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How to choose a wedding dress according to skin color


It is very important for the bride to choose the wedding dress. When choosing the wedding dress, she should consider the design, color, texture and so on. Today, we share how to choose wedding dresses according to skin color.

Fair skin

The so-called a white covering the ugly, the skin white people wear what style of wedding dress all look good, if the bride feel too white skin so the bride can choose white or ivory wedding dress, the color of the wedding dress will make the bride's skin color a little darker.

A darker complexion

Skin slants dark complexion will worry that they can choose the right wedding dress, in fact, the skin slants dark bride first consideration in choosing a wedding dress is brighten the bride's skin pure white and silver luster feels strong can let the bride's skin brighten some collocation of makeup look at the same time make sure won't have too big problem.

A darker complexion

A lot of color of skin slants black bride when filming the wedding photos are worried about their skin color affect image quality, actually don't have to worry too much about the problem, choose your wedding dress can choose joker white, also can choose champagne wedding dress.

Above is small make up to share with you how to choose wedding dress according to skin color introduction, hope the bride can choose the wedding dress that suits him most.

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