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Tube top veil mini dress


The first move: Nowadays, the most popular Tube Top dress, beautiful tailoring arc to outline your perfect chest, Xiao Lu career line you are not afraid to run away. As a wedding outfit, the Tube Top mini dress became one of the hottest bridal dress styles this year. Can be used with sequins embellished handbags or crystal inlaid shoes, near-color different colors, ever-changing interpretation of the bride's feminine femininity!

The second measure: how to wear a bridesmaid's bra top dress? Elegant and fresh tube top dress is probably the love of many bridesmaids heart, all kinds of beautiful dress in the bright yellow, soft pink, light green candy color highlights Sweet and petite bridesmaids wear; there are silver, dark green, dark blue and other dark colors for mature bridesmaid choose.

The third measure: the red tube top dress is very eye-catching, but it can also grab the limelight of the bride. It is recommended that when the bride wears a Chinese dress, the bridesmaids can work together to put on a red bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaids can't be beautiful, but they can't be too beautiful. Right, on the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids are only green leaves.

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