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Do you know why a wedding dress is white?


At traditional Western weddings, the sacred and solemn oath of the pastor is a familiar romantic scene in everyone’s minds. The wedding ceremony is an oath ceremonial proof of the love of the two new people and swearing that they will be loyal to each other in the future. It is the swearing ground for the close relationship between the two families, and it is also the patron saint of human love.
Monogamy in the strict sense originated in medieval Western Europe under the influence of Christian morality. It spread throughout the world along with the process of industrialization and modernization. It completely changed the polygamous marriage system previously practiced by mankind. It can be said that the spread of western love concept and marriage system surpasses the spread of science and technology and political system, and becomes the classic of the spread of Western civilization in the world. This westernized wind has positively influenced people’s love concept to some extent, and promoted social equality and equality between men and women in the marriage life. There is no doubt that the promotion of the status of women and the well-being of the family have played a significant role in promoting.
In countries where Western religions and religions are united, marriage requires the priests' blessings and prayers in the church or town hall to get everyone's approval. At the wedding, the bride wears a wedding dress, usually a white dress with a white veil, to show sincerity and holiness. The gene for wedding dresses with European traditional ceremonial dresses is generally “A type” or “X type” with obvious feminine features. The detailed structure emphasizes layer through layers and creates a beautiful, mysterious and mysterious beauty. The fabric of the wedding dress is mostly georgette, ribbed silk, silk satin, and the like, and is decorated by techniques such as embroidery, inlay, and drawnwork; among them, the three-dimensional floral decoration of natural fabrics and the mica and gemstone mosaics constitute the most common pattern.
The overall mix of wedding dresses, head caps, facial shawls, neck garlands, hand mesh gloves, diamond rings on the fingers are all essential. The more classical wedding dress body bulges through the skirts to create a sense of body mass. A wedding dress with a strong ceremonial sense is often dragged, and the cuffs are exaggerated into tall, fluffy shapes, creating majestic momentum and noble and beautiful artistic effects.

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