become an urgent task. You can select your "dream hall" after consulting the wedding room for the wedding hotel brochure and then visiting the 2-3 wedding venues. ""

The wedding planning process Step 3: Meeting with the wedding company

Through the selection of the first step, with the initial conception, it is also possible to start looking for an ideal wedding company. Another way to find a wedding company is to investigate the “word of mouth” and to make an investigation on the wedding company through people around you. . After identifying the right wedding company, the first interview with the wedding planner is very important because it is an important basis for judging whether the wedding planner is in tune with you.

Wedding Planning Process Step 4: Selected Staff

Your best man bridesmaids have been decided. To find out which friends and relatives to help you to do the “hero behind the scenes”, in the first stage, we must confirm the candidates for these staff members and call them one by one so that everyone will have a heart and mind.

The wedding planning process Step 5: The number of people attending the wedding banquet

The first estimate of the number of people attending a wedding banquet is directly related to your wedding venue. Therefore, after the “four-party talks” of both parents and newcomers, each person must start to confirm the number of people attending the wedding, and finally summarize the number of people in the first round. Telephone notifications can be split up.

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