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Recommend a wedding dress that suits you


Romantic and lovely style

Suitable for young female brides, petite and exquisite Oriental women. Use gauze qualitative fabrics more to show the perspective effect of romantic aesthetic only, traditional chiffon, Europe root gauze, crystal gauze is good choice. On adornment useful bowknot, silk flower or crystal ornament. The colors are mostly pure white, pink and nude.

Noble and mature style

It is suitable for those elegant women who are plump and tall with a bit of life experience. They appear noble, elegant and mysterious. Choose silks, satins, or high-grade velvet with a strong gloss on the material. With the X type, S type modelling is more, basically highlight female elegant posture. It is also common to combine lace, embroidery, pearls and artificial gemstones. In color more choice ivory, purple and a variety of high purity color system.


Has the strong classical charm, draws inspiration from the classical costume culture. Dressing the bride as a princess or queen is one of the hallmarks of classical modesty. More use of golden fleece, satin and chiffon fabrics to show the bride's elegant implication. In recent years, there are also big red fabrics combined with western wedding dress tailoring to express China's classical charm of wedding dress design.

Charming personality style

With the charming sex appeal that shows a female to give priority to, still have its enchanting unruly, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds of personality. Choose lace, glitter mesh, fur or even leather. On the craft more USES hollow-out, nailing bead. Color choice is also more bold and bare, so said that charming personality style of wedding dress customization is not every bride can ride.

Exaggerated avant-garde style

Exaggerated avant-garde shape of wedding dress customization in daily teaching is rare, and on the catwalk there are often bold designers to challenge, often surprising results. In design teaching more attention to contour modeling, creative fabric matching and fabric texture on the article. This kind of wedding dress customization is often limited to the catwalk, and if you are a bride with an extremely avant-garde ideology and aesthetics, you can also try it.

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