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Grand and prosperous Mongolian wedding customs


The Mongolian people pay great attention to the wedding ceremony. Although the region is different and the situation is different, it is very grand and prosperous. The marriage custom of common pastoral areas is: when the marriage comes back to the man's house, the bride and groom will not leave the carriage, first around the Mongolian bag three times. The bride and groom then walk through two mounds of fire to be baptized by vulcan. It indicates the innocence of love and the prosperity of new life. After entering Mongolia, the bride and groom first pay homage to the Buddha and then visit their parents and relatives. At the end of the ceremony, the bride's hair is combed by her hair. After dressing and changing, wait for the wedding reception to begin. The wedding banquet usually has sheep's back or whole sheep's table, all kinds of milk food, candy included. At the wedding banquet, the bridegroom took the silver pot and the bride held the silver bowl. The boys held up their silver cups and drank. The girls sang along with the harpsichord. Weddings usually last two or three days before relatives and friends leave. The bride's donor must remain with the bride for one to three days. Sometimes, the bride's mother also saw the bride off and stayed for more than ten days. When parting, mother and daughter embrace, cry bitterly, signal not to give up.

One of the Mongolian wedding customs, marriage is usually on the day before the wedding day. In the happy atmosphere, the groom put on a colorful Mongolian robe, a colorful ribbon around his waist, a round red hat hat, high leather boots and a bow and arrow. The groomsman and the benefactor also put on their Sunday clothes. They rode together, took floats and gifts, and went to the women's home to marry. The man who married the woman went around Mongolia for a week and offered her a ram and other gifts. Then, the groom and groomsman hold hada and wine in their hands. They toast to the bride's parents and long relatives one by one and kneel down. After the ceremony, the bride withdrew. In the evening, there was a five-pronged feast for sheep and a traditional ceremony for asking for their names. In the early hours of the next morning, the bride was picked up by her uncle or uncle when the bride set off. The groom will ride three times around the bride's floats. Then the bride and the giver set off together.

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