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Haijing wedding photo wedding dress selection experience


More and more couples choose to take wedding photos. At the end of the sea, the water meets the sky. Suggest with lightsome material, adornment sex is little, quality of a material is not delicate weak marriage gauze.

Rule 1: lightweight

The seaside wedding photos include travel, so the luggage should be simple and light, so that the travel is not too heavy. So on wedding dress choice, had better give priority to with portable material. Chiffon and yarn are good choices.

Rule two: simple style and small size

The seaside photos, fishtail type, had better choose an a-line shape close-fitting clipping, or small peng skirt, etc., is A good choice, it is best to avoid A bustle of big long trailing skirts, action is not convenient, or too tight.

Criterion 3: the material is not delicate and expensive, can dip sea water

Inevitably, pat the beach wedding photos, wedding dress will stick to the sea, so the dress had better choose material not too, such as: silk chiffon, light, had better not choose heavy satin, delicate silk fabrics.

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