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How to do the hair in wedding photos


We know picture taken the bride aspects to do need to work hard, delicate makeup look, appropriate dress,, so only with beautiful modelling is good on your photos, so for we do not have a married couple, it is not easy to find suitable hairstyle?

1, the temperament of the bride's hair can decide the bride integral collocation, the bride on the traditional vertical card equipped with flower modelling, course individuation to processing to traditional card into a Korean brides headdress, is full of romantic smell that traditional bride hairpin in their sight shine at the moment, also increased a lot of energy for the bride.

2. Pour loose and loose the whole hair into the back and create a feeling of fluffiness. Then you can make low ponytail hair and then coil it to the side and back. It should be noted that the pin key of Korean bridal headwear is at the edge of the bun, which can be roughly connected with the hair, such as allowing enough natural yo. This hairstyle suits Korean style very much, the bride that likes Korean style can try.

3. Headwear should be matched with wedding photography and color, which is one of the fashion elements specially integrated into wedding photography with retro makeup. The bride's temperament is shown through her beautiful hair. And will the bride's little woman's exquisite accessories and the beauty of the hair with more elegant and beautiful. The special operation of lace flowers will match the unique artisan nature of the bride's hair accessories. The flavor gives full play to the appearance, has the strong retro momentum, the fashion wave curls the hair.

Above is a summary of the bride's wedding photos to the bride when the beautiful bride model, hope that the bride can choose their own favorite fashion wedding photos, and finally I wish you a happy wedding.

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