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Color matching of various flowers


We often use colorful colors to describe the variety and beauty of flowers, but in wedding, the color and type of flowers should not exceed 2 kinds. Because different colors will interact with each other, for example, red + Yellow + purple, plus the color of their leaves, so it will be messy.

Of course, there are also colorful wedding, but in the choice of color, we must look at some real wedding cases, listen to a good wedding team introduction, do not blindly choose by their own preferences.

Some flower stems are cut open, such as: Narcissus, daisies, have a lot of juice, do not let this juice drop on your wedding dress, some juice is sticky, easy to stick your wedding dress where. The solution is to wrap the stems of flowers tightly.

If you still use lily, make sure the florist has removed the pollen from the stamen. Otherwise, you may leave bright yellow blotches on your dress.

In the summer, if the outdoor wedding is held, the heat will make the delicate flowers like the hydrangea flower wilted. So we must choose to compare the "strong" flowers.

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Outdoor wedding suit wedding dress, romantic boho


Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dresses, romantic boho style. A bohemian wedding dress is also the wedding bride of choice, if you have not chosen a romantic wedding dress for you, then take a look at the bohemian wedding dress it.

Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dresses

Bohemian style with long sleeves and dropped shoulders, the autumn breeze blows slightly, the pleated tulle sleeves float with the wind, the light white tulle is even more immortal, and the high-necked design is even more elegant.

Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dress

Did not wear a white skirt that is exactly a typical Bohemian dress range, as long as you are enough goddess, a pure long skirt without any decoration can also shine in the lazy autumn sun.

Women's elegant mix and match

Lace tube top wedding dress exposed sexy collarbone, want to keep your carefully arranged side hair in the outdoors, then wear a wide-brimmed felt hat, lest the mischievous autumn wind mess up your hair, this shape is also distributed Bohemian atmosphere. By the way, in the autumn outdoors, a soft berry-colored lipstick is the best choice for makeup and moisturizing

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The bride wears her wedding dress on her back


Has seen the perfect wedding dress back, achieves the charm state which attracts the reverie. When the bride chooses her wedding dress, the perfect backless design is especially crucial: whether it is crystal affix, delicate embroidery, or beautiful gauze, it is equally eye-catching. Today, Lilian bride brings you several sexy backless wedding dress, let you get rid of infantility, wedding promotion sexy bride!

As the simplest and most pure and beautiful halter wedding dress, Lilian bride USES elegant arc and delicate three-dimensional flower decoration fabric, showing the bride's lovely and perfect. For the bride who does not like the heavy and complicated wedding dress, the bare-back wedding dress with extraordinary temperament in this simple style must be your exclusive charm. But the dish that can tie-in agile hair and small and exquisite ear nail, the integral effect that can be you is added luster.

For a bride with meat on her back, this Lillian bride topless dress just naturally masks your imperfections. The three-dimensional ruffles created by stiff fabrics beautify the curve of your back and also make your waist more slender. The stereo floral decoration on the shoulder is a plus for your elegance. With long curly hair, beautiful waves and wedding dress design complement each other, you will be more romantic and charming!

To young ripe female, wedding chooses a youth to be permeated with the marriage gauze of small show sex appeal, be the perfect deduce of your charm certainly. This backless wedding dress, using hand-embroidered fabrics and three-dimensional flowers, satin bowknot decoration, show the bride's lively and pretty side, but do not lose strong feminine taste.

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Three wedding and shoot magic new couples must learn


In today's wedding, the role of follow-up photography is also more important. Wedding and shooting magic weapon is mainly divided into two categories: posing wedding and shooting and news documentary wedding and shooting. Choose according to your own needs.

Wedding and shooting magic weapon one: the posing wedding and shooting and journalistic type of wedding and shooting have both advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the posing wedding and shooting is that the picture is perfect, just like the wedding photo and the magazine photo, they are all designed by the photographer. The downside: the photos lack content, the photos can't imagine what interesting things happened in the photos, and new people may miss many beautiful moments.

The advantage of news and documentary wedding is that the photos have stories and plots, so that the couple can open the photos and recall many beautiful moments in the past. The downside is that the photos are all captured, so the new couple also needs to relax naturally. If the tension may affect the appearance and picture effect, the new couple pursuing fashion blockbuster effect may not be the best choice.

Wedding and shoot magic weapon 2: set up and shoot the style after the photographer can choose

According to the experience of the author to observe several photo studio is, at the time of choosing can take pictures of still life look less or even ignored, because photographers shooting still life level about the same, the difference is not very big, only when shooting portraits and anaphase revising after can show their own style.

Wedding and shooting magic weapon 3:

When choosing a wedding and photographer, the first thing to look at is whether the photographer's composition and shooting Angle of the characters is what you like, and the second is whether the color of the post-editing and the effect of using light and shadow are what you like. For the selection of news documentary type wedding and photographer, the first thing to see the photographer to capture the moment of the expression of the accurate in place, those moving, beautiful moments to capture or shoot some of the characters out of the ugly, and the film editing effect and the selection of the post - posed requirements are similar.

In fact in the network is more and more developed today, many young people like to open their own blogs or photography to record and promote themselves, so if you want to find a photographer, can also go to each big web portals, or wedding professional website to search their personal blogs and microblogging, through similar with pats the wedding, wedding photography, the keyword to search them also can yet be regarded as an efficient channel.

After the above selection, the whole style will be available, and finally, you can choose a photographer who is very suitable for you with your price in mind. Finally, I wish every new couple here can find their favorite wedding and record the most beautiful and touching moments in their life just like they find their "lovers".

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How does a bride with short


Wedding photography is the bride like their long hair, shoot out of the wedding photos also relatively elegant feeling. But for the bride with the short hair

Say, how to decorate how to dress up just can beautiful exit takes beautiful marriage gauze to shoot? Let's take a look.

1. How to choose jewelry

The choice of jewelry for the bride with short hair depends on her hairstyle. For example, an ear-mask hairstyle is suitable for wearing a swing ring

Only one earlobe is visible, with a large, short swinging ring that is symmetrical to the other.

2. Selection of makeup

The makeup of short hair bride chooses, the factor that considers more often can be a bit more. So far, transparent makeup is generally preferred for short hair brides

If too much makeup can mask the highlights of your hairstyle and make it look less atmospheric. Ceramic makeup,

Fruit makeup is ok, but it's best not to include smokey elements, which will make the bride's happy expression slightly stiff.

3. How to choose the yarn

The magic of the veil is undeniable. Head yarn has long, medium, short, single, multilayer type commonly. The bride can be mentored by a makeup artist

Choose a style that fits your face. With the head gauze at the same time, match appropriately with head flower or hair crown also can have the effect that play up.

4. The choice of wedding dress

Overall speaking, concise marriage gauze line is fluent, do not have heavy and complicated adornment, more outstanding short hair bride is neat and agile temperament. Strapless,

The wedding dress is the best choice for a bride with short hair, and it's best to have a sequined design that echoes the diamond headband. Plus, boobs can be better

Show the beauty of neck line, add a little sweetness to the bride with short hair.

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Nearsighted brides cleverly


There is a lot of person myopia in young person now, to be about to shoot the nearsighted bride of wedding gauze shoot, how can ability shoot perfect marriage gauze shoot, let oneself beautiful and beautiful moving? Some people will say, can wear contact lenses, both beautiful and can take a good effect. In fact, we can also through other ways to improve, let's take a look at underwater wedding photography for you to introduce the nearsighted brides shoot wedding photography skills.

One, use eye shadow to decorate

We know, myopic person often wears glasses, come down for a long time the eye can be out of shape, so myopic bride just can be afraid to take a wedding to photograph when affect photograph result, at this time eye shadow is about to exert its function. The main effect of eye shadow is to pass colorific tension, enhance the stereo feeling of eye ministry, still can decorate eye puffiness effectively at the same time, can very good keep out eye ministry blemish.

Two, use false eyelash to build an effect

As a result of long time wear glasses, after taking off glasses, the eye can have no divine look, at this time the nearsighted bride can use false eyelash to build good visual effect. The bride can choose a few more bushy false eyelash to conceal his inadequacy, deserve to go up eye shadow again, can let an eye become more divine, beautiful surely.

Use eyeliner

Eyeliner is a must-have weapon for many women because it not only changes the shape of their eyes, but also makes their contours clearer and brighter. For brides who wear glasses for a long time, eyeliner can be used to make their eyes look more divine.

Use the pupil

The circle of beauty is also a magic weapon to make women shine. It can enlarge the eyes and make them deep and charming. Beautiful pupil has different colour, the bride can choose the colour that oneself likes. However, there is also a certain harm to wearing eye contact lenses, which can easily cause discomfort and astringency. The nearsighted bride must choose carefully according to her situation.

Use exaggerated glasses

Wearing glasses for a long time, once off will be very uncomfortable, always feel less, when the new couple in the wedding photos when a pair of exaggerated glasses. The young people of present more like to reveal his individual character, that USES this small adornment to shoot a group of individual character marriage gauze to take, not only look fashionable and avant-courier, still can add the elegant demeanour that the marriage gauze takes, nearsighted bride might as well try.

Taking wedding photos is a very happy thing. Everyone wants to show his most beautiful side and leave a unforgettable memory for himself. Therefore, before shooting, the couple must understand the shooting strategies and related matters, so that they can shoot the perfect wedding photos. Above is for everybody the nearsighted bride to shoot the wedding photo strategy, hoped can help the nearsighted bride.

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When should the best wedding day be recognized by all


Many friends ask themselves that they are not superstitious, but when it comes to marriage, they can't help but choose a good wedding day from kanyu to get a good start. So when is the best date to get married that everyone agrees on? Besides a variety of wedding day inquiry methods, what are the four major mature factors?

Wedding day

First, comply with the law. The marriage law stipulates that the marriage age shall not be earlier than 22 years for men and 20 years for women. Legal marriage refers to the minimum age at which male and female citizens are allowed to marry, not the optimal age. Medically speaking, youth physical development to 23  ̄ 25 to complete, such as women's reproductive organs and pelvic development until the age of 23 to reach the perfect level. Such as thinking logic and self-control, I will mature at this time, and begin to have confidence in my career and ideal. I will also be mature and serious about the choice of objects and the establishment of a family. Thus, the age currently considered optimal is 25 for men and 23 for women. It is reasonable that the marriage law stipulates that late marriage and late childbirth should be encouraged.

Second, late marriage is good for physical and mental health. Early marriage has a significant impact on health, with statistics showing that women who marry before age 20 are six times more likely to develop cervical cancer than those who marry after age 26. If you give birth too early, young women will have to pay a high price to meet the needs of pregnancy and fetal development. Therefore, it is good for health to wait until the body is fully developed before marriage and childbirth. The best age to marry, the best age to have children, is also conducive to eugenics. American geneticists has been analyzed, the relationship between the age of the mother and child congenital defect found 25  ̄ mother, 29, the defective children born to a minimum, followed by family under the age of 25, and 30 years after the birth of children, increasing the incidence of birth defects increased significantly after the age of 40.

Third, there should be independent economic capacity to shoulder social responsibilities. Marriage is a real life for both men and women, and they have to have children. If they do not have independent economic conditions, they will marry too soon, which will lead to difficulties in life and increase the financial and spiritual burden.

Fourth, there must be some mature conditions in the outlook on life. If the moral character is poor, the outlook on life and the world is not mature and fixed, and a hasty marriage will also cause new tragedy. Therefore, both parties must have a deeper understanding during the love, and jointly negotiate to choose a more stable, more sure start to live together in the best marriage period.

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Does the wedding dress have to be white?


Traditionally, the wedding dress is usually white, but in recent years, with the designer's inspiration, the challenge of the traditional color wedding dress came into view. Today, the small editor of jinan comus wedding dress analyzes the common color of wedding dress for you.

White wedding dress is the wedding dress in the traditional sense, but because Asian people's skin color slants yellow, when wearing the middle and high-end wedding dress of pure white, can appear the skin color slants dark, on the contrary, ivory color, cream-colored wedding dress suits Oriental bride more. A wheat-colored or bronzed bride will look even more glamorous in a pure white wedding dress, revealing a healthy skin tone.

Pink wedding dresses are also suitable for Asian brides, such as pinkish purple, pink orange and green. On the contrary, pink and purple, pink and blue are not compatible with yellow skin, and it is not recommended for brides with yellow skin.

Nude wedding dresses have become more popular in recent years. No matter it is customized or rented, nude wedding dresses will give people a more light and elegant feeling. Is in recent years each big bridal brand designer is very enthusiastic color.

Fabrics tell, naked color, pink marriage gauze suits the fabric of lightsome simple sense more, snow spins, silky quality, gauze quality is good choice. Nude lace wedding dresses have become popular in recent years, highlighting the bride's graceful figure.

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Plump bride screening wedding dress technology


1. The strapless wedding dress with clear cut structure is suitable for the plump bride, and the short dresses with beautiful legs can help those who show a fat upper body regain their confidence.

2. The unique single shoulder design makes the chest and arms look slimmer and elongates the neck.

3. Some people wear a half-sleeve wedding dress to reduce the size of the upper body of the visual effect, arms proud flesh hidden in the invisible.

4. Lace design attracts attention and focuses on the eyes of over-plump breasts. In addition, the open cut of the satin dress skirt place describes the curvilinear feeling on the vision.

5. The fishtail wedding dress is suitable for most of the bride's body, and the details such as nail beads and wrinkles add luxuriance. Or choose heart-shaped neckline fishtail wedding dress to set off sexy temperament.

6. The full skirt below the corset line of the royal high-waisted wedding dress covers the abdomen which is not smooth enough, and exquisite details help to carve the curve.

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Classic black and white wedding


This era is an era of pursuit of individuality. When colorful and luxurious photography works are filled with human vision, a classic format has been quietly introduced. After a long time of precipitation, the black and white photos have entered the stage of the new century with their unique charm. The cool and classic black color, the black and white wedding photos are striking the human eye.

Black and white, in terms of color, are the ends of all colors. It can transform the extremely complex polychromatic world of reality into a monochrome world, leading people to appreciate the content of pictures more intensively. Black and white photos can not only reflect the reality honestly, but also help the author to focus on the most important details that can infect people. This is the charm of the art of "black and white", and it is also the unique feature of black and white wedding photos.

Although color photography can fully show the beauty of the picture, it is still black and white photography that can clearly show the complex content and image. Black and white photographs are more likely to reflect some aspects of people's deep feelings. The dark parts of black and white wedding photos are associated with a vibrant, cheerful and open space. It gets rid of the blind pursuit of verisimilitude, and by means of symbolism, people can produce a kind of originality and precious effect to take this photo.

Black and white wedding photos enjoy the lack of color, and through the choice of film, exposure, developer and development mode, the final results of wedding photos can be affected. On the other hand, we can use special methods to beautify the picture. For example, highlight a certain area, make it bright or dark, change its contrast, and capture the audience's attention.

The most important thing about black and white wedding photos is that they can cover up your defects for a couple with physical defects. You don't have to worry about any defects any more. After seeing this, do the couples want to take a black and white wedding photo? To be a black and white bride, to be a brilliant queen.

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