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8 details that the bride must know at the wedding


1. Please stand straight

With a sacred wedding dress set off by a tall and straight figure, Xiamen wedding photography has become even more beautiful and generous. If there is a stooping phenomenon, the overall effect will be greatly reduced!

2. Don't exaggerate at the wedding

When you find a relative or friend's seat card missing, or forget to bring a scrapbook, you may be anxious as an ant on a hot pot. Remember that no matter what happens, be sure to remain calm and calm.

3. Take time to eat something

You and the groom spent a lot of time customizing the wedding. Why didn't you stop and enjoy it? Even a small cake. It's hard to get a wedding with a hungry stomach!

4. Don't drink too much wine

Excessive alcohol consumption can make you look very inappropriate, so we must control the amount of alcohol consumption, and maintain an elegant attitude until the end of the wedding.

5. Do not keep playing with hair

At weddings, many brides are always worried about changes in hairstyles. In fact, hair stylists have done a variety of fixed measures for you, your hair can be enough to adhere to the end of the wedding. Really do not trust, you can let bridesmaids prepare some small cards, ready to help you fix the hairstyle.

6. Try to restrain some bad habits

It can be imagined that when the bride is in the wedding video, she finds herself chewing gum or habitually bites her finger when talking to the guest, and she wants to delete it immediately. Therefore, you must refrain from your own habits.

7. Don't prepare too loud music

In general, about 30% of the guests are senior citizens. They do not like the noisy environment, so please let the sound engineer control the volume.

Stay calm

Every hour or less, stop the wedding photography studio in Xiamen. You are busy, savor the moment, feel the smiles of the people around you, and look at the groom again. A moment's silence will make you feel very comfortable.

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