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Outdoor wedding suit wedding dress, romantic boho


Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dresses, romantic boho style. A bohemian wedding dress is also the wedding bride of choice, if you have not chosen a romantic wedding dress for you, then take a look at the bohemian wedding dress it.

Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dresses

Bohemian style with long sleeves and dropped shoulders, the autumn breeze blows slightly, the pleated tulle sleeves float with the wind, the light white tulle is even more immortal, and the high-necked design is even more elegant.

Outdoor wedding suit for wedding dress

Did not wear a white skirt that is exactly a typical Bohemian dress range, as long as you are enough goddess, a pure long skirt without any decoration can also shine in the lazy autumn sun.

Women's elegant mix and match

Lace tube top wedding dress exposed sexy collarbone, want to keep your carefully arranged side hair in the outdoors, then wear a wide-brimmed felt hat, lest the mischievous autumn wind mess up your hair, this shape is also distributed Bohemian atmosphere. By the way, in the autumn outdoors, a soft berry-colored lipstick is the best choice for makeup and moisturizing

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