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Pinellas dress code sparks social media controversy


Faythe Kelly, a student at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, posted a photo on Facebook after the school made her change into scrubs. She was told her outfit choice broke the school dress code.

"For my dress being, maybe half an inch above my knee, I was forced to be humiliated in front of my colleagues,” says Kelly.

The Pinellas School District only requires dresses to be midthigh or longer. Each school is able to make its own modifications.

Image: Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

The rule for Gibbs is stricter, the dress must be to a student's knees

"It's not skin tight; it's not doing anything else besides showing my kneecaps,” says Kelly.

10news WTSP contacted the district and was told that at the beginning of each year families sign an agreement stating that they will comply with the student code of conduct.

While Kelly agrees with following the dress code, she feels this outfit wasn't in violation.

"I originally was surprised by what happened because I originally bought that dress in order to respect my dress code because I don't like getting in trouble,” says Kelly.

Kelly says wearing scrubs is more distracting than the dress, and felt it was uncalled for.

“We should be able to try and fix our wrongs and if we don't have anything else, then wear the scrubs or something but that should be a last resort. I don't believe humiliation is solving an issue,” says Kelly.

However, the district says the rules are rules and she signed that agreement.

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Puppies Replace Bouquets At PA Wedding


The pictures, which have been shared all over the internet, show the wedding party holding puppies instead of bouquets.

(credit: Caroline Logan Photography)

(credit: bridesmaid dresses)

Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa are the names of the rescue dogs. They are named after the first five first ladies of the United States.

The Pitbull the bride is holding is a nine-week-old rescue from Brooklyn, lovingly referred to as “Biggie Smalls.”

The bride, Sarah, works for a pair of rescue organizations and she wanted to feature the puppies in her wedding pictures to raise awareness for shelter dogs.

Her wedding photographer, Caroline Logan says, “While photographing six rambunctious puppies definitely brought an added challenge, it also caused the bridal party to be more at ease. Having something to divert attention from that uncomfortable “Oh my goodness, I’m getting my picture taken… what do I do with my hands?!” feeling to pure puppy bliss made for relaxed photos where the bridal party was able to focus on interacting with the fun-loving puppies as I documented it all unfold.”

“And of course, the bridal party loved it! From the minute the puppies came bounding around the corner exploring their new surroundings, the bridesmaids were gushing about how cute they were. It was a dream for everyone!”

Sarah’s love of dogs was incorporated into other wedding details as well, including the invitations and the cake at her bridal shower.

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How to save as a wedding guest


Throwing a wedding is an expensive affair, but so is attending one. There's the airfare, the clothes and don't forget the gift.

The average guest expects to spend $703 per wedding this year, 5 percent more than last year, according to the American ExpressSpending & Saving Tracker.

But you can be a guest without going broke, it just requires a little creative thinking.

One of the easiest ways to save money is by planning. Here's how to reduce the major costs of being a wedding guest:Travel

Make your travel plans as soon as you get the save-the-date card.

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The further out you book, the cheaper the airfare will be. If you need a hotel and car during the wedding weekend, try booking it all online as a package, which can save you even further.

You can also sign up for travel deal alerts using websites likeAirfarewatchdog.Attire

Looking your best doesn't mean spending a bundle.

Don't buy a new outfit for every wedding you go to or for every member of your family. Find an awesome staple piece — on sale if you can — and change up your look with different accessories, like a statement necklace or a bracelet.

If you want a different look for each event, don't buy, rent. You can borrow designer dresses for as little as $70 at websites like Rent the Runway.Gifts

Don't go overboard on gifts.

Get on the registry right away. The most inexpensive gifts usually go first. Talk to friends about going in together on a bigger ticket item, you'll probably end up spending less.

If you're strapped for cash, you can always give a gift from the heart, like a framed picture or memory book.Events

Embrace the power of no.

Don't feel compelled to go to every wedding that you're invited to — or go to all pre- and post-wedding events.

Finally, you never want to borrow to attend a wedding. The bride and groom may really want you there, but they won't want you to go into debt just to celebrate their big day.

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Wedding Trends


The iconic backdrop of England’s longest lake is becoming increasingly popular with Chinese couples posing for dramatically-staged photos in front of major British landmarks in their full wedding attire.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are a huge industry in China, with many young couples already choosing to travel abroad and have their pictures alongside famous locations like Westminster Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.

© Gordon Shoosmith/Alamy Live News

Images: strapless wedding dresses

Now Cumbria’s most visited tourist attraction, Windermere Lake Cruises, says it is seeing an increasing number of enquiries from Chinese couples exploring outside the Capital and heading to the Lake District for the traditional pre-wedding snaps.

Typically, the newly-weds-to-be want to celebrate their engagement with a photo shoot on Windermere and a mini cruise on the lake.

Jennifer Cormack, Sales & Marketing Manager at Windermere Lake Cruises, says, “It is a well-known Chinese custom for couples to have their wedding photos taken before they are married, but up until now, this tradition has been largely confined to famous London landmarks.

“It’s fabulous to see that an increasing number of couples are choosing to include Windermere and the Lake District as part of their pre-wedding photo shoots. It really does show that a ‘steamer’ cruise in the Lakes has a truly international reputation and Chinese couples are embracing it as a must-do experience.”

She adds, “The recent introduction of direct flights from Beijing into Manchester now makes it easier than ever before for Chinese visitors to explore the UK’s northern regions. So we are looking forward to welcoming many more brides and grooms to be to the waters of Windermere.”

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Real Wedding


HOW WE MET We met through a mutual friend.

THE PROPOSAL Bryan proposed while we were on a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. He proposed while we were on top of Cadillac Mountain.

Wedding Essentials // Real Wedding // Sarah & Bryan // Erin Dunaway Photography

Images: bridesmaid dresses australia

COUPLE RULES, KIDS DROOL The funniest wedding moment was while we were cutting the cake we looked over to see a large group of kids drooling and anxiously waiting to get their hands on some cake.

STEAL-WORTHY IDEA I wanted to do something a little different that would incorporate everyone in the wedding ceremony, so instead of the usually unity candle lighting we did a reverse unity candle where our bridal party and all the guests had candles and we passed on our light to our friends and family.

WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HER Sara looked beautiful on our wedding day. Best Bride ever!

WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT HIM Bryan is the sweetest, funniest, and the most genuine person. I’m so lucky that I get to be with a person that makes me laugh every day.

CREATE A SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR YOU To keep myself from getting overwhelmed, I would plan out one or two things to focus on per week (for example one week I would want to get my photography nailed down, the next week I would focus on getting bids from florists, etc.).

BRIDE'S BEST ADVICE Do your research. I would check out reviews on the vendors that I was interested in; narrow my selections down to 2-3 and then set up appointments to make my final selections.

DON'T STRESS A lot of the little details, like making sure I had enough programs (we ended up having a ton left over).

FAVORITE GIFT Surprisingly, we ended up with a lot of gift cards and money which was great because we were able to buy the things that we most wanted and use some of it towards our honeymoon.

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Wedding bliss


A couple from St Leonards tied the knot in full medieval garb on Saturday (August 27).

Rather than opting for a traditional church ceremony or going to the register office, Martin White, 53, and Sally Yuen, 45, who live in Sedlescombe Road North, decided to have their wedding at this year’s Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle, against a backdrop of jousting, battle seiges and medieval music.

The pair started seeing each other in August 2014 and got engaged in Moscow, Russia in May last year while on holiday. It was there that Martin, who works for UK Power Networks, decided to pop the question.

He said: “I proposed to Sally at St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square on May 10 last year and she said yes.

The happy couple at their wedding

Images: wedding dress brisbane

“We came back to the UK with no venue in mind for our wedding. We’d already bought tickets for the banquet only at last year’s Medieval Festival.

“When we went to the event last August we thought it would be the ideal place to have our wedding, so we made some enquiries. We wanted something so unique.

“It’s such a romantic place to get married against the backdrop of Herstmonceux Castle and it inspired us to have a medieval wedding.”

The ceremony, attended by 18 guests dressed in medieval costume, was held in the 15th century castle’s Elizabethan Room. There was a banquet for guests and the couple, as well as surprise flowers laid on by festival organisers.

Martin said: “With a lot of help from the organisers of the festival, the castle and the registrars from Eastbourne, our day was so special.

“There was a seige re-enactment taking place outside the castle during the ceremony and this added a medieval flavour to our wedding. The whole thing was just fabulous and people helped us all along the way.

“Jonathan Giesler organised the banquet and Julie Ryan and Lucy Dawe organised the flowers.”

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