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Shijiazhuang wedding


Every bride wants to create the most beautiful bridal makeup. What should be the focus when making a make-up?

1. Soft eyebrows. The bride chooses the color of the eyebrow pencil according to her hair color. Start with the heaviest eyebrow peak to the eyebrow pencil, then use the lighter eyebrow powder to brush from the brow to the eyebrow, and then brush evenly with no brush. Finally, use eyebrow dyeing cream, so that you can make your eyebrows more attractive.

2. Eye sockets are also very important. When decorating the eye socket, use earth-colored eye shadow as an example. Apply a light golden eye shadow to cover the eyelids, and then apply skin color eye shadow to the eye socket to increase the three-dimensional effect of the eye socket.

3. Make good eyeliner. The effect of the eyeliner is to make the bride's eyes more vivid, and the lower eyeliner will be filled with an eyelash gap after the point is filled.

4. Choice of lip gloss. When choosing a lip gloss, the bride should choose a high gloss color to make the bride's lips more texture.

The above is the introduction of the most beautiful makeup for the bride that Xiaobian shared with you. I hope that the bride can make her facial makeup more texture.

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