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How to avoid misunderstanding


Select wedding dress mistakes 1, how to take off the wedding hot summer? Or pick a sleeve!

In fact, from picking up to a wedding hotel, the time when the bride is outside is extremely short. Indoor air conditioning in summer is open, and with the emotional impulse of new people, heat will certainly not. Of course, if it is a favorite item with a sleeved wedding dress, it is naturally the best.

If the bride is afraid of heat, one can choose the amount of cotton wedding dress, the two can use a shawl with their own, both insulation, borrowed to reduce their own gas, why not!

Select the wedding dress shirt misunderstanding 2, the amount of satin material wedding dress looks noble! Than the amount of yarn wedding!

This is a misunderstanding of a lot of prospective brides, and it feels as if the wedding is hidden by double elegance. In fact, this is a bad idea. There are many kinds of wedding dresses, such as satin, organza and so on. Do not admit that the amount of material can be different from the bride's different gas. But the most important thing is that the number of wedding dresses selected by the satin is the determination of the bride's ego, body fighting hobby.

Some of the brides have less enthusiasm, or like a very elegant and elegant wedding dress, then choose the wedding dress in the satin is the control of open, but if the bride is bitter beauty beloved type, so the bride in contrast to open the yarn in the wedding dress. If the wedding dress in the satin will be hidden too much, the wedding scene will reveal the situation of disharmony between clothes and people.

Select the wedding dress error code 3, a good fishtail wedding dress oh! Unfortunately, there is a devil figure, reluctant pass!

At the wedding, the bride is very concerned about revealing the perfect look of herself! Always feel sexy is enough to meet. The fish-tailed wedding dresses are all prepared for those who are devil's figure. It is not.

The type of fish-tail wedding dress is actually not very tall. As long as your small back has a “buoy”, you can. Fish-tail type wedding dresses have a good type of repair, open-tail fish-shaped wedding dress, off the people will be hidden very "thin", while the name will make people feel charming and charming, very There are female girls taste women. Sometimes everyone may wish to take a test and test, and there may be arrogant achievements that you cannot imagine yourself!

Select the wrong dress wedding dress 4, arm thicker how to dress up? Bring a full set!

Footwear is a wedding dress accessory often used in the wedding process. There are more lace or satin feet in the daily routine. The bride may feel that her own arm is thick and her appearance is not beautiful. Can also be decorated with fleshy arms, but also wonderful, is not a double-edged sword.

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