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Wedding photos are beautiful in different weather


The weather for new photography is very important, especially in the light of day good or bad determines the quality of photos, so the couple want to take pictures of the day is a good sunny day, in this way can take beautiful photos. Even on a sunny day, when the wind and fog will affect the mood of taking photos, so how to take wedding photos in different weather?

Cloudy weather

In addition to the sun is shining, actually the most suitable for their wedding photos time is cloudy, because the sunlight cloudy tend not to be strong, at this time the scenery under the clouds will be another soft, and the couple can also avoid makeup when photos were taken, reflective, hot and a series of embarrassing. In addition, when shooting a long view in cloudy weather, you will be able to experience the wonderful feeling brought to you by the changing and colorful white clouds in the sky. Such wedding photos are often more unique.

2. Windy weather

Some couples may be afraid of the wind when they take wedding photos, but in fact, the wind does not have the charm to take wedding photos. Because usually cause a feeling of flying skirt, whether is it windward and leeward and sit, vision, close range and features, as long as the Angle of the photographer chose to get good, new people prefer to show, such clap a wedding photos are often more clever.

3, the fog

It is assumed that foggy weather is not suitable for wedding photos, because wedding photos taken in such weather may be blurry and affect the photo effect. Actually it doesn't have to be, if it's taken some photos with special complex in the mist, tend to be more than other times take pictures have lasting appeal, plus the photos after post-processing is also having a unique style.

4, a rainy day

The last thing couples are likely to want to see in a wedding photo shoot is a rainy day. Of course, the pouring rain may not be suitable for wedding photos, but if it is drizzling rain, why not use such a beautiful scenery to create a unique style of wedding photos? Whether you use an umbrella or the surrounding buildings, you can direct a wedding photo with a rich story for yourself. Isn't it more interesting?

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