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The pure white wedding dress Bridal charm on the body


In China, on the day of wedding celebrations, there are naturally fewer beautiful Chinese reds. With the introduction of western marriage ideas, many newcomers have begun to accept Western-style weddings. Then in the wedding, the bride generally chooses white yarn as her dress in addition to the traditional Chinese cheongsam. Pure white wedding dress has always been loved by new people. White is a symbol of purity, sincerity and innocence in the West. White yarn is becoming more and more popular in China. Let's take a look at the popular white gauze styles in the wedding today. High-split wedding dress, oblique shoulder design, sleeveless and sleeved contrast, trim, simple and stylish. Waist decorative embellishment more prominent women's curves.

Nightdress-style wedding dress, double shoulder straps to create a floral style, set off the sexy collarbone. Lace's floret-embossed skirt embosses innocence and romance on the underside of the chest and the side of the veil. The sleek multi-layer wedding dress is light and pure, with a soft texture to create a dreamy and beautiful bride.

White yarn is a wedding dress style that is more popular for weddings. It can be said to have different characteristics, but it is a good representation of the bride's graceful posture, perfect curves and elegant temperament. Bridal brides may wish to try such a pure white wedding dress, your wedding dress may become unique.

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