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Miley Cyrus’ Wedding On Hold


Here’s to four more years. As long as Donald Trump is sitting pretty in the Oval Office, Miley Cyrus will NOT be walking down the aisle. ‘The Voice’ judge refuses to marry longtime beau Liam Hemsworth until the President’s reign is over. Get the EXCLUSIVE!

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Miley Cyrus‘, 24, ongoing protest against Donald Trump, 70, has taken a dramatic — and highly personal — turn! The “Wrecking Ball” singer is literally holding her marriage to Liam Hemsworth, 27, hostage until our crooked President gets the hell out of office. “So many of Miley’s beliefs are being threatened right now,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She wants to take a stand and not get married if others are going to be in so much pain in Trump’s America. Miley wants to focus her time on important social issues and not a wedding.” AMEN, SISTER!

The Voice judge is one of the kindest, most giving, and compassionate people we’ve ever met. OK, we haven’t actually met her face-to-face, but everything she does is all in the name of love. Miley is a beacon for equal rights across the board, whether it be women’s or gay rights. She even threatened to leave the US if Donald won, but now that he has, she’s choosing to stay to fight the system from the inside. Instead of fleeing, the activist is going to use her celebrity status to bring some good to our nation. At this point we’re all just trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

We totally understand and appreciate where Miley is coming from, but damn, now we have to wait SO LONG to see her get married! Miley and her Australian hunk have already vowed to be together forever, so now it’s just a matter of time. Even their parents are stoked for the couple’s highly-anticipated wedding day! These four years better fly by!

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Can I Tell My Fiancé's Mom What to Wear to Our Wedding?


Wedding dress codes are tricky. No matter how clear you try to be, there will always be a guest or two who misses the memo. But as long as you, your wedding party, and your families are on the Best Dressed list, there’s no need to worry! While it’s easy to make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen show up in the correct attire (you do get to pick their outfits, after all!), can you do the same for your other VIPs — say, your groom’s mom? Our experts weigh in.

The happy couple definitely can have a say in what their families wear, though telling your future mother-in-law exactly what to wear will come down to the relationship you have and how comfortable she is picking out her own attire for such a big occasion.

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First, make sure your mom has found her dress. Typically, both mothers will wear dresses that match the theme and color scheme of the wedding, and often will wear the same hue. Etiquette states that the mother of the bride gets first pick, and then should share pictures with the mother of the groom so she can pick a coordinating (but not identical!) gown. Even if you’re fine having both moms in different styles and colors, the dress your mom chooses should serve as guidance as your groom’s mom does some shopping of her own.

Then, make sure you give your groom’s mother the same guidelines you gave your own, including the color, style, length, and formality. If she’s a fashion maven, she should be good to go from here. Ask her to send you pictures of the options she’s considering if you’d like to have a little more say, or consider going shopping with her. What could be a better bonding activity than this?

Is she less of a shopper? Offer more specific suggestions, put together a Pinterest board of styles you think she might like that fit your vision, or make a plan to go shopping together so you can help her navigate the racks.

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