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A brief analysis of the wedding dress


The wedding ceremony is a ceremony that has existed in all countries since ancient times, but the wedding dress is less than 200 years old. From ancient times until now, wedding dresses have been gradually hung up in fashion, fashion, luxury. So why not go back to the source, and how did it happen? Was it the ancient Greek aristocracy or the European royalty?

In sixteenth-century Europe, while hunting in a small town in Northern Ireland, the earl of Richard came across Rose. When Richard earl and Rose immediately. Miss love at first sight, but the conditions of the royal family is hope can Miss Rose overnight sewing one length, royal special church from Ireland to the church door before marrying white robes. Finally, a delicate and extremely simple design lines do not break luxuriant breath of the 16-meter white holy robe was born, legend this is the world's first wedding dress. Wedding speech

Dress the incarnations of 2. 1700-1700 b.c., for the origin of the wedding dress, is different, in 1700 BC in ancient Greece, 1550 meters north three dynasty nobles before your chest type dress worn by women, under the bell skirt. Such a whole tight fitting clothing legend is the earliest prototype of the wedding dress.

During the European Renaissance in the 16th century, during the European Renaissance in the 16th century, the concept of the dress became clear gradually after the appearance of tight bodice and skirt braces. Designers began to create a variety of three-dimensional effect, such a rich idea, also for the later wedding dress design in the three-dimensional cutting.

Wedding dress the incarnations of 4. During the period of 17-18 th-century Europe, a popular, richly luxurious baroque art and slim and light of rococo art is applied on the wedding dress, reveals a grand wedding and luxurious and noble dress. Wedding dress gradually from the original low neckline was replaced by a dignified high neckline, the material began to use more luxuriant satin, neckline, cuff and skirt are also inlaid with many floral decorations.

Wedding dress incarnations of the 5.19 century is an era of colorful, solemn wedding dress is given on the new classicism, romanticism, restore ancient ways, so to show diversity, seems to be wedding dress into the fashion trends. The original fabrics, such as silk and satin, also began to appear frequently with mesh tulle, lace and other "rivals", making bride-to-be dazzling.

6. In the 21st century of fashion, the conservative and heavy wedding dress has let the bride feel relieved. Sex appeal, elegant, line is beautiful also had gone with the passage of time, entered the world of bridal gown. Some designers still keep the original "top and bottom" design, but at the same time, some designers shed the concept of skirt support. Exaggerated skirt place, reach knee type short style, luxuriant shawl, sexy hollow out already is the inspiration of bridal designers and tide weathervane.

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