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Shooting Beautiful Wedding Shoes


1. Choose a suitable shoe

When you take a wedding photo, be sure to choose the most suitable shoes, because if the shoes do not fit, it will make the new people feel very tired when shooting. Of course, this also affects the mood of taking a wedding photo. Therefore, it is most appropriate to choose a pair of shoes that fit together.

2. According to the wedding pick shoes

When choosing shoes, choose according to the style and color of the wedding dress. Different colors of the wedding dress and style selection of shoes are not the same, the right shoes can make the overall picture become more coordinated.

3. Choose comfortable casual shoes

When selecting shoes, newcomers should not only choose shoes that match the style of the wedding dress, but also choose different shoes according to different circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to select shoes according to the spot.

4. Choose the right height shoes

According to the usual habit of wearing the height of the shoes to choose, do not because you want to wear a wedding dress is good, choose a high heel, it will make yourself particularly tired. So choose the height of the shoes must be appropriate.

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