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What to watch out for when attending a good friend's wedding


If you are of marriageable age, your classmates and friends will get married soon, and you will be attending their wedding. Sometimes very close friends will put you on the list of people who can help, and that's when we need to step up to the front line of the wedding service and make a small contribution to the upcoming wedding. What do you need to do? It is part of being a friend to serve guests and friends.

In some more formal weddings, friends also have an important role to play, which is to cooperate. Sometimes the host is too monotonous to move the atmosphere, at this time, the elders must not allow them, and the ordinary guests feel that the matter is irrelevant. Then you as the new guy's best friend need to step up and make some jokes, or interact with the guests to make the whole place feel good.

It's also important to note that you, as a good friend, are going to let your gift go when the number of gifts ordered by the couple is not enough and some guests will be snubbed. Of course, this is a small thing, but it is necessary to prepare. Or you may want to help the couple put up posters at the entrance of the hotel, pick up guests at the airport, and so on.

Be resourceful about the small issues that come up during a wedding, so you can prepare for your own wedding in the future. Now that you've made a contribution to your friends, they'll help you with your wedding, too.

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