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Personalized wedding invitations make a different wedding


It's wedding season again, and more and more people are taking wedding photos. Many new couples want to marry themselves this year. Small small make up specially found a few characteristic to share with everybody, these are very have the characteristic happy tie of the characteristic, everybody understand below!

Personalized wedding invitations make a different wedding

Category 1: big love lace wedding invitations

Lace is a girl with a dream of female paper can not resist the temptation oh, red lace wedding thread not only met the majority of lace control needs, but also in line with the concept of Chinese love red fire, enough happy, kill two birds with one stone!

If is holds the western style wedding ceremony, the white bud silk's happy tie matchs with the nude color bow tie belt, in the grace does not break nifty, good drift! Attention to the door is also two o 'clock!

Category 2: wedding invitations for Korean style dress

If you want to send different wedding invitations to different guests, for example, if you want to send wedding invitations to the man's guests on behalf of the man, you can choose wedding dress style wedding invitations.

Of course, you can also be unique, to the wedding guests hair wedding dress money, women hair suit money, means to the new found the other half, male take female marriage, is also very meaningful! And these two xietie cover group use 300 grams of bead light card paper make it, weight is dye-in-the-wood, flash silvery light, sending out noble temperament, too beautiful la la la!!!! (the price is cheaper than lace.)

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Keep another kind of happy best friend's wedding photos


When harvest love, most hope happiness can let her know first. Today we are going to bring you some beautiful wedding photos to witness your friendship and keep you happy.

You are my best friend, my dearest, our friendship can even surpass love. On such a day, I always think of you, my happiness must be witnessed by you, in such a special day, I hope you will continue to accompany me and witness the happiness of each other.

There is no need for fame and wealth between us. We learn from each other and fight with each other. We understand and tolerate each other. Along the way, because of your company, the days are not so lonely, but full of a lot of magical colors.

We always talk about everything, and we have witnessed the growth of each other. When we fell down and disappointed, we hugged each other, then dried our tears and moved on. A special best friend wedding photos can treasure our most real friendship. Thank you. Thank you for your company.

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Petite brides can be as tall as the right dress


Believe many girls grew up the appearance of a prospective fantasized about my future, or even specific to color, style, material, as long as you close your eyes can see wearing wedding clothes themselves, but some petite bride, some elegant dress doesn't fit, in this case, then we can choose pure and fresh and smart route, this is petite bride own temperament.

Style 1: high-waisted dress

Most wedding dress is long money, so petite bride can choose a few tall waist design to pull tall visual center of gravity, the key of this kind of design dress design is in commonly upper body, visual center of gravity moves on, let the bride's figure appear slender, and tall waist design can reveal the lovely and clever of bride. Also, if you don't feel your breasts are full enough, opt for a dress with a luxe design on the front.

Style 2: flowing dress

If you are a lover of long gowns, Venus, a wedding photographer based in fuzhou, suggests a gown with a flowing material and a slit design. When the bride is shooting on location, her skirt flies in the wind and her legs show, giving a fresh and elegant feeling.

Style 3: small trailing wedding dress

If want to make oneself look nobler and more elegant, so can try small to pull end marriage gauze, small pull end makes the lower part of the bride looks more slender, can foil noble and elegant temperament more.

Style 4: short wedding dress

Nowadays, short wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular, which is good for petite brides. Short wedding dresses just reflect the fresh and lively beauty of the bride.

Xiamen wedding photography reminds sisters, if you do not know what kind of wedding dress you are suitable for, so much to see more try more, listen to the advice of the dresser, I believe you will soon find a suitable dress.

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The interior also gives you the perfect wedding picture


Now new to wedding photos are increasingly demanding perfection, whether it's taken what style of wedding photos don't appear any flaws, about wedding style that's too much, interior and exterior, and so on, so if the couple want to shoot interior photos which prepared to do, how to shoot the interior of the perfect wedding photos, gulangyu wedding photography now show you specific principle strategy.

One, kiss each other show sweetness

Couple kiss each other indispensable position, this is a picture taken at the time of shooting indoor wedding photos, must grasp the good kiss point of view, not only need natural looking, the bride and groom, too, soulful kiss will be more vivid and moving, before filming, the bride can husband and a good practice, find the feeling, indoor wedding photos are generally pay attention to beautiful, generally is the extent to which seems kiss kiss is the most wonderful, do not kiss, or gather together too tight, this affects the effect of shooting and aesthetic feeling.

Happiness embraces true feelings

To get photos taken has its own characteristics, so embrace will have their own style, the couple must embrace true feelings, at the time of hug, also don't forget to smile oh, hug is a dynamic action, the photographer need to captured your most beautiful moment, so be sure to keep good posture, remember, must not be too rigid, to nature, to the best effect.

Sit gracefully

Photos in the sitting position is very common, sitting position generally difficult to play, but if you want to have their wedding photos taken of the perfect personality, then you have to charge some of idea, newcomer can swing posture, leaning child bride to the groom, reflects the couple's love and sweet, at the same time the two best smile, can make the picture appear more sweet and happy, more appealing.

Taken a set of perfect interior photos is not a easy thing, need new people to be prepared for each item, see above Beijing wedding photography summary for everyone perfect interior photos strategy, at this time you must have probably understanding, so must carry on the interior of the couple, now go and meimei filming, believe your wedding photos will be perfect.

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How to choose the most suitable wedding photos


Before many new couples choose to get married, the biggest thing is to choose a wedding photo shop, take a set of their favorite wedding photos. However, the price of wedding photos in the market is up and down, and the price difference of wedding photos in different stores is very large. The staff in the store explained that this is because the photographer, the makeup artist and the service in the store are different from that in other stores. But many people feel that there is a lot of gap, a set of wedding photos only wedding photos prices have such a big gap. So still need according to each person's actual situation, will choose to suit oneself wedding dress photography

The main wedding photography is clothing. The choice of wedding dress makes many women struggle with their brains. Wedding dresses of all kinds dazzle the bride. Different wedding dresses cost different prices, but the effect is different. And when choosing, you should choose according to your body and the scenic spots you shoot. This is a very technical part. As long as you feel comfortable and look comfortable, you don't feel out of place. It's not necessary to be very strict about which one is the best.

Another is to choose a better location according to the price you choose. Taking wedding photos requires outdoor scenes, which may be achieved due to weather or seasonal reasons. Sometimes, it is also necessary to wear a wedding dress with shoulder length in winter. However, no matter what, thinking about it is to leave a lasting memory for your love, you will feel that everything is worthwhile. However, the location you choose must be liked by you. You should never feel uncomfortable about this scenic spot and insist on shooting. This will go against your original intention of wedding photography. So you need to be happy.

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The distinctive bridal makeup makes you more amorous


Nowadays, the make-up of the bride is also romantic, and the fashion trends upgrade the romance of the wedding. Traditionally, stylists choose makeup according to the bride's looks and temperament. And the concept of most in nowadays is to choose makeup look according to wedding style, let your internal temperament blossom completely in oneself marriage style. The bride can perfectly integrate herself into the wedding style and become the most shining element in the wedding. With xiamen wedding photography to understand it ~

Unusual bridal make up

Makeup 1: fresh and natural

Clean and relaxed nude makeup, flowing long hair and natural accessories, a sense of unworldly sobriety let people shine at the moment. Simple long wedding dress, the lace design of the collar match the sparkling diamond, just like the spirit coming out from the deep forest, sending out the aroma of grass. Forest, nostalgia, natural elements, such as the combination, combination, so that the wedding scene immediately blowing fresh air. The wedding of pure and fresh style, can use a few cool and cool color more, add a few downy warm color, create a kind of clean and hazy tone, promote wedding atmosphere and be not be faint.

Makeup look 2: romantic amorous feelings

The most romantic thing is to hold your hand to say "I do", xiamen wedding photography studio is to slowly grow old together with you, is also when you lift my veil, see my warm and romantic face. Clean and pink tender makeup look, line downy wave curl, can model a gentle but person. Tulle, sequins, lace, pearls, and diamonds are indispensable to your wedding dress, and big trailing tails, cake hemlines, and tulle will make you look like a real princess.

Romantic - themed weddings are a must-have style. Gauze, flower, smile, sweet, will leave acme romance experience and wedding memory. The soft colors, the warm atmosphere of the xiamen film house, is like the happiness of basking in the sunshine in the garden, and like the elegant and happy princess living in the castle.

Makeup 3: modern times

Bright-coloured colour, exaggerated adornment, outstanding individual character and temperament, it is the key of bridal modelling. Eyeliner and red lips will be the highlights of the makeup look, with an uncluttered bun shaping the noble and modern bride. Feathers, gems and sequins will lift the bride's spirits and transform her into a city queen. You can try any wedding dress with a bold design to show off your modern look.

The 1920s in the United States was a really exquisite and modern era. Until now, the wedding photography in xiamen was still a modern symbol. Various trends of thought, the birth of artists and various art forms emerge. Exquisite makeup, gorgeous gowns, elaborate banquets, everything with the memory of the 20s, will bring you into the upper class life.

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Knowing what to wear will not steal the couple's thunder


From the custom, attend the wedding blue, green can not send another girl had better not wear bright red, red, lest steal the bride's limelight from the western custom, attend the wedding black can not wear; Boys do not wear pure white, white teeth, so as not to be more like prince charming than the groom also a little bit, xiamen wedding photography according to 10 o 'clock to teach you to attend the wedding dress color.

What to wear to the wedding

If you are an unmarried young woman, a water-pink or water-blue dress is better.

2. For older women, brown-red or sapphire clothes are more suitable.

If it's a man, it's ok to wear a casual shirt and trousers. When wearing a dark suit, remember to wear black socks with black shoes.

It's best not to wear black to the wedding to avoid making the couple feel unlucky.

5. Women should wear suits, and the degree of nudity should not exceed that of the bride.

6. The wedding dress should be matched with the wedding theme. Ladies should not wear dresses similar to the wedding dress. In a word, do not compete with red flower for green leaves.

7. If the wedding that you are going to attend pays more attention to the ceremony, such as a church wedding or a foreign wedding, you should wear a heavier dress. A suit, cheongsam or a more gorgeous dress are all good choices. Underwater wedding photography

8, attending wedding don't wear a mop the floor long gowns, appear too big, can't too revealing dress, tank tops and too sexy clothes are to attend the wedding, if you really want to wear condole belt unlined upper garment must be on the outer trim coat or a shawl, too plump figure of a woman can choose v-neck dress stretch ratio.

9. Please wear formal clothes to the wedding to show respect for the new couple. Do not wear shorts or cool slippers

10, anyhow, want to compare formal, do not want too bright-coloured to rob the elegant demeanour of host again, went. Color and style do not match the new person.

Have you seen the top ten? Knowing what to wear will not steal the couple's limelight.

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How does a little bride wear a big trailing wedding dress


Each new couple is different in height, in your eyes what is the most beautiful wedding dress? A lot of brides will say a long tail wedding dress, but, in the choice of wear, not everyone is driving, if you are small, then can only look at from a distance. Can only a big bride wear it? Not exactly. How does a petite bride get into a big trailing wedding dress?

Xiamen wedding photos

First, high heels

This is a must for girls. If you are small, you need to wear high heels. Wearing high heels can help you. In these small make up want to point out, do not choose too tall, also do not wear too fine, should want to choose waterproof platform, the choice that suits oneself is best.

Second, belt

Brides can select it, modify their bodies, should be a little higher, so that you can stretch the proportion of the body, you will look particularly tall, more sexy, xiamen wedding photography agency if the wedding dress is the design of tall waist, that is the best, you again tie-in high-heeled shoes, is the perfect effect.

Anyhow tell petite brides, also you can HOLG live big trailing, it makes you more beautiful, but should pay attention to skills, you might be a bit more tired, if you have no special requirements, can choose the kind of trailing, or small trailing type, that would be it is very easy to control, brief paragraph type will appear more playful, highlight your strengths.

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There are great ways to take wedding photos


For girls, wedding photos are extremely important, take them once in a lifetime, of course, I hope I am the most beautiful princess. So how can you make the wedding photo shoot out more beautiful? Zhengzhou wedding photography studio to tell you, this is a clever oh.

Picture yourself as the most beautiful person. Don't worry about looking bad.

Tilt your head up a bit and your nose will look smaller

3, naturally stand up straight, straight back, so long legs, hip curve will come out naturally, facial expression will also be with shine.

4. Smile is the most mirror-like expression, but it is better not to laugh in the wedding photos to avoid obvious fine lines around the eyes and loss of carriage.

5. The cheek should be 45 or 65 degrees, so the face will look smaller and more defined.

6. The face and neck shoulder are the key points of the visual effect. When choosing the wedding photos, the lotus leaf collar and cardigan-style neckline show the female's sexy collarbone, which is also very appropriate. Also, the u-shaped princess collar has the effect of making the neck look longer between the face and the neck. A shirt with a bow tie at the neck and chest also has an elongated, face-framing effect.

7. The last and most useful one: practice posing in front of the mirror frequently and take photos when ready.

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A colorful and bright color scheme


Everyone wants to have a perfect dream wedding, and color scheme is the key to a perfect wedding. So, colour collocation must be appropriate, just can let you have a perfect wedding.

The most common form of wedding in spring and summer is the form of outdoor wedding, and the color collocation of outdoor wedding must be bright and bright, reflecting the special profusion romance of this season. Here's a selection of common color combinations for outdoor weddings to help couples create the perfect romance.

Colour is tie-in

1. Dream wedding: gold + pink

Any girl wants to have a dream wedding, so you might as well have your wedding in a pink main color, supplemented by a noble gold, so you can create a perfect wedding that is both gorgeous and dreamy. Whether it's an outdoor wedding or a buffet dinner, both colors create a warm and elegant festive atmosphere.

2. Sweet wedding: red + yellow + blue

These three colors are essential to a happy and romantic wedding. Rose is sweet, bright yellow bright yan, blue grace, build the gorgeous colour that gives chun xia season peculiar jointly. The new couple can use these three colors in the decoration of flowers, ribbon packaging, paper design and so on to render the outdoor amorous feelings of bright profusion.

Sunshine weddings: blue + orange

How can the spring summer season of profusion get this kind of clash color tide less? Blue tablecloth, water cup tie-in orange candlestick type table flower, bring comfortable and cheerful good mood to the guest. If you want to make your wedding more sweet, you can also put a lot of lollipops everywhere to match your wedding theme color, and write the guests' names and seats on the lollipops.

Clean wedding: apple green + orange

In this hot summer, try a fresh wedding to cool yourself and your guests. The apple green that comes to reflect through green plant can bring a person pure and fresh and bright sense, rematch the bright-coloured flower of orange color, let a kind of profusion sweet feeling added again in pure and fresh bright beautiful, all show romantic happy atmosphere.

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