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The bride wore a white wedding dress


Although the wedding ceremony has existed in all countries since ancient times, the history of brides wearing wedding dresses is less than 200 years.

The prototype of the wedding dress should be traced back to 1700 BC to 1700 BC in ancient Greece, the three generations of your dynasty aristocratic women wear in the chest, sleeves to the elbow, bosom, waist by the cord in the breast, in bell dress, under the tight fit clothing. The white tulle gown now worn by the bride to mop the floor was originally a Catholic ceremonial dress. Since ancient European countries is clerical U.S.A, people get married must go to the church for the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, so as to calculate the formal legal marriage, so, the ceremony the bride wear white suit to god said sincere and pure. Before the 19th century in the west, the bridal dresses worn by girls on their wedding did not have uniform color specifications. It was not until about 1820 that white gradually became a popular dress color for weddings. This is because Britain's queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress. From then on, the white wedding dress has become a kind of formal wedding dress, now, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding dress, his ingenuity, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show gorgeous. In fact, according to the western custom, only remarried women, wedding dress can use pink or lake blue and other colors, to show the difference with the first marriage.

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