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What kind of wedding dress bride looks good


First, the material of the wedding dress The body of the bride who is relatively fat, pay attention to the choice of fabric when choosing the wedding dress. Choose thick satin, hard and thick imported satin, is the best magic weapon for fat brides to block fat. Second, the color of the wedding In addition to attention to the above details, fat brides also pay attention to the color of the wedding dress. Presumably we all know that light colors have a sense of expansion, so when fat brides choose a wedding dress, it is best to choose a darker color. For example, burgundy and deep purple are good choices, while festive celebrations are noble. However, we must pay attention to the fact that too bright colors still need to be considered. Third, the design of the wedding 1, if it is the waist or chest are full of prospective bride, high waist low chest wedding dress is your best choice. High-waist wedding dress can block the fat of the waist, and will set off the legs very slender; 2, in addition to the rough arm of the bride, you can choose to bring a sleeve wedding dress. The wedding dress with sleeves can block the thick arm, so as to achieve a modified overall effect; 3, do not do too much decoration, to avoid cumbersome design, it is best to cut with a straight line, plus lace Design will make you look slimmer. If you add too much decoration will add to the visual effect, resulting in feeling too tired, especially in the waist 4, choose a soft material long veil. To a certain extent, the long veil can block the bride's round face, which can be more effective than make-up and face-lift. 5. If you are a bride with a wide shoulder, you must avoid the long line of the wedding dress shoulder to achieve a balance. , You can choose to have a vertical line of tailoring and garden-style wedding dress; 6, the bride of the abdomen highlights the selection of satin wedding dress, will be modified with the body's rhythm of the effect, not significant burden. The lines on the waist are not too tight and too complex. You can use multiple layers to cover, but don't make them too thick. Try to make the whole look relaxed, refreshing and clean. The Korean version of the high waist can also better cover up.

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