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Create a cozy bedroom with details


One house, one of the most important place is the bedroom, when tired, are most vulnerable need to find a harbour, and the bedroom is can rely on, so the couple in decorating a bedroom, must to design according to his be fond of, this can't say I don't care, can change a style again, could the couple have not direction, small make up to new people a little hint, let you not to make mistakes in decorating a new house.

Said 1, first of all, is the problem of color, first enter the bedroom, greeted is the overall color, the color should be in harmony with the whole of the bedroom, also can choose according to their own preferences, in general will choose, white, beige, pink, pale blue color, these are all give a person warm sense. If you're looking for a personality you can add some other colors, but don't overdo it, it will make the room look messy.

2 below said is lighting lighting problem, as we all know, different lighting can create a different atmosphere, if they want a bedroom to appear sweet and comfortable, you can choose to give priority to bedroom with yellow light, yellow look can let a person feel warm. If have the condition, the bedroom can be equipped with a variety of lamps and lanterns, can let whole bedroom space appear more vivid so.

3 this is privacy, when we can easily return to home to rest, don't want to be someone else, of course, peek, so this time is the problem of the choice of the curtain, material had better choose thicker, this is not only safe but also can not let the light shine in.

4 what say finally is, the adornment in the room decorates a problem, marriage gauze photograph is certain, should put in the head of a bed. The color and style of bed ark should be consistent with furniture, euramerican wind, rural wind, solid wood, have a lot of design. The choice of droplight wants to see the size of the room, do not look can not coordinate. Mural chooses a few have artistic feeling, also can white a few own photograph, appear to have home flavour more.

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