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Three wedding and shoot magic new couples must learn


In today's wedding, the role of follow-up photography is also more important. Wedding and shooting magic weapon is mainly divided into two categories: posing wedding and shooting and news documentary wedding and shooting. Choose according to your own needs.

Wedding and shooting magic weapon one: the posing wedding and shooting and journalistic type of wedding and shooting have both advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the posing wedding and shooting is that the picture is perfect, just like the wedding photo and the magazine photo, they are all designed by the photographer. The downside: the photos lack content, the photos can't imagine what interesting things happened in the photos, and new people may miss many beautiful moments.

The advantage of news and documentary wedding is that the photos have stories and plots, so that the couple can open the photos and recall many beautiful moments in the past. The downside is that the photos are all captured, so the new couple also needs to relax naturally. If the tension may affect the appearance and picture effect, the new couple pursuing fashion blockbuster effect may not be the best choice.

Wedding and shoot magic weapon 2: set up and shoot the style after the photographer can choose

According to the experience of the author to observe several photo studio is, at the time of choosing can take pictures of still life look less or even ignored, because photographers shooting still life level about the same, the difference is not very big, only when shooting portraits and anaphase revising after can show their own style.

Wedding and shooting magic weapon 3:

When choosing a wedding and photographer, the first thing to look at is whether the photographer's composition and shooting Angle of the characters is what you like, and the second is whether the color of the post-editing and the effect of using light and shadow are what you like. For the selection of news documentary type wedding and photographer, the first thing to see the photographer to capture the moment of the expression of the accurate in place, those moving, beautiful moments to capture or shoot some of the characters out of the ugly, and the film editing effect and the selection of the post - posed requirements are similar.

In fact in the network is more and more developed today, many young people like to open their own blogs or photography to record and promote themselves, so if you want to find a photographer, can also go to each big web portals, or wedding professional website to search their personal blogs and microblogging, through similar with pats the wedding, wedding photography, the keyword to search them also can yet be regarded as an efficient channel.

After the above selection, the whole style will be available, and finally, you can choose a photographer who is very suitable for you with your price in mind. Finally, I wish every new couple here can find their favorite wedding and record the most beautiful and touching moments in their life just like they find their "lovers".

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