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When does the bride for the wedding pictur


Now take some group photos of exterior has become an indispensable part of a photos of the department, it make photos content more rich, let the couple can relax in the real nature sets to complete the events of life, but not all of the couple is fit for photography, so what's new is not in tune?

A, the bride and groom motion sickness: general location and studio will be relatively far away from the city proper, so the car is also very long on the road, which make a habit of motion sickness newcomer distressed, photography is a happy things easily, can let the couple's face was very bad and mental state, and even makeup also of no help, body uncomfortable feeling will also affect the mood of new shoot, so carsick serious or not to shoot on location.

Ii. The bride is in the biological stage: the bride is in the biological stage, and it is also best not to choose outdoor photography. Bride physiological period, entity appeared many uncomfortable situation, especially tired feeling, this let the couple looks not spirit, and physiological period is active for a long period of time, but also to the health of the bride, the most important thing is, the location of place in a remote area, sometimes go to the toilet is not very convenient, moreover the bride go to the toilet can also affect shooting time.

Three, shooting only one day of the couple: if the couple shooting time only one day, also had better not choose location, especially the relatively remote location of the base, if the location choice is more, so the couple's time may be not enough use, has been delayed to next day, then add the money, and the shooting process that is too tight, will make the new people feel very tired, so as to affect the effect of shooting, so the couple choose location filming location had better not too strange, best near the downtown of a few.

Four, the bride and groom are lack of exercise: it is a physical strength live, the bride and groom posed to not only, and a day to smile to face stiff, especially the bride makeup modelling will need to waste hours in the morning, still have to hungry. When you're in a bad state, the pictures don't work very well. Therefore, it is recommended that couples with poor physical fitness do not choose to take wedding photos on location in order to get the best effect.

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