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Women love lace wedding dresses


, straight version of spring and summer of 2018, A word, cascading skirts, short skirts and so on wedding dress at the fashion week debut, over the course of A variety of fabrics such as silk, silk, present A beautiful effect, gives the bride-to-be personality, touching color choice. Wedding dress store? Nowadays bridal gown already broke tradition, elegant, dignified is the temperament that the bride must have, individual character, distinctive also is the pursuit of more people. If add better skirt support, can be more perfect beautiful. Before choosing a wedding dress, you must determine the season, exact time, place and style of the wedding. The shoulder-sleeve design that the peng rises, add elegant, lovely in sexy; The bottom part of the bride looks like a princess in Alice in wonderland with a layered gauze skirt.

Simple and short style dress, with a layer of floral lace covered with satin, and a sloping shoulder design to add personality, chic and interesting. Sexy lace is the best carrier to show women's romantic atmosphere and sexy temperament. Compared with traditional silk and satin, lace is more easy to show personality and uniqueness. Dress deserve to act the role of do sufficient homework to collect a few your favorite wedding dress photograph beforehand, make mark, mark the design that you like and board model, especially collar and waist line wait for detail content. Try not to try purple, sapphire blue, cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold dresses for those with darker, darker skin tones.

But the premise is that you have to have a healthy, tan and bright skin. Flowers, still open big, exaggerated flower more than ever to appear on the wedding dress, designer makes great silk flowers open in the waist, shoulder, back, make a splendid wedding dress like a big garden. Still have two small problems not to mention: it is to collect wedding dress before must wash hands, must not stick on cosmetics, otherwise a long time, there will be small yellow spot on the wedding dress; Still have, the big skirt hoop inside marriage gauze can twist rise collect, but every year when sunning clothes, want to restore skirt hoop original form, lest it lose flexibility. Lace can be used as the main fabric, or as the auxiliary fabric, used in wedding dress. In the past two years, with the popularity of lace in fashion, more and more brides have begun to choose lace wedding dresses. Before choosing a wedding dress, you must determine the season, exact time, place and style of the wedding. It is suggested that when selecting yarn series, under the condition of economic capacity, do not choose products below four layers of yarn.

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