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Be the most appropriate bridesmaid at the wedding


In June, a lot of new people like wedding at this time, your best friends invite you to be her maid of honor, to highlight the bride in the wedding, and wanted to win more people's attention to himself, what to wear? Small formal attire is indispensable, do not show a trace ground to show oneself beautiful, really evil spirit expends a thought. Have you seen the movie 27 dresses? The super bridesmaid has been a bridesmaid 27 times Her every appearance is amazing. There are mermaid costumes, dinner dresses, cowboy outfits, white wedding dresses, Indian saris, and even maid dresses from gone with the wind She has been through a country wedding, a water wedding, a country wedding, a ranch wedding, a garden wedding or a beach wedding. Her with "hardcore bridesmaid" experience tells us: chongqing photography bridesmaid to differ is limited to the sweet, also can have different style, or elegant and easy, lively and lovely, or classical nostalgia. Keep it simple and consistent with the bride's temperament.
Many people say that the role of bridesmaids is to make the bride look better. However this specially wrote an article "the poor maid of honor," it is said that she read in high school, with a female classmate is better, one day, we sit together, daydreaming, female students with poor however said: "I get married in the future, be sure to look for you when the maid of honor, because I am more beautiful than you... "Now this idea is behind The Times. Nowadays, it is the wedding and the bride's greatest honor to have a beautiful bridesmaid at their wedding.
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