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Tell you the maid of honor dress code


The bridesmaid group dresses the temperament small secret, if the woman's life, when is most worth commemorating, will have the wedding that moment. The maid of honor, as the icing on the cake, must bear the bride's beauty and show her own sweetness. However, as a close friend of the bridesmaid group how to dress temperament, the following tell you how the bridesmaid group dress temperament small secret.

Bridesmaid dresses wear a little secret of temperament 1: different styles of the same color

According to each person's figure characteristic, bridesmaid group also can choose different style skirt outfit, but on colour had better have a unified. Choose a kind of advocate color, next press oneself color of skin color to choose the skirt that different depth shallow changes color to OK.

Bridesmaids wear a little secret 2: little black dress + accessories

No matter what the occasion, an elegant little black dress will never go wrong. If be afraid to show dullness slightly on the wedding, might as well use the deserve to act the role of boldness to light up integral collocation. Especially some bright color will bring better effect.

Bridesmaids dress in the same style and color

Bridesmaid groups can choose dresses of the same style, but each person can have different colors. If there are more people, they can choose 2 to 3 colors to make the bridesmaid group look more energetic.

Bridesmaids dress in temperamental secret # 4: floral print

Bridesmaid dresses are usually plain, but for a more modern look, opt for a popular print. However, bridesmaids should be careful not to exaggerate the choice of printing, after all, this is not a fashion show, do not steal the show.

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