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The bride wore a white wedding dress


Although the wedding ceremony has existed in all countries since ancient times, the history of brides wearing wedding dresses is less than 200 years.

The prototype of the wedding dress should be traced back to 1700 BC to 1700 BC in ancient Greece, the three generations of your dynasty aristocratic women wear in the chest, sleeves to the elbow, bosom, waist by the cord in the breast, in bell dress, under the tight fit clothing. The white tulle gown now worn by the bride to mop the floor was originally a Catholic ceremonial dress. Since ancient European countries is clerical U.S.A, people get married must go to the church for the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, so as to calculate the formal legal marriage, so, the ceremony the bride wear white suit to god said sincere and pure. Before the 19th century in the west, the bridal dresses worn by girls on their wedding did not have uniform color specifications. It was not until about 1820 that white gradually became a popular dress color for weddings. This is because Britain's queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress. From then on, the white wedding dress has become a kind of formal wedding dress, now, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding dress, his ingenuity, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show gorgeous. In fact, according to the western custom, only remarried women, wedding dress can use pink or lake blue and other colors, to show the difference with the first marriage.

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What are the styles of wedding photos


Nowadays, it is an age of pursuing fashion and fashion. Different young people have different styles of wedding photos. As for the style of wedding photos, let's think about it.

The personage inside course of study introduces to say marriage gauze photograph style has a lot of, say from big respect, can divide into interior scene, exterior scene; From a small perspective, it can be divided into fashion, romance, retro and so on.

Let's start with the big picture

1. What are the styles of wedding photos

Things have their advantages and disadvantages. The best things come from the inside, but the rare things come from the inside. Treasures are moments. The best thing about the moment is that the photographer who took the wedding photos started to step out of the studio and blend in with nature. Pursue a natural style. Outdoor wedding photo style seems to have become a gust of wind, received people's warm praise.

2. What are the styles of wedding photos? They are also called studio shots in the jargon of interior scenes. The interior is shot in an opaque room with flash and sets. Therefore, during the shooting process, it is not affected by any stray light other than flash.

Second, explain it in small ways

3. What are the styles of wedding photos: romantic husband, concubine, snuggle with each other. The style that is full of tender feeling. The bride and groom can have more interactive scenes, such as kissing, hugging and holding hands. This style of fighting can create warm and sweet air. Romantic elements and details emerge. Once held hands, red lens wedding photography comments on this kind of style. A light kiss, coupled with the later lace handling, the romantic breath comes face to face.

4. What are the styles of wedding photos: retro

It has a lot of charm and texture. Chinese and foreign classical or nostalgic styles. Wedding photos have an old feel. Make you become the hero of qiongyao's novels and dramas.

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Recommend a wedding dress that suits you


Romantic and lovely style

Suitable for young female brides, petite and exquisite Oriental women. Use gauze qualitative fabrics more to show the perspective effect of romantic aesthetic only, traditional chiffon, Europe root gauze, crystal gauze is good choice. On adornment useful bowknot, silk flower or crystal ornament. The colors are mostly pure white, pink and nude.

Noble and mature style

It is suitable for those elegant women who are plump and tall with a bit of life experience. They appear noble, elegant and mysterious. Choose silks, satins, or high-grade velvet with a strong gloss on the material. With the X type, S type modelling is more, basically highlight female elegant posture. It is also common to combine lace, embroidery, pearls and artificial gemstones. In color more choice ivory, purple and a variety of high purity color system.


Has the strong classical charm, draws inspiration from the classical costume culture. Dressing the bride as a princess or queen is one of the hallmarks of classical modesty. More use of golden fleece, satin and chiffon fabrics to show the bride's elegant implication. In recent years, there are also big red fabrics combined with western wedding dress tailoring to express China's classical charm of wedding dress design.

Charming personality style

With the charming sex appeal that shows a female to give priority to, still have its enchanting unruly, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds of personality. Choose lace, glitter mesh, fur or even leather. On the craft more USES hollow-out, nailing bead. Color choice is also more bold and bare, so said that charming personality style of wedding dress customization is not every bride can ride.

Exaggerated avant-garde style

Exaggerated avant-garde shape of wedding dress customization in daily teaching is rare, and on the catwalk there are often bold designers to challenge, often surprising results. In design teaching more attention to contour modeling, creative fabric matching and fabric texture on the article. This kind of wedding dress customization is often limited to the catwalk, and if you are a bride with an extremely avant-garde ideology and aesthetics, you can also try it.

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Choose the right dress for each bride's body


A lot of the bride in the wedding dress, there is no more than those who know your suit what kind of style, now whether it is a wedding photograph, or a wedding dress a lot of the time are chosen by the new people, and according to all the bride's body shape is different, when choosing wedding dress, how should choose according to their bodies.

The bride chooses the wedding dress with different body shape

Too thin or skinny bride always give a person a kind of weak feeling, and it's too thin to be able to appear no spirit, want to fresh at the wedding, her marriage advice you choose multilevel and princess full-skirted dress with falbala, to strengthen the visual sense of fullness; You can also choose a style that tightens your chest, which will make you look cuter. On the choice of the sleeves can be in with a lace long sleeve or long sleeve, don't worry about it is that you look too fat, they are just the fullness of your body, make you look radiant.

The bride chooses the wedding dress for different body shape

The body is full of you certainly hope to appear a bit thinner on the wedding, suggest you choose the wedding dress that concise change straight line cuts and formal attire, the design that slim body can make you look slender graceful; The design of waist and skirt place should avoid heavy and complicated as far as possible, with simple it is advisable, excessive adornment can make the body more expand in imperceptible, appear bloated; Can choose the princess style that lower place slightly fleeciness, but should not be too big, the skirt place of too big can expand lower part of the body; It is advisable to choose low collar, with v-neck as the best, so as to lengthen the body line; Decorative lace flower appropriate chooses thinner plane lace.

The bride chooses the wedding dress with different body shape

If your upper body is plump, it is recommended that you choose a dress with simple upper body design and the advantages of breast line. You can refer to the inverted pear shape of the bride's wedding dress selection method. If your lower body relatively full, it is suggested that do not choose to buckling as the design key of wedding dress and skirt with an a-line shape is beautiful, pay special attention to the design of the neckline, can lock the line of sight of people in A relatively thin upper body; Also can refer to pear shape bride's wedding dress selection method.

The bride chooses her wedding dress in different shapes and sizes

Tall figure is a lot of women dream, too skinny thin, however, let the bride there is a bamboo pole, on the choice of wedding dress to be a principle in order to develop the tall, thin cover: choose to tighten the chest design, tie-in loose up the hem of the princess type, breaking the thin sense on the vision; Upper body line is appropriate much change, avoid vertical line, take a name to wedding gauze photograph, can choose the flower of thick bud lace as adornment; Strengthen the design of the shoulder, can make you look more have spirit, for example add cushion shoulder, exaggerated bubble sleeve and lotus leaf design, the medium long sleeve that contains lacy adornment, it is good choice. In addition you still can choose to open small collar or stand collar, neckline adds a few adornment, unfavorable make upper body appears too thin and bare.

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How to avoid misunderstanding


Select wedding dress mistakes 1, how to take off the wedding hot summer? Or pick a sleeve!

In fact, from picking up to a wedding hotel, the time when the bride is outside is extremely short. Indoor air conditioning in summer is open, and with the emotional impulse of new people, heat will certainly not. Of course, if it is a favorite item with a sleeved wedding dress, it is naturally the best.

If the bride is afraid of heat, one can choose the amount of cotton wedding dress, the two can use a shawl with their own, both insulation, borrowed to reduce their own gas, why not!

Select the wedding dress shirt misunderstanding 2, the amount of satin material wedding dress looks noble! Than the amount of yarn wedding!

This is a misunderstanding of a lot of prospective brides, and it feels as if the wedding is hidden by double elegance. In fact, this is a bad idea. There are many kinds of wedding dresses, such as satin, organza and so on. Do not admit that the amount of material can be different from the bride's different gas. But the most important thing is that the number of wedding dresses selected by the satin is the determination of the bride's ego, body fighting hobby.

Some of the brides have less enthusiasm, or like a very elegant and elegant wedding dress, then choose the wedding dress in the satin is the control of open, but if the bride is bitter beauty beloved type, so the bride in contrast to open the yarn in the wedding dress. If the wedding dress in the satin will be hidden too much, the wedding scene will reveal the situation of disharmony between clothes and people.

Select the wedding dress error code 3, a good fishtail wedding dress oh! Unfortunately, there is a devil figure, reluctant pass!

At the wedding, the bride is very concerned about revealing the perfect look of herself! Always feel sexy is enough to meet. The fish-tailed wedding dresses are all prepared for those who are devil's figure. It is not.

The type of fish-tail wedding dress is actually not very tall. As long as your small back has a “buoy”, you can. Fish-tail type wedding dresses have a good type of repair, open-tail fish-shaped wedding dress, off the people will be hidden very "thin", while the name will make people feel charming and charming, very There are female girls taste women. Sometimes everyone may wish to take a test and test, and there may be arrogant achievements that you cannot imagine yourself!

Select the wrong dress wedding dress 4, arm thicker how to dress up? Bring a full set!

Footwear is a wedding dress accessory often used in the wedding process. There are more lace or satin feet in the daily routine. The bride may feel that her own arm is thick and her appearance is not beautiful. Can also be decorated with fleshy arms, but also wonderful, is not a double-edged sword.

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How the bride turned queen


As the bride in the first protagonist of the wedding, naturally the most eye-catching focus in the wedding. In order to get extra points for their wedding, the brides have to dress up and work harder than the sun. They are more charming than the lights. In order to become the queen of the gas field, the bride wedding dress that is a sparkling wedding dress is a must-have. Let's take a look with Avini wedding dress!

High-waist puffy princess dress is almost a type of wedding gown that can be controlled by all brides. It can realize women's breasts, slender waists and tall dreams. The exaggerated tutu can reflect the proportion of the upper body more petite. The top of this wedding dress is designed with a completely symmetrical crystal totem. Crystal beaded and crystal rhinestones embellish the lace pattern with a more contoured and volumetric feel. Its dazzling light is definitely enough for you to become a charming and sexy princess in your wedding.

Many full-bodied prospective brides hope to show the best body advantage when wearing a dress, transparent and shiny small crystals, can bring you a proper gloss modification. However, pure white wedding dress can only choose bright colors to decorate it? Shining black crystal can bring you different visual experience. Luxury sparkling highlights the bride's slim waist. This is better than using a single fabric to make a belt.

Skirts, such as misty skirts, will make the bride light as if walking in the clouds. For tall brides, who are not used to wearing high heels, such an awkward skirt is enough to embellish your graceful posture when you walk. The wedding dress is decorated with a gray crystal. The combination of gray blur and crystal sparkle makes it bright but not dazzling, allowing the bride to be able to work between a metallic luxury and a lightweight dance skirt.

This set of dresses uses the perspective elements that have become quite popular in recent years. The front is cut with a collar and the back is a super "V". This makes a small breasted bride sexy. The dress is dominated by white, but the whole body is exudes pale pink light, blurred silhouette in the loose, so that the bride is like a bathing beauty in general, between the words and deportment are exudes sweet tempting luster.

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Grand and prosperous Mongolian wedding customs


The Mongolian people pay great attention to the wedding ceremony. Although the region is different and the situation is different, it is very grand and prosperous. The marriage custom of common pastoral areas is: when the marriage comes back to the man's house, the bride and groom will not leave the carriage, first around the Mongolian bag three times. The bride and groom then walk through two mounds of fire to be baptized by vulcan. It indicates the innocence of love and the prosperity of new life. After entering Mongolia, the bride and groom first pay homage to the Buddha and then visit their parents and relatives. At the end of the ceremony, the bride's hair is combed by her hair. After dressing and changing, wait for the wedding reception to begin. The wedding banquet usually has sheep's back or whole sheep's table, all kinds of milk food, candy included. At the wedding banquet, the bridegroom took the silver pot and the bride held the silver bowl. The boys held up their silver cups and drank. The girls sang along with the harpsichord. Weddings usually last two or three days before relatives and friends leave. The bride's donor must remain with the bride for one to three days. Sometimes, the bride's mother also saw the bride off and stayed for more than ten days. When parting, mother and daughter embrace, cry bitterly, signal not to give up.

One of the Mongolian wedding customs, marriage is usually on the day before the wedding day. In the happy atmosphere, the groom put on a colorful Mongolian robe, a colorful ribbon around his waist, a round red hat hat, high leather boots and a bow and arrow. The groomsman and the benefactor also put on their Sunday clothes. They rode together, took floats and gifts, and went to the women's home to marry. The man who married the woman went around Mongolia for a week and offered her a ram and other gifts. Then, the groom and groomsman hold hada and wine in their hands. They toast to the bride's parents and long relatives one by one and kneel down. After the ceremony, the bride withdrew. In the evening, there was a five-pronged feast for sheep and a traditional ceremony for asking for their names. In the early hours of the next morning, the bride was picked up by her uncle or uncle when the bride set off. The groom will ride three times around the bride's floats. Then the bride and the giver set off together.

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Accessories and wedding dress match in essence not in much


Accessories go with wedding dresses. Some people like a pousled skirt, others like a fishtail skirt. Some brides like long sleeves, some brides like to wear their breasts, and some brides may like sleeveless dresses. Let's take a look at accessories and wedding dresses to match your big day.

Accessorize with bridal gown match 1. For those sweet and lovely, the young bride that gathers a thousand favorite in a suit, it is the best chance to realize her princess dream on the wedding day. If you have a slim upper body, a small chest, and slender arms, a sleeveless pantsuit is the perfect choice.

Accessories and dress collocation 2. If you are a frail woman in a typical dependent people, and in terms of height, skeletal just small, thin, narrow shoulders, and chest is not plump but waist line is clear, then you need to highlight your advantages: a wedding dress design highlight waist waist, sleeveless show slender arms; Also decorate to hide your weaknesses: the heavy coverage of the shoulders extends the shoulder width visually, and the pleated design of the chest can appear fuller.

Accessorize with bridal gown 3. Gorgeous neckline decoration can attract guests' attention to the outside of the chest.

Deserve to act the role of and bridal gown collocation 4. The lower part of pengpeng skirt is designed however princess temperament is dye-in-the-wood, romantic fantasy. Due to the design of the neckline gorgeous enough, so don't need to match again too much adorn article will disperse stunning eyes, as long as take a with wedding dress, the same material concise classic handbag, wearing a shiny enough ring and neckline brilliance hand in photograph reflect, you just enough glamorous, worthy to become the real princess.

Accessories and dress collocation 5. Sleeveless dresses overall concise and easy, cultivate one's morality, waist design with the ornament of the diamond pattern and its smooth add a few minutes of showily and charm, cultivate one's morality hem is engineering added trailing, let the lower half is enough. The mature independent spell able, a little big woman temperament brides, if just tall thin, can consider to choose this kind of style, roll up high neat bun with elegant bridal veil, all is the perfect combination of rigid-flexible economic.

Accessory2) accessory2) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3) accessory3 Don't need too much complicated accessories, need to make a pair of diamond earrings shine flowers pattern between the neck and the waist of diamond ornament echo, perfect foil you clean makeup and powerful aura is just right. By the way, no matter match what kind of wedding dress is the same, adorn article is in essence not much.

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Tell you the maid of honor dress code


The bridesmaid group dresses the temperament small secret, if the woman's life, when is most worth commemorating, will have the wedding that moment. The maid of honor, as the icing on the cake, must bear the bride's beauty and show her own sweetness. However, as a close friend of the bridesmaid group how to dress temperament, the following tell you how the bridesmaid group dress temperament small secret.

Bridesmaid dresses wear a little secret of temperament 1: different styles of the same color

According to each person's figure characteristic, bridesmaid group also can choose different style skirt outfit, but on colour had better have a unified. Choose a kind of advocate color, next press oneself color of skin color to choose the skirt that different depth shallow changes color to OK.

Bridesmaids wear a little secret 2: little black dress + accessories

No matter what the occasion, an elegant little black dress will never go wrong. If be afraid to show dullness slightly on the wedding, might as well use the deserve to act the role of boldness to light up integral collocation. Especially some bright color will bring better effect.

Bridesmaids dress in the same style and color

Bridesmaid groups can choose dresses of the same style, but each person can have different colors. If there are more people, they can choose 2 to 3 colors to make the bridesmaid group look more energetic.

Bridesmaids dress in temperamental secret # 4: floral print

Bridesmaid dresses are usually plain, but for a more modern look, opt for a popular print. However, bridesmaids should be careful not to exaggerate the choice of printing, after all, this is not a fashion show, do not steal the show.

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A brief analysis of the wedding dress


The wedding ceremony is a ceremony that has existed in all countries since ancient times, but the wedding dress is less than 200 years old. From ancient times until now, wedding dresses have been gradually hung up in fashion, fashion, luxury. So why not go back to the source, and how did it happen? Was it the ancient Greek aristocracy or the European royalty?

In sixteenth-century Europe, while hunting in a small town in Northern Ireland, the earl of Richard came across Rose. When Richard earl and Rose immediately. Miss love at first sight, but the conditions of the royal family is hope can Miss Rose overnight sewing one length, royal special church from Ireland to the church door before marrying white robes. Finally, a delicate and extremely simple design lines do not break luxuriant breath of the 16-meter white holy robe was born, legend this is the world's first wedding dress. Wedding speech

Dress the incarnations of 2. 1700-1700 b.c., for the origin of the wedding dress, is different, in 1700 BC in ancient Greece, 1550 meters north three dynasty nobles before your chest type dress worn by women, under the bell skirt. Such a whole tight fitting clothing legend is the earliest prototype of the wedding dress.

During the European Renaissance in the 16th century, during the European Renaissance in the 16th century, the concept of the dress became clear gradually after the appearance of tight bodice and skirt braces. Designers began to create a variety of three-dimensional effect, such a rich idea, also for the later wedding dress design in the three-dimensional cutting.

Wedding dress the incarnations of 4. During the period of 17-18 th-century Europe, a popular, richly luxurious baroque art and slim and light of rococo art is applied on the wedding dress, reveals a grand wedding and luxurious and noble dress. Wedding dress gradually from the original low neckline was replaced by a dignified high neckline, the material began to use more luxuriant satin, neckline, cuff and skirt are also inlaid with many floral decorations.

Wedding dress incarnations of the 5.19 century is an era of colorful, solemn wedding dress is given on the new classicism, romanticism, restore ancient ways, so to show diversity, seems to be wedding dress into the fashion trends. The original fabrics, such as silk and satin, also began to appear frequently with mesh tulle, lace and other "rivals", making bride-to-be dazzling.

6. In the 21st century of fashion, the conservative and heavy wedding dress has let the bride feel relieved. Sex appeal, elegant, line is beautiful also had gone with the passage of time, entered the world of bridal gown. Some designers still keep the original "top and bottom" design, but at the same time, some designers shed the concept of skirt support. Exaggerated skirt place, reach knee type short style, luxuriant shawl, sexy hollow out already is the inspiration of bridal designers and tide weathervane.

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