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Can't take wedding photos on a cloudy day


We can never predict the temper of heaven. Maybe it will be clear and cloudy. Although this is a very normal natural phenomenon, but for the wedding photo hungry bride and groom to come first, if take the wedding photo to meet the cloudy day how should do? The odds may be small, but nothing is out of the question.

Actually picture taken with the weather condition there is no much impact, and a clear benefits have a sunny day, cloudy day also has the benefits of the cloudy day, sunny day, because the sun is too strong, so the photo will try to avoid the sun point-blank, may cause the phenomenon such as halo, has certain influence to the photos, in the cloudy day won't appear such circumstance, and overcast light is downy, when photography, chaperon also can appear very gentle, let the bride have feminine taste more.

Take wedding photos in cloudy day, not to worry about halo of problems because of the light is too strong, it's cloudy thing because no light would seem a bit dark, through juicers lighting can create a romantic atmosphere for the couple, this is the natural can't show. In photography, the new people actually don't have to pay too much attention to sunny or cloudy, as long as their well prepared, believe wedding photography studio service staff would make a perfect wedding photos for you, of course, the premise is to the new candidate for wedding photography studio.

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