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Tell you the maid of honor dress code


The bridesmaid group dresses the temperament small secret, if the woman's life, when is most worth commemorating, will have the wedding that moment. The maid of honor, as the icing on the cake, must bear the bride's beauty and show her own sweetness. However, as a close friend of the bridesmaid group how to dress temperament, the following tell you how the bridesmaid group dress temperament small secret.

Bridesmaid dresses wear a little secret of temperament 1: different styles of the same color

According to each person's figure characteristic, bridesmaid group also can choose different style skirt outfit, but on colour had better have a unified. Choose a kind of advocate color, next press oneself color of skin color to choose the skirt that different depth shallow changes color to OK.

Bridesmaids wear a little secret 2: little black dress + accessories

No matter what the occasion, an elegant little black dress will never go wrong. If be afraid to show dullness slightly on the wedding, might as well use the deserve to act the role of boldness to light up integral collocation. Especially some bright color will bring better effect.

Bridesmaids dress in the same style and color

Bridesmaid groups can choose dresses of the same style, but each person can have different colors. If there are more people, they can choose 2 to 3 colors to make the bridesmaid group look more energetic.

Bridesmaids dress in temperamental secret # 4: floral print

Bridesmaid dresses are usually plain, but for a more modern look, opt for a popular print. However, bridesmaids should be careful not to exaggerate the choice of printing, after all, this is not a fashion show, do not steal the show.

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A brief analysis of the wedding dress


The wedding ceremony is a ceremony that has existed in all countries since ancient times, but the wedding dress is less than 200 years old. From ancient times until now, wedding dresses have been gradually hung up in fashion, fashion, luxury. So why not go back to the source, and how did it happen? Was it the ancient Greek aristocracy or the European royalty?

In sixteenth-century Europe, while hunting in a small town in Northern Ireland, the earl of Richard came across Rose. When Richard earl and Rose immediately. Miss love at first sight, but the conditions of the royal family is hope can Miss Rose overnight sewing one length, royal special church from Ireland to the church door before marrying white robes. Finally, a delicate and extremely simple design lines do not break luxuriant breath of the 16-meter white holy robe was born, legend this is the world's first wedding dress. Wedding speech

Dress the incarnations of 2. 1700-1700 b.c., for the origin of the wedding dress, is different, in 1700 BC in ancient Greece, 1550 meters north three dynasty nobles before your chest type dress worn by women, under the bell skirt. Such a whole tight fitting clothing legend is the earliest prototype of the wedding dress.

During the European Renaissance in the 16th century, during the European Renaissance in the 16th century, the concept of the dress became clear gradually after the appearance of tight bodice and skirt braces. Designers began to create a variety of three-dimensional effect, such a rich idea, also for the later wedding dress design in the three-dimensional cutting.

Wedding dress the incarnations of 4. During the period of 17-18 th-century Europe, a popular, richly luxurious baroque art and slim and light of rococo art is applied on the wedding dress, reveals a grand wedding and luxurious and noble dress. Wedding dress gradually from the original low neckline was replaced by a dignified high neckline, the material began to use more luxuriant satin, neckline, cuff and skirt are also inlaid with many floral decorations.

Wedding dress incarnations of the 5.19 century is an era of colorful, solemn wedding dress is given on the new classicism, romanticism, restore ancient ways, so to show diversity, seems to be wedding dress into the fashion trends. The original fabrics, such as silk and satin, also began to appear frequently with mesh tulle, lace and other "rivals", making bride-to-be dazzling.

6. In the 21st century of fashion, the conservative and heavy wedding dress has let the bride feel relieved. Sex appeal, elegant, line is beautiful also had gone with the passage of time, entered the world of bridal gown. Some designers still keep the original "top and bottom" design, but at the same time, some designers shed the concept of skirt support. Exaggerated skirt place, reach knee type short style, luxuriant shawl, sexy hollow out already is the inspiration of bridal designers and tide weathervane.

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The main points of Chinese wedding planning


Chinese traditional Chinese weddings will become a trend because they are more in line with Chinese people's festive requirements for weddings. just

Xiao Bian thinks that after thousands of years of Chinese-style weddings have continued to this day, they have simplified a lot of procedures.

Leaving the main wedding cultural connotations and wedding-related cultural forms, and the development of the times to add some modern

element. Chinese weddings and old-time weddings pay attention to etiquette and etiquette. Modern Chinese weddings pay more attention to style connotation.

The adoption of some western-style wedding elements can not only erase the aesthetics of modern weddings, but also eliminate the traditional marriage and customs culture of China.

The intellectual, in the wedding program and the Chinese wedding section to adjust to ensure the quality of the wedding, try to retain the foundation

The essence of long-term Chinese marriage and customs culture.

Chinese wedding arrangement

The arrangement of wedding banquets in Chinese weddings is very important. To create a wedding atmosphere, there are many questions in traditional culture.

Material can be used for reference, such as poetry and poetry, landscape and mood, poetry and painting, and Kunqu Opera can select a theme.

Make a big fuss, but remember that you can enrich the topic, but you can't disturb the theme, for example, want to be a leisurely and elegant blue

For porcelain weddings, avoid the luxurious golden series. Even if the Chinese wedding is to incorporate modern elements, Chinese weddings

No matter how it is reformed, it must demonstrate the unique poetic and cultural connotations of "Chinese style."

Chinese wedding dress

In conjunction with Chinese wedding arrangements, the groom can wear robes or gowns, while the bride wears the Coronet Coronet, combining Chinese and Western styles.

Chinese wedding style, newcomers can also choose Zhongshan dress and cheongsam. Hainan Fashion Paris wedding photography offers new Chinese a variety of Chinese weddings

Yarn dress to facilitate new hire.

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The sudden interest in the wedding


Make inspection before the wedding, pay special attention to the location of inflammable and explosive materials, and make emergency plan for emergencies. Rather than bemoaning your bad luck, enjoy the rare candlelight wedding. The most important thing to know about yourself is to choose the right style for your body. Because layer number is too little, will make new style marriage gauze looks dry and morose, not quite solid, fleecy, cannot reflect gauze qualitative fabrics at all lightsome, romantic, full of fantasy feeling. Flowers, still open big, exaggerated flower more than ever to appear on personality wedding dresses, designer makes great silk flowers open in the waist, shoulder, back, makes individuality wedding dress like a big garden a brilliant.

I'd rather save some time to shoot the exterior scene before, and reserve enough time for modification. I will go to the scene early. Because layer number is too little, will make the wedding dress look dry and shriveled, not quite solid, fleecy, cannot reflect gauze qualitative fabrics at all lightsome, romantic, full of fantasy feeling. Flowers, still open big, exaggerated flower more than ever to appear on the high-end wedding dresses, designer makes great silk flowers open in the waist, shoulder, back, makes individuality wedding dress like a big garden a brilliant. Could you take a fancy to a new latest style wedding dress, and she suggest you choose the spaghetti straps, peng skirt type, maybe you were amazed by her opinion, but think it you will find, she suggested that the wedding dress is the most suitable for you. Powder blue, purple and yellow skin can coordinate can instead of pink, pink orange, pink, green and yellow to match, wear plain white high-end wedding dress will be very good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, can highlight the bride in the different luster.

Black sister is suitable for the new dress to wear what color the skin dark suggest choose some bright color of the dress, can build a healthy sexy breath, can highlight a conflict has a strong sense of beauty. If you have a large budget, you can customize a new wedding dress that suits your heart best. Also note that wedding dress to choose slightly larger than the appropriate. Tuo - wei wedding dress once such a situation, in the timely relief at the same time, quickly let the master of ceremonies. You can do a test, wear a wedding dress and bow, and if you're out of the way, you'll need to close your neckline a little, so it's not only chic and beautiful, but it's also elegant. The candles in the big candlestick on the stage will be distributed to each table of guests, so that they can share the romance of love together. It takes about 4 months to design and make a wedding dress, and it's best to deliver it to you two months before the wedding, so it's easy to change the details.

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Bowknot element wedding dress selection


OT details! Dynamic elements wedding dress fabric is filled with liquid, fold the lace and layers of raise gauze makes wedding bride fashion and perfect, the dynamic elements of wedding gown walking in between sending out the charm. At present, wedding dresses are mostly chemical fiber products, mostly made from nylon, down, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. Because cotton fiber is more vulnerable to damage, it is important to be careful not to use too stimulating products when washing. Especially those whole skirt place is full of the wedding dress with big flowers so that the eyes do not know where to go.

In 2011 New York wedding dress fashion week, wedding editors selected a variety of bright bows. Since the waist is not quite obvious, the overall feeling from top to bottom is a straight line, and the overall feeling will look taller. Wedding headdress? The wedding dress comes from the west, which is different from the traditional Chinese dress coat which is mainly red. Oriental skin color is deep and slant yellow, wear white wedding dress to be able to show the color of skin darker mute, and wear ivory color wedding dress more harmonious nature.

Powder blue, purple and yellow skin can coordinate can instead of pink, pink orange, pink, green and yellow to match, wear pure white wedding dress will be very good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, can highlight the bride in the different luster. Wash the dress, wet cleaning is the key, because of the small decorations on the wedding dress, such as beaded trimming, is can't withstand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, best method is to put the wedding dress in the mixed with mild, neutral cleaner water, soak for a while, it can wash off like red wine, banquet or lard leave stains, more bubble for a while, even invisible stains such as sweat, wine stains can be removed. AmsaleAmsale's minimalist design USES satin to create a wedding dress's architectural feel, while a large bow on a high-waisted line neutralizes some of the firmness. This is because Britain's queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress. So it's important to choose the right storage tool.

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Summer wedding photos to pay attention to the details


Taking a wedding photo is a very happy thing for newcomers. Although taking photos is not easy, the sweetness is still very strong. Summer wedding photos should pay attention to what little details? Xiao Bian today to share with you.

1. Make care in advance. In the summer, the dry and hot bride should take care of her skin before taking pictures, so as to prevent her skin from letting the sun burn.

2. Take a photo break the night before taking a photo. Drink less water. Remember to have breakfast the next morning. Taking a wedding photo is a manual exercise, so be sure to have a nutritious breakfast.

3. Take a skin care product with sunscreen on the day of the photo shoot. If there is a location, then take the toilet water to prevent mosquitoes from biting. This is also a good time to take pictures.

4. Take pictures of your own props on the day of the photo shoot. If you don’t wear valuable jewelry, you’ll be provided with a wedding photo studio.

These are the details that Xiaobian has to share with you in the summer when you take a wedding photo. You want to shoot your wedding photos with the best wedding photos.

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What kind of accessories for white wedding dress selection


Put on white yarn and favorite people to enjoy the happiest moment, white wedding dress should be how to match accessories? Xiaobian today to share with you.

1. White wedding dresses are suitable for putting on high-heeled high-heeled shoes. Although China emphasizes redness on behalf of celebrations, it does not match with white wedding dresses. Therefore, the most white-yellow shoes should be silver and high-heeled shoes.

2. The choice of underwear. White wedding dress in the choice of underwear also have to choose according to their choice of wedding dress style, generally in the choice of underwear when the color should choose the flesh or light-colored, so as to avoid inconsistent situations.

3. Beautiful hand holding flowers. There are still many types of flowers in hand, such as spheres, half moons, hemispheres, waterfalls, and so on. When the bride chooses a bouquet, the color is preferably pink, white and champagne.

4. Wear the necklace. The necklace is worn according to the style of the bride's choice of white gauze, too fancy white gauze style is not suitable for wearing a necklace.

The above is the skill of white wedding dresses and accessories that Xiaobian shares with you. I hope that the bride will be able to match her wedding dress and accessories properly.

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How to choose a wedding dress according to skin color


It is very important for the bride to choose the wedding dress. When choosing the wedding dress, she should consider the design, color, texture and so on. Today, we share how to choose wedding dresses according to skin color.

Fair skin

The so-called a white covering the ugly, the skin white people wear what style of wedding dress all look good, if the bride feel too white skin so the bride can choose white or ivory wedding dress, the color of the wedding dress will make the bride's skin color a little darker.

A darker complexion

Skin slants dark complexion will worry that they can choose the right wedding dress, in fact, the skin slants dark bride first consideration in choosing a wedding dress is brighten the bride's skin pure white and silver luster feels strong can let the bride's skin brighten some collocation of makeup look at the same time make sure won't have too big problem.

A darker complexion

A lot of color of skin slants black bride when filming the wedding photos are worried about their skin color affect image quality, actually don't have to worry too much about the problem, choose your wedding dress can choose joker white, also can choose champagne wedding dress.

Above is small make up to share with you how to choose wedding dress according to skin color introduction, hope the bride can choose the wedding dress that suits him most.

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How to take simple and unpretentious wedding photos


The most beautiful beginning originates from the initial move, contracted also is a kind of beauty, how can ability make oneself wedding gauze has contracted aesthetic feeling? Today I'm going to share it with you.

Simple wedding dress.

, classic style of dress is the most popular wedding dress not too flowery, complex, classic style is the most worth people miss, so the bride when selecting a wedding dress, wedding dress to choose the right style that suits oneself.

Delicate makeup.

Picture taken don't have to be too thick, the makeup of clean makeup can also highlight the bride contracted aesthetic feeling, in the bride makeup when can express what you want in advance to the makeup artist makeup look, a delicate makeup look.

3. Accessories.

When choosing a headdress, the bride can choose either a small crown or a veil. When choosing a veil, the bride should also choose according to her height.

These are the tips I share with you on how to take simple and unpretentious wedding photos. I hope the couple can take the most perfect wedding photos.

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Bridal makeup tips


Every bride wants to make the perfect makeup, what if she does makeup at her wedding? Today Xiaobian shares with you tips for bride makeup at the wedding.

1. Flower makeup. When this occurs, the bride will first wash the oiled part with oil-absorbing paper, rub a small amount of powder foundation, or use it to clean the face powder to renew the makeup.

2. Eye shadow powder sticks to the lower eyelid. Do not wipe these powdery slags with your fingers. Xiaobian recommends that the bride should use a soft brush to quickly swipe up from the side of the cheek and apply a concealer.

3. Forget how to do with lipstick. The color of the lipstick is almost gone, and the lip line is still left, so apply moisturizing lip balm.

These are the tips for the wedding bride makeup that Xiaobian has shared with you. I hope that the bride can make the most beautiful and charming herself.

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