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Classic black and white wedding


This era is an era of pursuit of individuality. When colorful and luxurious photography works are filled with human vision, a classic format has been quietly introduced. After a long time of precipitation, the black and white photos have entered the stage of the new century with their unique charm. The cool and classic black color, the black and white wedding photos are striking the human eye.

Black and white, in terms of color, are the ends of all colors. It can transform the extremely complex polychromatic world of reality into a monochrome world, leading people to appreciate the content of pictures more intensively. Black and white photos can not only reflect the reality honestly, but also help the author to focus on the most important details that can infect people. This is the charm of the art of "black and white", and it is also the unique feature of black and white wedding photos.

Although color photography can fully show the beauty of the picture, it is still black and white photography that can clearly show the complex content and image. Black and white photographs are more likely to reflect some aspects of people's deep feelings. The dark parts of black and white wedding photos are associated with a vibrant, cheerful and open space. It gets rid of the blind pursuit of verisimilitude, and by means of symbolism, people can produce a kind of originality and precious effect to take this photo.

Black and white wedding photos enjoy the lack of color, and through the choice of film, exposure, developer and development mode, the final results of wedding photos can be affected. On the other hand, we can use special methods to beautify the picture. For example, highlight a certain area, make it bright or dark, change its contrast, and capture the audience's attention.

The most important thing about black and white wedding photos is that they can cover up your defects for a couple with physical defects. You don't have to worry about any defects any more. After seeing this, do the couples want to take a black and white wedding photo? To be a black and white bride, to be a brilliant queen.

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