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How to take simple and unpretentious wedding photos


The most beautiful beginning originates from the initial move, contracted also is a kind of beauty, how can ability make oneself wedding gauze has contracted aesthetic feeling? Today I'm going to share it with you.

Simple wedding dress.

, classic style of dress is the most popular wedding dress not too flowery, complex, classic style is the most worth people miss, so the bride when selecting a wedding dress, wedding dress to choose the right style that suits oneself.

Delicate makeup.

Picture taken don't have to be too thick, the makeup of clean makeup can also highlight the bride contracted aesthetic feeling, in the bride makeup when can express what you want in advance to the makeup artist makeup look, a delicate makeup look.

3. Accessories.

When choosing a headdress, the bride can choose either a small crown or a veil. When choosing a veil, the bride should also choose according to her height.

These are the tips I share with you on how to take simple and unpretentious wedding photos. I hope the couple can take the most perfect wedding photos.

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