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Description girls evening dress


The girl was dressed in a pure white strapless dress. The beautiful collarbone was looming. The dress of the skirt looked as if it was transparent and slightly reflective, like angel wings, but it was not exposed at all. The hem of the skirt is an arc from high to low, elegantly uplifted, revealing the beautiful legs of the girls like jade, skirts full of diamonds, diamonds dotted, like countless beautiful morning dew.
She was dressed in a golden dress, long skirts dragged on the ground, bright light, the material is extremely smooth silk, posted a convex curve, the hair braided into a gorgeous style complexion, which is mixed with Gold wire is also shining and exceptionally brilliant.
Yao Shu child dressed in a light green bubble veil skirt, hem cute bubble, accessories are sweet and cute flowers, her crimson also played pink and tender, looks like a girl-like charming.
Pan Nan is a retro prince dress, black dress, two rows of gold buttons, white breeches, black boots, golden medals, gold red ribbons, handsome pressing, handsome exception; Yin Xiamo dressed in a simple white dress, white small Handbags, long hair loosely rolled up, hanging down two micro-volume of hair, skin white, eye waves like the sea, actually did not wear any jewelry, but it seems to be pure and fresh, natural beauty.

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