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Buzzy British Troubadour Oscar Is Dressed for Success


I seem to remember my mom telling me that I came to her crying when I was probably about 5 or 6, saying that I was ‘sad that I would never be able to see out of anyone else’s eyes.’ That was my first kind of existential crisis,” laughs Oscar Scheller, aka singularly named rising British bedroom songsmith Oscar – who seems fairly well-adjusted now, as he sits with Yahoo Music at South by Southwest after performing in our Austin living room.

Some parents, hearing such deep thoughts, would panic and enroll their seemingly troubled child in intensive therapy. But Oscar’s understanding parents, both musicians themselves, just let Oscar be Oscar. Years later, his sensitive, earnest indie-pop is proof that they did the right thing.

Oscar’s mother, whom Oscar describes as a “punk,” and his “hippie” father, who used to produce techno music, also once served in the footnote new wave band the Regents. (Their minor hit “7Teen” earned them a performance slot on Britain’s Top of the Pops; check it out here.) So it seemed inevitable that Oscar would follow in their Chelsea-booted footsteps.

They were always making music, playing music around the house. My mom would have singing lessons even when I was in the womb… Music was the most immediate and the most honest expression for me, and felt the most natural,” Oscar recalls. When he decided to pursue music himself, his mother told him, “’I’m going to guide you and support you and help make this happen, because this is what you’re here to do. This is why you’re here on Earth.’ It’s always been like that,” Oscar says.

From an early age, Oscar was encouraged to express himself in multiple ways, even when he wanted to wear girls’ clothing in public. “The kids at school didn’t know what to make of me at first,” Oscar chuckles. “I was called ‘boy-girl’ at one point, because I had my hair in bunches [pigtails], a little cardigan, a kilt, and Dr. Martens boots. I had a very distinct style. Iknew how I wanted to dress. No one dressed me. I was obsessed with dressing myself. I wouldn’t take these shoes off when I got them. I would sleep in them, and my mom would have to take them off of me in my sleep! So that was quite extreme.

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“I used to wear dresses and skirts and do what I wanted. But my mum and dad were very bohemian and relaxed about the whole thing – like, ‘Well, if he wants to do that, he’s expressing himself.’ So I was lucky enough to have very cool parents.”

Oscar’s grandfather wasn’t as easygoing, and probably had a harder time with Oscar’s gender-bending fashion sense than Oscar’s classmates even did. “He was a very old-fashioned East Ender, quite traditional, and the idea of a boy wearing a dress was just too much for him,” Oscar says. “So he paid me a pound each time I would wear trousers – or he offeredto pay me, and I refused! And then eventually I kind of gave in and thought, ‘I’ll make some money. I’ll please him and just wear them when I’m at his house.’”

Now, at age 23, Oscar is still sticking to his own quirky, unique vision, dropping out of art school to release his Pitchfork-approved “gangsta melancholy” music on tastemaker label Wichita Recordings. Surely his parents, and even his grandpa, must be proud.

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PDX Street Style: Springtime in Portland


This week, PDX Street Style celebrates the long-awaited arrival of Spring.

If winter seemed extra wet and interminably long, there's some data out there to back up your hunch.

Portland set a winter rainfall record this year, at 25.27 inches from December to February, according to the National Weather Service.


The days are getting longer. The streets all seem a little brighter. This week, the sun is expected to stick around some, bringing temperatures near 70 to go with it.

Scroll the gallery for a peek at some of the street style we encountered this week. Be sure to read the captions for information about the people and what they're wearing.

Suggestions for PDX Street Style? Leave them in the comments.

We'll give the last word to Langston Hughes, who wrote this about Spring:

In Time Of Silver Rain

In time of silver rain

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The earth puts forth new life again,

Green grasses grow

And flowers lift their heads,

And over all the plain

The wonder spreads

Of Life,

Of Life,

Of life!

In time of silver rain

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The butterflies lift silken wings

To catch a rainbow cry,

And trees put forth new leaves to sing

In joy beneath the sky

As down the roadway

Passing boys and girls


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So You Need a Wedding Playlist?


Large rsz 21

Years ago, I was a wedding planner. Except when the bride’s mother was a bitch, which happened around 25 percent of the time, I liked the job. It was a high burnout position with long hours, though, and I had to work every weekend, so with young kids, I didn’t last too long. I planned around 50 weddings, and learned a few things. When my colleague Jeremy Lott wrote an article the other day called “Help! I Need a Wedding Playlist!” I thought back to my time working with DJs and bands and brides and grooms in the painful process of “trying to find music to please everyone.”

It’s a tough task. You’ve got a mix of generations. Grandparents, parents, the happy couple, teenagers, and probably some Millennials who hate everythingand only like music you’ve never heard of, so forget trying to please them. But there are a few general rules for wedding songs I can recommend that I’ve seen work.

—Pick a good walk-up song. When you’re announced into the room, the whole “appearing for the first time in public…” It should be a cool song. Not Kenny G. If you don’t pick your walk-up song, he’ll play some crap like Kenny G.

—Trust me on this: C+C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now” will bring everyone to the dance floor, like some kind of snake-charmer effect. Possibly because a command is right in the song title? Not sure, but it works.

—Practice dancing to your first song in your living room. You don’t want to look like the king and queen of the prom with that shuffle-around thing. It’s going to seem like a month that everyone’s staring at you. Watch YouTube videos of first dances or dance lesson couples and get a good box step going, a little twirl move, something. I’m not saying work out a fully choreographed, surprise “Time of Your Life” from Dirty Dancing that you want to see on YouTube with millions of views because that’s been done.

—Sentimentality is a winner. The wedding song of any parents or grandparents who happen to still be married/there/living. Drag out the Frank Sinatra or whatever that old tune was and have them start off the dancing for the song; it’s a crowd pleaser.

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—Motown is a classic, safe go-to. “Respect” or “Dancin’ in the Street” or any number of songs in the genre (but not “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang, the number one overplayed song at weddings) will bring a crowd to the dance floor. Tell the DJ not to play a downer song once people are dancing—it’s the worst, and wedding DJs do it all the time. A mix of modern and old is always good.

—Be careful with allowing requests. Do you really want the DJ letting everyone at the wedding turn in bar napkins with their Justin Bieber favorite tune jotted down? Things could get terrible fast. At least have him tell people he has a long playlist to get through and he’ll “try” to get to their song.

—Decide now how you feel about line dances. I taught the Macarena more times at weddings than I care to remember. There are people at your wedding, Jeremy, who will have a lot of fun rocking out to “Achy Breaky Heart” and the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle, and making fun of these people will be the spectator sport of many of the other people (even the Millennials can have fun rolling their eyes while they complain about the non-craft distilled beer), but you’ll have to decide in advance, because line dances can take over your reception at pancreatic cancer-level speeds, and let the DJ know how far down that line dance road you’re willing to go. Is it Chicken-Dance far?

—I don’t know why, but The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, once everyone’s had a few drinks, seems like the most popular wedding reception song of all time to people at 49 of the 50 weddings I planned, and the other one had a cellist. Wedding guests jump and down and cry and hug each other and dance and carry on when this song is played. The attraction of this is a mystery. It’s not a bad thing, but just do it after the cake, because you don’t want that thing getting knocked over. I’ve seen it happen.

The whole event is going to be over in what suddenly seemed like five minutes, Jeremy. I’d say just have fun, relax, and dance with your beautiful bride as much as you can, because then you won’t have to talk to people.

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The big album of celebrity weddingenues


Celebrity wedding inspiration

  Wedding season is just around the corner and, whether you’re planning your perfect Big Day or you’re set to be a bridesmaid of guest at your mate’s marriage, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to make your wedding day one an A-lister would be proud of.

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  For brides-to-be, the biggest decision is usually saying yes to the dress of their dreams. Not sure where to start? Let these celebrity brides inspire you. Fishtail gowns – also known as mermaid dresses – are a popular choice with the stars, with the likes of Michelle Keegan, Chrissy Teigen and Christine Bleakley choosing this figure-flattering shape to make the most of their curves on their wedding days.


  Elsewhere, Poppy Delevingne gave us major dress envy by wearing not one but TWO gorgeous gowns – a sweeping boho-beautiful dress for her Moroccan wedding, and a more traditional bridal look (by Chanel, FYI) for her London ceremony, and Millie Mackintosh gave us #VeilGoals with the sweeping headpiece she wore with her custom-made Alice Temperley wedding dress.

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  MORE: 7 of the most ridiculously expensive celebrity wedding gifts ever

  But celebs don’t just make beautiful brides – they also take on bridesmaid duties from time to time, with the likes of Taylor Swift, Eva Longoria, Jess Wright, Cara Delevingne and Kate Bosworthall giving us amazing – and very different – takes on what your maids could look like.

  And if you’re not sure about what sort of venue to choose for your big day, let the celebs inspire you once again, from traditional country houses to stunning city settings and beyond.

  Check out all this and more celebrity wedding inspiration in the gallery below – and get set to add a lot of pics to your Pinterest board…



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Priyanka Chopra, Taylor Hill



(Photo : Getty Images)Flashing back to the roaring '20s, Hollywood is going all Gatsby-like with flapper-inspired fringe dresses dominating the red capart.

(Photo : Getty Images)

Celebs may be taking cues from the runway as designers Sean Kelly, Proenza Schouler, Johanna Johnson andNaeem Khan have all showed flashy flapper styles in their recent collections.

image:wedding dresses perth

(Photo : Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

At the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards, Emily Ratajkowski wore an Andrew Gn Fall 2015 fringe dress with a halter top and plunging neckline.

image:wedding dresses adelaide

(Photo : Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

To celebrate the opening night of "The Color Purple" on Broadway, Laverne Cox served up a sultry retro vibe wearing a fringed Tom Ford gown styled with an Edie Parker clutch.


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Designer Tracy Reese Shares Hiary


Designer Tracy Reese Shares Her Charleston Fashion Week Diary

image:bridesmaid dresses sydney

With every spring, after the hustle of the big league Fashion Weeks from New York to Paris, come the smaller buds – those regional runway events that showcase homegrown talents and also give established players the opportunity to engage with customers around the country. Last week, for example, Tracy Reese made her first trip to Charleston, S.C., for the 10th anniversary of its Fashion Week, which is sponsored by Baker Motor Company, so I asked the designer to send us a postcard about her experience. And here’s what she wrote:

Charleston Fashion Week was a great experience! It had the excitement of New York Fashion Week with a big dose of Southern hospitality! I was so honored to travel down to South Carolina along with the designers ofCreatures of the Wind and Cadet to share our collections on the Charleston runway.

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Charleston Fashion Week was the local event of the season! It seemed like every stylish Charlestonian made an appearance each evening to not only take in the shows, but also see and be seen at the VIP and party tents. It was fun to see the personal style of these polished Southerners, no one is afraid of color or print!

On Friday evening, I was honored to share in judging theemerging designer competition. I was so impressed with the four young designers, showing beautiful collections with very distinctive points of view. From menswear-inspired tailoring to a modern twist on traditional Vietnamese garb, these new talents really brought their A-game!

Charleston Fashion Week also gave us the chance to experiment a little with a “direct to consumer” show. With the current conversation about how the fashion industry is changing, we decided instead of showing our Fall 2016 collection, to show Spring 2016, which is currently available in stores and online. It was wonderful to see all of the positive reactions from the Charleston crowd knowing that everything they saw was available to purchase immediately.

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Luckily, we had a little bit of free time to get to explore Charleston around our show. Charleston is such a charming city, I could’ve spent hours and hours walking down King Street and visiting all of the specialty stores along the way. I did make sure to visit Charleston institution RTW to get our signed copy of my dear friend Fern Mallis’s book Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis ($38; And I couldn’t leave without experiencing one of Charleston’s historic carriage tours.

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Duluth mayor doubles down on street repairs for 2016


Duluth Mayor Emily Larson announced Tuesday that she aims to double the number of miles of street the city improves this year.

"Last year, I made a commitment to the residents of Duluth that I would prioritize streets and infrastructure, and today, just about 11 weeks into my term, I'm really proud to make good on that commitment," Larson said at a news conference she called in the city's toolhouse.

Larson said she will ask the Duluth City Council to sign off Monday on her plans to spend $800,000 more on resurfacing streets than had been originally budgeted, boosting the length of road to be repaired. While Duluth initially had planned to improve 5 to 6 miles of road this year, it now should be able to tackle 11 to 12 miles of repairs.

As for the funding source, Larson said: "These are one-time dollars. They are from our anticipated budget surplus of 2015."

Although Larson said the city still is collecting its final financial numbers for last year, she expressed confidence the surplus would be at least large enough to cover the increased expenditure on roads she has proposed in 2016. If the surplus turns out to be significantly larger, Larson said she may seek to direct additional funding to road repairs.

She chalked up the city surplus to a number of causes, including unspent contingency funds, reduced spending on retiree health care benefits, increased sales tax collections and increased license fee receipts.

Larson said she wants to ensure that people "see and know and understand that we are doing, as a city, absolutely everything that we can on a local level to meet this critical need. And it still won't be enough."

Offering a caveat, Larson said: "Despite the fact that we are doubling our street improvements for this year, it does need to be stated very clearly that this is one-time money, not a resource we can rely on every year to backfill ongoing consistent needs we have as a city."

City Council President Zack Filipovich thanked Larson for her efforts to invest in Duluth's streets, but he agreed that more work needs to be done.

Toward that end, he said: "We have our council workshop this Saturday, and we are going to be devoting a significant amount of time in that workshop to talking about this issue and trying to create a dialogue between every new councilor to figure out how we solve this issue for the long term."

Larson suggested that using the proceeds of a higher gas tax might be one option, but that's not something the city could do alone.

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"It's not unique that Duluth has challenges paying for streets. This is something that is very true across the state, across the country, because there's been disinvestment in transportation funding," she said.

Larson suggested Duluth's efforts to address needed street improvements could set a good tone for discussion.

"I feel really great about the fact that as a city we can now step forward and say: 'When we get a chance to invest in our streets, we do and we will.' We're demonstrating our capacity to do that, and now we are asking for greater partnership from the state and federal government to do the same," she said.

While street projects still are being prioritized, Kelly Fleissner, the city's maintenance operations manager, said that every effort will be made to stretch the dollars as far as possible and to spread projects equally throughout Duluth.

Larson said that when street improvement plans are finalized, a map will be posted on the city's website to show which roads will be targeted.

Duluth collects about $2.6 million per year from street fees. Of that sum, it spends about $1 million per year to pay off bond debts associated with prior street projects.

That leaves the city with $1.6 million for street maintenance and repairs.

If the proposed allocation is approved by the city council, Duluth's street department will have a $2.4 million budget to work with in 2016.

That's an enhancement but still nowhere near the $6 million dollars per year Duluth used to receive through a casino revenue-sharing agreement with the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Those funds ceased to flow after federal officials deemed the agreement invalid. Fleissner said the money had gone to pay for street reconstruction in the past.

"That money is gone, and the reconstruction amount we're doing now is relatively small. So until we replace that funding amount somehow some way, we have to do the best we can with enhanced maintenance, like capping and crack-sealing and those kinds of things," Fleissner said.

Through milling and capping, Fleissner said the city often can extend a street's life by five to 10 years. He expects work to begin in earnest by mid-May, as blacktop plants resume production.

To tackle the job, Fleissner said the city will bring on an additional 10 seasonal workers, bringing the street department's staff count to 40.

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X-Men actor Lucas Till cast as lead in



  Reboots are everywhere, and CBS is moving forward with one of its own. The television studio has cast X-Men‘s Lucas Till as the lead role in the MacGyver reboot pilot it has been developing, reports Deadline. The show is a reimagined version of the secret agent series, which debuted in 1985 on ABC, and its pilot will co-star Joshua Boone.

  The project isn’t a remake, but rather a prequel series. The story will center on a younger version of the series’ iconic character, Angus MacGyver, as he is recruited into working for a covert organization. As any MacGyver reboot should, the pilot will highlight the character’s penchant for problem-solving (e.g. using a strange assortment of everyday objects to save himself and others). The pilot is directed by David Von Ancken and co-written by Paul Downs Colaizzo and Brett Mahoney, all of whom will co-executive produce.

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  Till takes over a role that was filled by Richard Dean Anderson for the original show’s seven seasons. Boone’s character, meanwhile, is new to the reboot; he’ll play Gunner, who has been MacGyver’s best friend since high school. The cast so far also includes George Eads (CSI).

  Prior to being cast as MacGyver, Till was selected to co-star in the X-Men film franchise as Havok, a mutant superhero. He also recently starred in 2015’s Bravetown and will next appear in X-Men: Apocalypse and 2017’s Monster Trucks. Boone’s credits include roles in 2015’s Fan Girl and the short film Brooklove.

  The MacGyver pilot comes from CBS TV Studios with original creators Lee David Zlotoff, James Wan, Henry Winkler, and Michael Clear all executive producing alongside Von Ancken, Colaizzo, and Mahoney. The project will need the ingenuity of its predecessor, so let’s hope they’ve been creatively reexamining items like paper clips, mugs, magnets, and more.

  Also watch: It’s War in the Latest X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

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'Gaycation': Ellen Page Explores LGBT


As LGBT people have gained greater acceptance and rights in the United States and many Western countries, in other parts of the world gay people face discrimination and even death.

Actress Ellen Page and friend Ian Daniel set out to explore what it's like to be LGBT — the good and the bad — in different parts of the world. They're doing it in a new travel documentary show called Gaycation on the recently-launched Viceland channel.

In the first three episodes, the two travel to Japan to watch a man come out to his mother; interview an alleged hitman of LGBT people in Brazil; and see how dancehall music and Rastafari affect views on homosexuality in Jamaica.

Ellen Page and Ian Daniel spoke with NPR's Michel Martin about what they hope people learn from watching the show.

Ian Daniel and Ellen Page at AOL Studios on March 9 in New York City.

image:Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

iIan Daniel and Ellen Page at AOL Studios on March 9 in New York City.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Interview Highlights

On the genesis of the show

Page: The original idea was in a sense a travel show of course, but to go to other countries and solely focus on the LGBTQ community and culture in that country.

Daniel: I just was completely interested in the idea of LGBTQ culture and politics around the world. I just had an innate curiosity of — what is that like? What are those stories? I think it was that simple and it was a no-brainer for me really.

On filming a scene that features a Japanese man coming out to his mother, who did not know

Page: Honestly we thought about that a lot. And when this young man reached out to have us be there for this moment — it was spontaneous that came up while we were in Japan, that wasn't a planned thing before we went. I understand the dilemma in regards of whether to do it or not. And we did talk about it, but we did decide to do it and be there and it does seem to have moved a lot of people. Their intimate moment and their generosity in deciding to share that story, in a lot of responses we've seen, seems to have affected people.

Daniel: We feel honored to be in the presence of people who are so willing to share their stories. And I think on some level they risk their safety by talking to us and potentially being on camera. And I think there's a sense of honor and love and open-heartedness. And then there's the sense of — to be honest, sometimes despair. And sadness and just confusion about why these people have to experience violence and brutality and hiding and shame. So it's a combination of those two things.

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Women Who Code Portland


Every month Women Who Code meet to talk about projects and network. This month the event was at Intel.

During the evening of networking, food and tech talks, Women Who Code Portland was fortunate to receive a $1,000 donation from Intel to help support our programs. Women Who Code is a global nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization has more than 60,000 members in 20 countries and 60 cities. In Portland, we have 1,200 members and we meet regularly for JavaScript study nights, monthly Networking Nights and technical workshops.

Want more Portland tech news? Sign up for TechFlash

At the event, more than 100 attendees followed along as Mauri Whalen, Intel vice president in the Software and Services Group and director of core system software in the Open Source Technology Center, got the festivities started. She shared how she started programming in 1982 and how few women there were in her engineering program in college. She then spoke about Intel’s commitment to open source and the Linux ecosystem.

The rest of the night, we heard from engineers, researchers and directors working on Security, Internet of Things, Systems Engineering, Android, Chrome OS, quality assurance and user experience.

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Constanza Heath, a security researcher in the Open Source Technology Center and a five-year veteran at Intel, spoke about the importance of releasing to open source. Upon joining the security team, she collaborated with Intel Labs to fix a cryptography issue by providing her own open source library, and once she released it, several groups within Intel started using her code.

Our future Networking Nights include stops at New Relic, Instrument, Treehouse and R/West. For more information and to join our group, check out our Meetup page.

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