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Put on wedding dresses


Deyifang Wedding Dress Planning Department recommended a white wedding dress, style highlights the chest line, waist close-fitting cut. The combination of soft satin and veil, elegant and permeated with clear spirit, perfectly shows the bride's pure beauty, petite and lovely. Three-dimensional cut out of the gauze dress, with crystal decoration style, silver-gray satin belt noble place decorated with elegant white luxury dress.

Deyifang wedding dress design concept pursues simplicity without losing the grand, the design style is diversified. The concept of “creating exquisite life from wearing” is the brand connotation of Deyifang.

The natural folds that are currently cut in three dimensions are very popular. Soft and heavy fabric drape is good, can produce a beautiful hanging folds, with the three-dimensional cutting method can produce a wealth of human expression fashion. The three-dimensional cutting pursuit of details, the upper body design is more prominent, and this fashion contains beads, wedding ceremony, accompanied by flashing lights tend to form a reflective effect of gorgeous, give the bride a certain degree of dazzling effect, when shooting wedding photos There are also many advantages, because of reflection, so it is easy to form a certain artistic effect, this kind of wedding photos taken for the collection more convenient.

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