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The non-mainstream wedding


The post-90s generation is the climax of marriage. I believe that the post-90s generation also wants to take wedding photos with their own personality.

1. Free, bold, and personalized fashion wedding photography style

"90" new photos after it broke the traditional bondage, original wedding photos that more consumers and make public after 90, wedding photos to add more fashion elements, pay attention to visual shape, line performance and more dimensional feeling and artistic conception elements in it.

Lock the details from life, fully communicate with new people and control the atmosphere of the shooting scene, lock the theme to grasp the beauty. It is not only the beauty of lighting and scene, but also something with a sense of space and artistic conception. The wedding dress is tailored for them in their conversation. This kind of wedding dress photography form is more contemporary feeling and fresh, the feeling is loved by the post-90s generation.

2. Black background, very sad non-mainstream style

"Non-mainstream" seems to be a byword for after 90, in front of a black castle, a young sad lover snuggling his back to the back, facing the sea, warm wind slowly, flutter lover's hair again and again, and this kind of feeling is very feel find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, plus some anodyne lover-like speeches, perhaps is also a kind of unique romantic!

3. Changing roles and making funny appearances

With the growing popularity of online parodies, many wedding studios have also been brave to try a new style of photography for changing roles. Don't tell me, it's a bit fresh! Never mind what others think, just be happy! Bold innovation of the post-90s to their own youth left a special gift, is also quite worth recalling!

4. The dark is the decadent style of personality

As a post-80s personalized upgrade version of the post-90s, wedding photography has its own unique side! Many young people born in the 1990s have more novel ideas about how to dress up. The bride is no longer gentle, a black hat, a black jacket, and a white pleated skirt, said that the lady is not a lady, exaggerated and not exaggerated. The groom also USES this color to match, standing in front of the dark color steel mill has a special flavor; The wedding dress is always clean and beautiful, and the background selection of wedding photos is often surprisingly beautiful. Contrary but after 90 wedding photography, more and more young people like to stand in the old house, in the dark and dirty and broken car company, give a kind of hard to understand temperament and interest, 90 after the wedding photography and added with a characteristic, more and more young people choose to use this kind of unique way to deduce their wedding photos.

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