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Bridal makeup tips


Every bride wants to make the perfect makeup, what if she does makeup at her wedding? Today Xiaobian shares with you tips for bride makeup at the wedding.

1. Flower makeup. When this occurs, the bride will first wash the oiled part with oil-absorbing paper, rub a small amount of powder foundation, or use it to clean the face powder to renew the makeup.

2. Eye shadow powder sticks to the lower eyelid. Do not wipe these powdery slags with your fingers. Xiaobian recommends that the bride should use a soft brush to quickly swipe up from the side of the cheek and apply a concealer.

3. Forget how to do with lipstick. The color of the lipstick is almost gone, and the lip line is still left, so apply moisturizing lip balm.

These are the tips for the wedding bride makeup that Xiaobian has shared with you. I hope that the bride can make the most beautiful and charming herself.

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