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Beautiful legend of the source of the wedding dress


Although the wedding ceremony is a ritual that has existed in countries all over the world since ancient times, the history of the bride wearing her wedding dress at her wedding has been less than 200 years. The white gauze dress worn by the bride is a Catholic dress. As some countries in ancient Europe were a state in which religions and religions were combined, people must go to the church to receive prayers and blessings from the priests or pastors. Only in this way can they form a formal legal marriage. Therefore, the bride wears white dresses and expresses sincerity and purity to God.
Before the 19th century in the West, the bridal dresses worn by the girls when they were married did not have a uniform color specification. Until about 1820, the white color gradually became the color of dresses widely used in weddings. This is because Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wore a white and elegant wedding dress at her wedding.
Since then, white wedding dress has become a formal wedding dress, and nowadays, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding dress, their own ingenuity, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show gorgeous.
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