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Preparations for the night before the wedding


The night before the wedding ceremony, should be the most excitement and new happiness things, but will also have a nervous, a nervous will suffer from insomnia, leading to the spirit of the second day, prepare enough, so the night before the wedding, the bride should be ready to work.

1. Remind the staff: on the eve of the wedding, the bride's preparations rank first, and of course, the final confirmation of the wedding day. The bride reminds makeup artist and hair stylist to arrive time and place, confirm tomorrow makeup look and hairstyle, lest go out by mistake auspicious hour. In addition, we need to contact the head of the wedding reception, so that everyone has the best communication, so that all the procedures can be carried out smoothly.

Diet note: the diet before marriage should be light. The simple nutrition that should eat breakfast, such as: sandwich, egg, milk, avoid tea or coffee, lest cannot fall asleep at night. Dinner should be eaten as early as possible, so as to avoid stomach distention before sleep and difficulty in sleeping. Also, avoid drinking too much water after 10 o 'clock in the evening.

3. Beauty preparation: the day before the wedding is the last stroke of beauty maintenance. The bride can focus on her hands, feet and face. Start with your face and use your favorite mask. Take a good shower to relieve yourself and be ready for the next day's wedding. Finally, remove the hair from your armpits, hands and feet so you have the whitest skin.

4. Lavender help fall asleep: even though many brides know sleep is important, but on the eve of the wedding is always a little nervous, if really is too excited to sleep, can try to drink a cup of warm milk or delicately fragranced tea, will have a good sleep. In addition, sprinkle some lavender scent on the pillow spray, also can ease relax.

Adequate phone battery: the bride's final step in getting ready, yes, to charge her cell phone. This is the detail that a lot of bride is easy to ignore, the dress is worn normally only whether appropriate, makeup is spent, issue is not disorderly fall. Charge your phone in advance on your wedding night so you can keep in touch with your bridesmaid or family the next day.

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